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Did you feel awkward going on holiday in a country so poor?

Ethiopia is a very poor country, though it is rich in natural resources. The Ethiopians are an independent people, justly proud of their country. Tourism offers a good source of income for many people. You can help the Ethiopian people to lift themselves out of poverty by visiting the country, and spending your money in ways which help local people (eg by using local hotels rather than international ones.)

It is not helpful to give money to beggars or small children, however tempting this might be, because over time this creates a difficult relationship between tourists and local people. Instead, give money through a local charity. Nor should you give sweets to children: an addiction to sugar is one luxury that Ethiopian children can do without.

Blue Nile FallsWhat is there to see and do?

Ethiopia has a long, rich history, and there are many ancient towns, buildings and churches to visit. The towns are vibrant, bustling centres of commerce, with picturesque markets teaming with life.

Ethiopia is also full of oustanding natural beauty, ranging from mountains in which you can hike, rivers and national parks and game reserves. It has a splendid climate for outdoors sports.

How is it for vegetarians?

Vegetarian food is easily and widely available. See food and drink.

4 thoughts on “Frequently asked questions”

  1. Ethiopia is not a poor country. You have to have a recent information.

    Owen replies: I don’t need recent information; I live here. Ethiopia is a poor country.

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