An all male panel at the Global Summit for Women

The Pledge – I will not be part of male-only panels

The pledge

“At a public conference I won’t serve on a panel of two people or more unless there is at least one woman on the panel, not including the Chair.”

Make The Pledge

At a public conference I won’t serve on a panel of two people or more unless there is at least one woman on the panel, not including the Chair


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Frequently asked questions

What happens if we have tried to find women but there is nobody available?

Try harder. I’ll be happy to suggest some women who would be much better than me. You may need to organise your conference a little earlier to be sure of getting women on your panels.

What happens if a woman drops out and we end up with a men-only panel?

There are many brilliant women – please find someone else to take her place.

What if a woman drops out at very short notice?

I get it: shit happens. You could cover yourself by planning to have two women on the panel (gosh!). But if I’ve agreed to be on a panel I won’t let you down if something genuinely unforseen happens. (But if this means a male-only panel, you’ll have to forgive me in advance for the fact that I am going to tease you about this in the meeting.)

Organising conferences is hard enough already?

The Gendered Conference Campaign has some great advice for conference organisers.

What else can we do?

  • Keep drawing attention to the issue. If you are at a conference with male-only panels, call it out.
  • Audit your events and keep track of the trends
  • Be mindful about promoting women through social media

Who has taken the pledge?

1,101Ken DuncanBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,100Andrei TrubceacPATRIR - Romanian Institute for Peace
1,099Tim Turner2040 Training
1,098Ray GeorgesonResource Association
1,097John ChodackiCalifornia Digital Library
1,096Martin FennerDataCite
1,095Nana Aba WilliamsISGlobal
1,094Jean Claude MugungaPartners In Health
1,093alison romano, m p h
1,092Joan Tallada
1,091Dan PoenaruMcGill university
1,090Yasmine YousefUniversity of Montreal
1,089Jamie KimGeorgetown University
1,088David WoffordMeridian Group International, Inc.
1,087Ron WaldmanGeorge Washington University
1,086Carmen Sant FruchtmanSwiss TPH
1,085Rachel LevineJohns Hopkins School of Medicine
1,084Steven KernBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,083Enric Jané Independent Consultant
1,082David SarleyBMGF
1,081Ankur VoraBill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,080Michael Chang
1,079Paulin BasingaBill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,078Bruno MoonenBill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,077Ash ShahBill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,076Orin LevineBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,075James LovattAmnesty International UK
1,074Ned Richardson-LittleUniversity of Exeter
1,073Nitin Mohan
1,072Justin GestGeorge Mason University
1,071Andrew Butti
1,070Akshay VargheseWestern University
1,069Aria Zand
1,068John RosinbumArizona State University
1,067zeeshan mahmudJohns Hopkins University
1,066Christian Brickhouse
1,065María Cecilia VILLEGAS
1,064Sergio Cooper Teixeira Scaling Up Nutrition Movement
1,063Luis Miguel HadzichLima
1,062Joshua Raclaw
1,061Francois GerardColumbia University
1,060Milton AchelpohlTeacher
1,059Wiliam TarpehUniversity of California, Berkeley
1,057Dora Abdelghani KotIRC
1,056Jason SpicerMIT
1,055Robert McClureUNC School of Medicine
1,054Paul PetersUniversity of New Brunswick
1,053Daniel BergstresserBrandeis University
1,052James MorrisonLSE
1,051Jeff OffuttGeorge Mason University
1,050Alexis LeonUniversity of Washington
1,049Falko SniehottaNewcastle University
1,048Gabriel-Philip Santos Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology
1,047sean parsonnau
1,046Brian LovatoAugustana College
1,045Richard MorganEmory University
1,044Dan EdgeOregon State University
1,043Dan SlaterUniversity of Chicago
1,042Brian OgilvieUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
1,041Jon WhittleLancaster University
1,040Adam SummersUW
1,039Lawrence Walters
1,038Susan Norman Hobart and William Smith Colleges
1,037levinson loretta
1,036Raymond Cormier
1,035Scott Pett
1,034Vicky ConwayDublin City University
1,033Stephen Politzer-AhlesThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
1,032Gail WoodsideOregon State University
1,031Olivier Fraysse
1,030loes veldpausNewcastle University (UK)
1,029Guy PaikowskyUniversity of Edinburgh
1,028Judith CollardUniversity of Otago
1,027Jim Vernon
1,026Jessie Vroom
1,025Erin Darling
1,024Darren BylerUniversity of Washington
1,023Christian DiCanioSUNY Buffalo
1,022Steven GreensteinMontclair State University
1,021Jay CassanoFreelance journalist
1,020Simon GewoelbUC Berkeley
1,019Sarah Rimmington Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto
1,018Conor HughesUniversity of Minnesota
1,017Klarizze Puzon
1,016blanca Caldas Chumbesuniversity of minnesota
1,015Kyle HollowayInnovations for Poverty Action
1,014TJ Briggs
1,013Liliana PopescuSNSPA
1,012Caroline Bowah
1,011Adrian PereiraNorth South Initiative
1,010Duncan BarkerDonor
1,009Aled WilliamsU4-CMI
1,008Chris MukasaNairobi
1,007Simon BlandNew York
1,006Yeilyn SerranoNA
1,005Sadaffe AbidCIRCLE
1,004Chris BlattmanUniversity of Chicago
1,003Frazer GoodwinSave the Children
1,002Cynan HoughtonSave the Children
1,001Mihály KökényUniversity of Debrecen, Hungary; The Graduate Institute, GHC,Switzerland
1,000Paul MarsdenPact (South Africa)
999Ivan MartinezWikimedia Mexico
998Philip ReedUniversity Of Manchester
997Francis BorchardtLutheran Theological Seminary Hong Kong
996Jesus Gomez MartinezInternational Rescue Committee (IRC)
995Richard Price
994yang liBrevard
993JOSEPH ELIASNew Tripoli
992Justin HowellThe International Rescue Committee in Atlanta
991Shenna Sanchez
990Donatella Della Portascuola normale superiore
989santinodeng akotP@ssw0rd2019
988Martin OmukubaIRC South Sudan
987Martin HadleyUniversity of Oxford
986Peter Yak MawienIRC, Malualkon-South Sudan
985Getasew BeleteInternational Rescue Committee
984Jeannot WabulakombeIRC South Sudan
983Peter Yak YakPanel
982Pasquale Ongwen OyetInternational Rescue Committee
981Barack KinangaInternational Rescue Committee
979Patrick VuonzeJuba
978Ronald-Paul VeilleuxIRC
977David CreechConcordia College, Moorhead
976Some AcademicI'm not taking another opportunity to virtual signal to the Internet for my own self-promotion. I'll find other ways to quietly and effectively promote equity in my field, thanks.
975John MitchellUCL
974Angela MaasRadboud university Medical center
973Marjolein Keltjens
972Aafke Romeijnindependent
971Jennifer ColvilleUNDP
970Alfredo González-ReyesOxfam México
969Mark HarrisUniversity of Utah
968Christine Norton
967Ben Berriman
966Ingrid SkirkaMoss Vale
965Cameron Reynolds
964Ben Binder
963Tonia GrayWestern Sydney University
962Barbara CrowtherFairtrade
961Agi VeresUNDP
960Benjamin KumpfUNDP
958Pranav Sethaputra
957Asghar KhanInternational Rescue Committee
956Himat UllahInternational Rescue Committee
955wajahat ali
954Kristin Kim BartInternational Rescue Committee
953Natalia Strigin
952Sarah MaddockInternational Rescue Committee
951Laura Merrittattorney in private practice
950Yoann TuzzolinoIRC
949Bernard SoubryEnvironmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
948Banafsheh MadaninejadAustin
947Alice HawkesIRC
945Victor OderoInternational Rescue Committee
944Joseph D'CruzUNDP
943Rachel Kiddell-monroeUAEM
942David MurphyInternational Rescue Committee San Diego
941Zuzana Hirst
940Ludo BokUNDP
939Adam LewisGradian Health Systems
938Andrew MeauxInternational Rescue Committee (IRC)
937bernardo coccoUNDP
936Ruth BlackshawUNAIDS
935Nick SoreUN
934Asif IlyasInternational Rescue Committee
933Nana-Jo N'dow-Richter
932Jessica WellsInternational Rescue Committee
931Marie-Joséphine NsengiyumvaNatural Resource Governance Insitute
930Khusbu PatelInternational Rescue Committee
929Timothy MwebeIRC
928Sergio Daniel KristensenCopenhagen
927Zarina KhanInternational Rescue Committee
926Jelson GarciaNRGI
925Rach Haffarnot 4 trade ngo
924Sophie Jewell
923Anne-Laure Radas
922Julie TaftInternational Rescue Committee
921Ellen PetterssonThe International Rescue Committee
920Catherine WhicherInternational Rescue Committee
919Stefan LehmeierInternational Rescue Committee
918Richard CrothersInternational Rescue Committee
917Lisa NicholsAbt Associates Inc
916Jill JaegerIndependent
915Michelle GayerInternational Rescue Committee
914Laura Hoemeke
913Samer SalibaInternational Rescue Committee
912Vicky Stott
911Colin ScottUCD
910Thomas HartleyImperial College London
909Kuziwa MakamanziIRC
908Kane SmegoIndependent Artist and Educator
907Joanna HendersonLondon
906Farhat Warriach
905Rui da SilvaUMinho / CEAUP
903Farhat Abbas IRC
902Kathryn StriffolinoThe International Rescue Committee
901Milica Mancic StojkovicBelgrade
900edmore mahlupekaIRC
899Atifa Safi
898Jay ScoutenInternational Rescue Committee
897Zeleste velaTactica 3.0
896Kate LittleInternational Rescue Committee (IRC)
895Charisse White
894Wendy Ngoma
893Robert PitmanBaltimore
892Wiem MelkiGlobal Shaper/Natural Resource Governance Institute
891Fran PenfoldInternational Rescue Committee
890Nick BannisterInternational Rescue Committee
889gonzalo pizarroUNDP
888Jennica HendersonInternational Rescue Committee
887Vince BlaserIntraHealth International / Frontline Health Workers Coalition
886Louise BrennanIRC
885Brandice BruceIRC
884Sophie Cubbins
883Justin KufakweimbaInternational Rescue Committee
882Emily Parker
881Alex HaasInternational Rescue Committee (USP)
880Leo Murray10:10
879Griffin CarpenterNew Economics Foundation
878Jes WeigeltIASS, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies
877Ernest OstroInternational Rescue Committee
876Judson FlanaganIRC
875John HendraUnited Nations Development Group
874Patrick PoulinInternational Rescue Committee
873Rusty StahlFund the People
872Anders PedersenNatural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI)
871Rick BartoldusInternational Rescue Committee
870Petra MastStichting Vluchteling
869Azim NooraniInternational Rescue Committee
868Bryce PerryIRC
867Tilaye Nigussie Kibew The IRC
866Nyunt Naing TheinInternational Rescue Committee
865loes hekkens
864Conor PhillipsInternational Rescue Committee
863Sanj SrikanthanInternational Rescue Committee
862Ciaran DonnellyInternational Rescue Committee
861Paolo CernuschiInternational Rescue Committee (IRC)
860Kurt TjossemInternational Rescue Committee
859Simon FuchsIRC
858yves nommayIRC
857Jason PhillipsInternational Rescue Committee (IRC)
856James LentonInternational Rescue Committee
855Hans Van de WeerdVice President US Programs International Rescue Committee
854Wale OsofisanInternational Rescue Committee
853Alyoscia D'OnofrioInternational Rescue Committee (IRC)
852Emmanuel d'HarcourtInternational Rescue Committee
851Uroš JauševecDruštvo Progresiva
850ElsaMarie DSilva
849milena tomanovic
848Mija JavornikCEE Network for Gender Issues, SD Slovenia
847kate doyleirish animal welfare party
846Liudmyla Chernyavska
845Alexandra DevineNossal Institute for Global Health
844Brigitte TenniUniversity of Melbourne
843Ken Hansen
842Katherine GilbertNossal Institute
841Naomi FrancisNossal Institute for Global Health
840Tanya CaulfieldNossal Institute for Global Health
839Jamie WhytePropolis
838Ivan ZverzhanovskiUNDP
837Ferry GrijpinkMcKinsey
836Charles LarsonMcGill University
835Christos Tsaprounis
834Steve WilliamsMarist Youth Care
833Emma-Kate Rose
832Nathan WiedenmanDraper
831Gilles GoedhartNetherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
830Philip KlinknerHamilton College
829Martin ParrCABI
828Matthew SherringtonCharity Consultant
827Kevin AshleyDigital Curation Centre, University of Edinburgh
826Rosa AllegueEJE&CON
825Luc Dockendorf
824Aly student
823Will JonesRoyal Holloway. University of London
822Valentin KuníkLausanne
821Joey AyoubGlobal Voices
820Mohamad NajemDirector
819Ciel WrightMakeup Artist
818Allan CavanaghArtist
817Emma-Kate Rosee
816Lizzi Hollis
815Louis Hansen
814Martin SettleUSC Canada
813Tom HaughtonONE
812Howard LakeFundraising UK Ltd
811Brendan RigbyWhyDev
810Richard Sved
809Mike WrightBond
808Simon ScriverChangeFundraising
807Luke StewartBond
806Christian HansenNone
805Elisabeth RasmussenLyngby
804Andrew GardnerUCL
803 Litten Hansen København
802Cecil PallesenAArhus university
801Lorna RichardsonUmeå University
800Timothy Cole
799Matthew CollinsLondon
798Paul de Gregorio
797martin gerupmusic and music education
796Stefan GermannWorld Vision International
795Ludibeth Aalborg
794Recep Deniz AksoyCS Student
793Mads TudvadAlternativet
792Troels Christian JakobsenAlternativet
791Daniel Rosenlund
790René GadeAlternativet
789Gwilym WilliamsRIO Göteborg Natur och kulturkooperativ
788Mary McAuliffe University College Dublin
787Anya Peterson RoyceIndiana University--Bloomington
786Erwin BennettJackson Hospital
785Liv Nilsson StutzEmory University, Atlanta USA
784Joshua FrostThames Discovery Programme, Museum of London Archaeology
783Gordon IngramUniversidad de los Andes
782James DixonUniversity of Bristol
781Thomas DowsonIndependent scholar
779Roberta GogosConsultant
778Michael Waas
777Uzi BaramNew College of Florida
776Randall McGuireBinghamton University
775karen smithUniversity College Dublin
774Marguerite Helmers Milwaukee, WI USA
773Olwen DaweNA
772Zelie Asavaacademic
771Rob ParkerSaferworld
770Barbara Scully
769Peter FremlinConsultant
768christina gensbrussels
767Paul HermanHIP Investor Inc.
766Georg AndrénSwedish ambassador to Central America
765Marta NietoJournalist
764Stephen WickenHumanity United
763Philip GoodwinVSO
762Jukka Sarkijarvi
761Gonzalo Martinez de VediaThe Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking
760Gérard ChenaisRetired official statistician
759Liz CarolanAdvisor
758Fiona KearneyThe Glucksman, University College Cork
757Tom Higham
756Rien AchterbergGreenpeace
755Thor Svensen
754Mike TownsleyGreenpeace International
753Hope JohnsonBrisbane
752Rodrigo IsasiInsitum
751Andy Bellatti
750Catherine HarperHove
749John LupinacciWashington State University
748Linda ConnollyMaynooth University
747John RidpathDecoded
746Jonathan Downing
745Rebecca DavisCharleston
744Elizabeth LoderThe BMJ and Harvard Medical School
743Don MackieHealth Research Council of New Zealand
742Michael ReuterThe Nature Conservancy
741Norma FranklinUniversity of Haifa
740Francisco YermoActinAid UK
739Paua Charbonneau
738Wesley CopasSan Antonio College
737Marc KisselNotre Dame
736D. Alex WalthallUniversity of Texas, Austin
735Sarah Byford King's College London
734Greg DowneyMacquarie University, Australia
733Thomas Fischer ehs Dresden
732Ricky BobbyNASCAR
731Meryl AltmanDePauw University
730Thomas BolinSt. Norbert College
729Yong-jun ChoiHallym University
728Orion PozoNorth Carolina State University
727Elisabeth CulleyArizona State University
726Samuel HuskeyUniversity of Oklahoma
725Tarcizio SilvaBrazilian Institute of Research and Data Analysis (IBPAD)
724T. H. M. Gellar-GoadWake Forest University
723James FlexnerUniversity of Sydney
722Jon PowellWilliam Peace University
721Charles JonesThe Pennsylvania State University
720Aaron ChandlerStevenson University
719Jim WestMing Hua Theological College
718Alfred HarteminkUW Madison
717Steven SeggieOzyegin University, Istanbul, Turkey
716Sue JohnsonGreater London Authority
715Jamie RatcliffGreater London Authority
714Adrian LovettONE Campaign
713Mwambu WanendeyaONE Campaign
712Luis GuardiaONE Campaign
711Willemijn de IonghOxfam
710Gemma CameronTech Events NW, HackManchester
709Bregtje VisserGenderTalent
708Rena Wolf
707Pieter Brokx
706Koen van Dijk
705Jennifer Britton
704Juri Mykkänen
703Mark de la VergneSam Schwartz Consulting
702Upaasna Kaul
701Don Carruthers Den HoedUniversity of Calgary
699Asmelash Haile Tsegay
698Grant Cameron
697Talip KilicThe World Bank
696Matthias LeinVictoria University of Wellington
695Mike Dickison
694Gerry McGovernCustomer Carewords
693Derek MyersChange agent
692Bruce HaefeleHealthdirect Australia
691James Abley
690Phil Beardmore
689Mike BrackenThe Co-op.
688Jesse GriffithsEurodad
687Ben TerrettThe Co-op
686Tom LoosemoreThe Co-op
685Jon GreshamWriter
684Julia WagemannEuropean Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)
683hajnalka petricsFAO
682Manuela Ravina da SilvaFAO
681Mike BrackenCo-op
680Gail LyonCo-op
679christopher fabianUNICEF
678Matt AndersonBROWZ
677Mark TehFive Arts Centre
676Iain Webb
675Daryl Qilin YamWriter
674KENNY LECKBooksActually
673Terence Eden
672Nick Hudson
671Ichiro FujinagaMcGill University
670Rakesh RajaniFord Foundation
669Antje WatermannUN
668Joel TANCheckpoint Theatre
667Michael TothUCL & RB Toth Associates
666Andy WilliamsCardiff University
665Boukje KistemakerUN
664David ColquhounUCL
663Stephen CurryImperial College
662Pernille Bussone
661Gilad IsaacsUniversity of the Witwatersrand
660Giovanni Cozziuniversity of greenwich
659Tony Pearson
658Jane BriginshawLONDON
657Stella GrayUniversity of Tasmania
656Simon SoonUniversity of Malaya
655Jeremy Tiang
654Heman Chong
653Joshua IpSing Lit Station (Director)
652Robert Zhao
651Dan KohFreelance writer, Singapore
650Noor Effendy IbrahimSingapore
649Huzir SulaimanCheckpoint Theatre, Singapore
648Shahram ZarrabianFamily Health Association of Iran
647Thushara AgusIPPF - CEO of the MA Sri Lanka
646yangchi pemaRENEW, IPPF
645Elisa NovoaCIVICUS
644Lana WestBNZ
643nishita dewanLONDON
642Caroline HicksonInternational Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
641Marie-Clare Fenech
640Giancarlo de PicciottoSwiss federal department of Foreign Affairs
639Cathal GilbertCIVICUS
638David PayArtistic Director, Music on Main
637Lisa CarlsonChef Shack
636Michal Pollard
635Daniel Rivas
634Valeria Silva
633Annette PritchardProfessor Cardiff Met University
632Nigel MorganProfessor at Surrey, Sunderland, Tromso
631Zeynep GogusJournalist
630Margreet ZwarteveenUNESCO-IHE and University of Amsterdam
629Florian BaileyUCS
628Joe Seth StarlingVolskaya industries
627Noel BushAbleton AG
626Michelle O'BrienAbleton
625Christopher SchwartzUnited Auto Workers
624Caroline Burle
623Renata Aquino RibeiroMAG IGF2016 - Federal University of Ceara, Brazil
622Lindiwe KhozaOMINIRA GROUP
621Suparno BanerjeeBoard, Talentnomics
620Wim Vandevelde
619Caroline SargentFreelance Conference Producer
618Mmamoloko Kubayi
617Aakar PatelAmnesty International India
616Isabella MuthoniI AM GOAL 5
615Shekeshe MokgosiThe Other Foundation
614Nothando Ndebele Banking
613Babalwa Ngonyama
612Pumla Bolani
611Khetiwe McClain
610Pulane Kingston
609Sinegugu Duma UCT
608Brenda MadumiseBusiness
607Chiara CapraroChristian Aid
606Matti Kohonen
605Alison DoigChristian Aid
604Mary FarrellDublin institute of technology,,Dublin, Ireland
603Adam SparksCentre for Crop Health, University of Southern Queensland
602Brett MatthewsMy Oral Village, Inc.
601martin conroy
600Lilia GiugniUniversity of Cambridge
599Jaime Guitart VilchesMr
598Andrea JimenezRoyal Holloway University of London
597Afton HalloranUniversity of Copenhagen
596Dan BaumThe Redwoods Group Foundation
595Neil LevineUSAID
594Isabelle ProsserProsser Communication Consulting SCS
593Jesse Muchai
592Niall BarrUniversity of Glasgow
591julien bettlerNORLHA
590Martin SokolTrinity College Dublin
588Rebekah ChewUnited Nations
587Ewald EngelenHerr
586Kirit PatelUnited Nations
585Simone SalaFAO
584Gareth Price-JonesCARE
583Joel HardingDFID
582Mary BlackHead of Strategy, Digital, Public Health England
581Jacqueline MorrisUTT
580Victoria MinettaCity of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board
579Felipe Estefan
578Camille Bouissou The Francis Crick Institute, UK
577Arto KiviniemiUniversity of Liverpool
576Ricardo Codinhoto
575Kenneth Andejeski
574Narnia BohlerHSRC
573Dick Prudence Munyeshuli
572Steven WagenseilCouncil for a Community of Democracies
571Rick ScobeyWorld Cocoa Organization
570Emily Baughman
569Yoke-Lian LeeKeele University
568Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos
567Peter RobinsonDefence Counsel for Radovan Karadzic
566Kaitlin BallUniversity of Cambridge
565Mark RobinsonThinking Practice
564Tom ShakespeareUEA
563Gerjon Ikink
562David Nowell SmithUniversity of East Anglia
561Kris balderstonGeneral manager
560Ben MellorDFID
558Greg MartinUniversity of British Columbia
557Iain SimpsonOmidyar Network
556Peter RableyOmidyar Network
555Brian BallantyneAmazon
554Martin LukacUniversity of Reading
553Roberto Arias AlegriaMetaluxo IT Security
552Aria IlyadBSIA, WHO
551maga eseberga
550Samir BeharicUniversity of Sarajevo, Department for Journalism
549Brian Ulrich`Artist
548Will DaybleFitzroy Academy
547Richard Parncutt
546Simon Davies
545Aaron GenestSolido Design Automation
544PerMagnus LindborgNanyang Technological University
543Lori WatsonRCS
542John SnijdersDurham University
541Jascha Narveson
540Rodrigo TasconUniversity of Kent
539Duncan Lyall
538Lauren BernofskyMusical Arts Youth Organization (MAYO)
537Laura Zattramusicologist
536Tim Rutherford-Johnson
535Sandy Watson
534Amit Gilutz
533Georgia SpiropoulosALL
532Teresa ConnorsThe University of Waikato Conservatorium of Music
531Check Yourfacts
530Laura AhearnUSAID
529Emily WebberTacit /
528Josiah Oberholtzer
527Patricia Alessandrinicomposer/sound artist, Goldsmiths, University of London
526Emrah RexhepiPeace Worker
525Sanja Bogatinovska
524Borjan Gjuzelov
523Masha CemmaHospital for Sick Children
522Hamza TUniversity of Toronto
521Sam Li
520abtin parniaUniversity of Toronto
519Deji Ologbenla
518David KnoxBritish Council
517Frank GreenCatch & Release Films
516Michael JacobsMercy Corps
515Malcolm RyanDept of Computing, Macquarie University
514Meghan WerftGlobal Citizen
513Lujain Alqodmani
512Cristina Legido-QuigleyKing's College London
511Nicole HahnPrivate
510Josh Martinideas42
509Christina Bache FidanUniversity of Warwick
508Haritha MalladiNC State University
507Marco DeseriisNortheastern University
506Jenny CookeICE
505María Leticia CazeneuveIAPTI
504Lara FleischerOECD
503Mark Van NessReal Leaders
502Heather JohnsonEducational Policy, Higher Education, & Law
501PJ Manneywriter, speaker, futurist
500David Zyngier Monash university
499adriana pereiraN/A
498Hanna Gunnarsson
497Ray Hernández-DuránUniversity of New Mexico
496Jeff ShawSierra Club
495John RomponMcNally Capital, LLC
494Mariam ParwaizWomen in Global Health
493Madeleine LiljegrenKarolinska University Hospital/Lund University, Sweden
492Enrique MendizabalOn Think Tanks
491Chandra BriggmanWide Angle Media
490LeAnn BlackertThe United Church of Canada
489Alejandro PosadasLawyer and Legal Consultant (Mexico)
488Richard BottThe United Church of Canada
487Marise StuartNZMSA
486Joao Lebre
485Yves Hanoulle
484Andrew Foreshew-CainChurch of England
483Daniel SwislowNational Democratic Institute
482Nick DeakinEurOUT & Out In Business Club - London Business School
481Susana Reina
480Doug GriffithsNavy
479George TuckerAVNationTV
478Malcolm SilvanusUnited Nations
477Joyce MorinAmerican Baptist Churches, U.S.A.
476Michael GidneyCEO, Fairtrade Foundation
475David LancefieldPwC, Strategy&
474Lauren Connolly
473Andrew HargreavesUCAS
472Andy WoodfieldPwC
470Pablo Rodriguez-BilellaCONICET
469Sarika BhattacharyyaBiz Divas
468Ryan SirmonsUnited Church of Christ of Annapolis
467Marcus Belben
466Hein GoemansUniversity of Rochester
465Tom WingfieldDFID
464Stephen Foreshew-CainCabinet Office
463Andy ToftDFID
462Pete VowlesDFID
461Marcello SartarelliU. Alicante
460Clayton LaneCEO, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP)
459Lesley CowleyNon Exec Director
458Mark Braggins
457Gavin CrowdenWorld Vision UK
456Matt Wright
455Elena Cárdenes AlonsoULPGC
454Ángel Solano GarciaUniversidad de Granada
453María Cárdenes
452Antonio Cárdenes AlonsoFilm-maker
451Santiago Sanchez-PagesUniversity of Barcelona
450Peter Holmes à Court
449Gary StaceyIndustrial Workers of the World Dorset branch
448Mark LeesUniversity of Cardiff
447Paul SimpsonLecturer/researcher
446Steve EasttyUniversity of Sussex
445Jeanie FinlayArtist and Filmmaker
444Anne Louise AveryFlash of Splendour Arts
443Ruben van de BeltVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
442Kit MuellerFygment
441Dan SutchCast
440Nick PerksJoseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
439David Clubb RenewableUK
438Rick SloanUCubed
437Julian Le GrandLSE
436Geert Vansintjan
435Matthew ScottWorld Vision International
434Ben RamalingamODI/IDS
433Patricia Zamboni CoashAushi Mizani
432Theresia Lloyd-SiemerAFSCME
431Deirdre CulleyOECD
430Eric LaBrantPort of Vancouver USA
429Patience White
428María Jesús Largaespada Fredersdorff
427Guy JonesEuroconsult Mott MacDonald
426Tim Waitesdonor government
425Soma Misra
424Sian RasdaleDFID
423Archana ShuklaDFID
422Archana Shukla
421Nupur BaruaDFID
420Frank KessyYouth For Change
419Troy MedlinEcumenical Progressive Evangelical Seminarian
418Jacob Barker
417Jon HerrmannUSA250
416Kelly Krause
415Michael KinmanEpiscopal Church
414Andrew Baumgartner
413Adam Dowd
412Parnil UrdhwaresheGlad
411John O'Sullivan
410Andrew FrakerIDinsight
409Will BuglerAcclimatise Group Ltd.
408Benjamin Scheder-BieschinUniversity of Cambridge
407Cristina Manzanoesglobal
406Jake PorwayDataKind
405Allison Kelleyindependent consultant
404Ricardo Gladwell
403Keisha WaltersMS State University_Chemical Engineering
402Fred SchlomkaGreen Olive Collective
401Peter CherryUniversity of Edinburgh
400Miles Ten BrinkeUniversity of Manchester
399Marc HudsonPhD student
398Michael MartenUniversity of Stirling
397Gry Tina Tinde
396Casey KuhlmanEris Industries
395Eric Herring University of Bristol
394Stephen BlakeleyAgulhas
393Sam GeallUniversity of Sussex
392Jonah BuschCenter for Global Development
391Jeff Dickey
390alice hughesChinese Academy of Sciences
389Lesley CampbellRyerson University
388Amelie gauthier
387Rosalind GaterDFID
386Jonathan Moylan
384Gunder Varinlioglu
383Marleen TeugelsAmazone vzw asbl
382Bjorn Van RoozendaalILGA-Europe
381Bob MeyersGreenpeace
380Ariane Brunet
379Tom AllenGreenpeace Australia Pacific
378Brian FitzgeraldGreenpeace International
377Rien AchterbergGreenpeace
376Theo BodinKarolinska Institutet
375Anthony Henry
374Benjamin TaylorRedQuadrant
373Julie Melhus
372Guy TaylorGlobal Justice Now
371Rubina TareenAlvernia University, Reading,PA
370Andy LeighDFID
369Paulina Gebhart
368Andrew RivkinPlanetary Scientist
367Sahar TamanMuslim woman
366Helen Ditchburn
365Jūratė JuškaitėLithuanian Centre for Human Rights
364Michael Adrian
363Jenni Hymoff KoeppelAsociaciones de Vecinos de España
361Eszter BesenyeiHungarian Esperanto Youth Association
360Moses Milazzo
359Amara Graps
358Andrew BuchananBECTU freelance
357Joost VerwilghenPalladium
356Owen EmmersonUniversity of Sussex
355Zsuzsa Andóczi-Balogh
354Kata TüttőPolitics
353Søren PostStudent (International Development Studies), Lund University
352Haydn Thompson
351Rebecca Zhang
350Shawn HumphreyUniversity of Mary Washington
349Mick Power
348zachary power
347Byron Smith
346Mark Chenery
345Ntokozo QwabeRhodes Must Fall Oxford
344Tony MohrAlliance for Gambling Reform
343Emily Werner
342Adam MajcherClimateWorks
341Micah DemmertOxfam Australia
340Matt LeonardIFC
339Peter VanderwalPalladium
338Robin Todd
337Jake RossCambridge Education / Mott MacDonald
336Chuck Fletcher
335Jemilah Mahmood
334Michael Ashe
333Mark Gossington
332Jeremie Ratomposon
331Andrew HurstInternational Development Research Centre
330arbelbide maixan
328Kamal FizaziMuslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity, former Board Member
327Necla Ozgunes
326Robert BakerWorld Bank Group
325Irina Burlacu
324Aisling nic Lynne
323Jaques BatmanbyThe United Nations
322Kristofer Fiore
321Lyndon CudlitzPride Center of the Capital Region, NY
320Phillipe Bojorquezlifeboat foundation, Crux
319Darren CosgroveSex educator, Social Worker
318Christopher Harrisson
317Mieke Kirkelslobbyist equality at labourmarket - in the 80-ties
316Patrick LonerganNUI Galway
315Julia Taddei
314Cynthia WhiteMe too
313Sueli Brodin
312Seth Ball
311John-Paul Flintoff
310Adam Tobias stanyer
309Nick ImrieWhatUsersDo
308Russell Hancock
307Andreas HippleGHR Foundation
306David YangUSAID
305vanessa gomez brakeStanford
304Bonnie McCayRutgers University
303maurizio geriOld Dominion University
302Cici Bauer
301Michael Clarke Western University, London, Canada
300Colin ClarkUniversity of the West of Scotland
299Matt BeereEducation Officer, Chapter
297James PoissonRoman Catholic Church
296Ndamuwanepi John Ishemunyoro
295Chris WolzForum One
294Alasdair Kaychurch of England
293Valerka JankowskaPhysician
292Robert WerthRice University, USA
291Mark BowdenUniversity of Delaware
290Jason Cook
289Karin McCully The Lir/ Arts Council
288Susan Harris RimmerGriffith Law School, ANU
287Joanne BegiatoOxford Brookes University
286Shelly SilverSchool of the Arts, Columbia University
285Verena Freytag
283Cesar Gamboa
282Joel HardingIW SME
281Sondra Cubanfaculty
280Jerry Montgomery
279Nicole Joens
278Shipra SuriUrban Planner/ISOCARP
277nathalie percillierfilmmaker
276Therese McIntyreNUI Galway
275DottieLou TaylorGarciaBernie
274Sarah RossSchool of the Art Institute of Chicago
273Maria KoturbashUniversity of Saskatchewan
272mara owensSOU/SEIU
271Kyle Gillette Trinity university
270Kristopher JansmaSUNY New Paltz
269Seth EllisUniversity of Michigan
268Colin BeierSUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
267Jeff HerrityArtist
266Kyle McDonald
265Mary Ann BeavisSt. Thomas More College
264Amadio ArboledaJosai International University
263Simon Prag
262Loren FykesFruits in Suits Tokyo
261Paul Burns
260Joshua Vuglar
259Kabelo Mofokeng
258Leo Burtin
257Beth Powlesland
256Karl StarkeIndependent Occultist
255Daluxolo Moloantoa
254Therese KoturbashLawyer
253Tom Beardshaw
252Asra NomaniJournalist
251Alex WoolfUniversity of St Andrews
250Qurratulain ZamanBytes For All
249Harry GilesMe
248Abelone Koppel
247John Sam JonesWriter
246Abul Zaheer
245Mary Costello
244Giorgia Morero
243DR ELIE ASSAF Professeur / Avocat
242Max TeareChristian Blind Mission International
241Andrew CunninghamKing's College London
240Jonas Viggo Pedersen
239Jessica Broe-VaydaUniversity of Toronto
238Andrés HuesoWaterAid
237David T BrownBrock University
236Brian MacCraithPresident, Dublin City University
235kathleen horicks
234Carolyn Elerding
233Dianne FosterOccupy Bellingham
232Sally GriffithDirector of Film Hub Wales and Chapter Cinema (UK)
231Edward MitchardSchool of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh
230Alexander CoreyUniversity of Colorado
229Neil MacleanAtnrhopology, University of Sydney
228Tim HolmanInformation Systems Security Association (ISSA)
227Friederike LuepkeSOAS
226Adam Buss
225Chris AthertonRoute to Space Ltd
224Daniel Bye
223John Mills
222Roy Alberto MenaAmerican chamber of commerce/ Gender Equity Forum director
221Kai van EikelsFreie Universität Berlin
220Larry AlbertSAG-AFTRA
219Andy Lee
218Nathan HaveyThrive Consulting Group
217Nancy LemayuOttawa
216Ed ChangUniversity of Oregon
215Kate LindsayUniversity of Oxford
214Xavier de Sousa
213Olivier Anéjump
212David LockwoodThe Bike Shed Theatre
211Alyson Hallettcolleague
210Dan Jacoby
209Colette Patterson
208Diana OhlbaumCenter for Strategic and International Studies
207Mary B RelottoSpeaking of Gender
206Steve Dimmick
205Alex Govers Lopez
204Gary HillsIndependent arts/theatre
203Bernardo Santiago
202Martijn DekkerUniversity of Amsterdam
201Brent BellamyMemorial University of Newfoundland
200Marie Brandeleer
199Derek Humphries
198Tine Roets
197Warren FauvelNudjed
196filip couck
195Aubrey AllegrettiJournalist
194Ross BaileyWaterAid
193Rémi KauppWaterAid
192Maia KellyStudents against TTIP UK
191Carsten VoelzCOO, SOS Children's Villages International
190Benedict HoefnagelsLight For The World
189Andy Brown
188Marc Timmerman
187Keegan Longueiraprivate
186Kessas safiartbf
185Dan del Villano
184Jerry MichalskiREX
183Sebastian ChaskelInnovations for Poverty Action
182Stephen ShashouaYale World Fellow, interfaith
181Mary Fontaine
180Nick EubankStanford University
179Geordie FungOaktree
178Cam MackenzieFather of two daughters
177Matt Young
176Chris HildrewTeacher
175Natalie Scott
174Hannah Wilsonteacher
173Conor Heaven
172David RogersEducation
171Brett Myrdal
170Barry DwolatzkyDirector: JCSE at Wits University
169Russell PengellyComputers 4 Kids
168Francine PérinetMusée régional de Rimouski
167Scott McDonaldThe Butchart Gardens
166Martin Brennan
165Damien Stevens
164Eva DalakHIC
163Dominic O'Reilly
162Nicoletta Voltarelli
161Cameron GrayYarra City Council
160Sjoerd LeveltBilkent University
159M Gauley
158Adrian Bonenberger
157Paul LaddUN Research Institute for Social Development
156REBECA DE SANCHO MAYORALEuropean Commission
155James Turing
154Patric Tariq MelletSA-Thai Slave Heritage Reflection Centre
153Karin JamotteNone
152James Kinloch
151Lawrence JacobsonLtrain
150Adli Jacobs
149Ismail MahomedArts Theatre
148Fawn SewellEWAASI
147Chipa Maimela
146Patrick FosterWomen in Revolution NGO
145Warren Nebe Drama for Life
144Simon Fitall
143Reza BardienUBEQITY Consulting
142johanna te boekhorst
141Jeffrey GoodReal Estate for Charities
140Jill Epstein
139Weslee Lauder
138Theuns Opperman
137John McBrideMindset Network
136James FarrellQueensland Association of Independent Legal Services
135Bethlehem Mengistu WaterAid
134Neslihan Ozgunes
133Felix Arias
132Gordon AdamsStimson Center
131Phillip Walker
130Guy DukeThe University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
129Mio Alter
128Toby Blume
127Carol Zou
126Don AntonGriffith University Law School
125Andrew ReinhardAmerican Numismatic Society
124Alexandre Corriveau-BourqueNorwegian Refugee Council
123Ben EdwardsThe Urban Institute
122Alex SchneiderStudent
121Carlo CilibertoIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia
120Lee CrawfurdCGD
119Gurvinder Sidhu
118Anne Roemer-MahlerUniversity of Sussex
117Claudia de Castro CaldeirinhaDirector of Fairconsultancy Brussels
116Guillaume KrollEvidence Action
115andrea klein
114Hasbeemasputra Abu BakarMental Health Coalition of Penang
113Jamie Arpin-Ricci
112Jennifer HeppelPatriot League
111Hans ZomerDOCHAS
109Rupert SimonsDirector, Publish What You Fund
108David RothkopfForeign Policy
107Javier PadillaAndalusian Health Service, Seville.
106Kallur S MuraliIDRC
105David McNairThe ONE Campaign
104Desi McKeownThe Deanes School
103Brett HouseChief Economist, Alignvest Investment Management
102William HeathMydex

Another list of people who have made the same commitment:

 Coverage and Inspiration

Last year, six leading Washington think tanks presented more than 150 events on the Middle East that included not a single woman speaker. Fewer than one-quarter of all the speakers at the 232 events at those think tanks recorded in our newly compiled data-set were women.

The mysterious absence of women from Middle East policy debates – Tamara Cofman Wittes and Marc Lynch, Washington Post Money Cage, January 20th 2015

Because I believe you cannot conduct constructive discourse on international issues without the participation of women, I recently decided not to speak on any panels that did not include women. I’m not writing this to seek a pat on the back. But because any discussion that does not include women’s perspectives or that reflexively excludes or fails to seek out the women who are leaders in their fields in virtually any and every subject on this agenda will be deeply inadequate and will only compound distortions of gender bias that exist because of our long history of systematic exclusion of women’s views. I’d much rather participate in discussions where the organizers actually demonstrate that they are committed to producing the best possible work product.

“Still waiting for Davos Woman”
 by David Rothkopf, FP Magazine, January 22nd, 2015

I often attend panels or discussions dominated by men, especially in technology. This is problematic since it sends the signal that only men have the expertise in their given field. To their credit, some men are initiating change.

Three Ways To Change The Ratio of Women Receiving VC – Leah Eichler, Inc Website, November 10th 2014

There is no topic that cannot be discussed by women. There is no circumstance that would prevent one from inviting women. There is simply no rational excuse for excluding women. And, if you are invited to join a panel with no women, you must conclude it is being organized by fools.

Why I will no longer speak on all-male panels – Scott Gilmore, Macleans, October 4th, 2014

114 comments on “The Pledge – I will not be part of male-only panels”

  1. So many rumblings surrounding this issue, must become loud and must have awareness-raising at the heart of their goals. Attempts at gender conscious programming are weak at best, as are efforts which consider other diversity issues on panels, etc.

    This is a solid pledge. Thank you.

  2. This is a fantastic pledge, and I hope it generates real change in the way conference organizers (and all kinds of organizers!) think and plan their events. Credit to those who already do — thank you!

  3. Leah Eichler stated in Nvember 2014 that he ” often attend panels or discussions dominated by men, especially in technology. This is problematic since it sends the signal that only men have the expertise in their given field. To their credit, some men are initiating change.”

    And it is correc that gender is the balanced and equitable sharing of responsibilities between me n and women and one still don’t see how his could happe n still today without some sort of affirmative action and positive discrimination today in favor of women in many sectors where they are yet left behind .

    The Pledge advocating for more balanced meetings/panel discussions etc is certainly a good initiative to support

    With kind regards


  4. Just a simple idea that may change our global behaviour in the near future. It should be easy to find women for panel as they are more numerous on earth than we are …
    Thank you for the initiative.

  5. Using our power to address the biases that have given us that power in the first place. I like it.

    Would you pledge to require that there be at least one female candidate for the next top job you get recruited for?

  6. I think it’s a great idea to encourage diversity in all public discourse, but I’m surprised and disappointed in the exclusionary language of this pledge. The posts on this site go out of their way to say that there is no subject about which women cannot speak…that is certainly very true…and that there should never be a public panel discussion without a healthy ratio of females…but when it actually declares the pledge, it says nothing about all woman panels. In the interest of true equality, shouldn’t it encourage that people abstain from any panel that excludes either gender? It is true that there is no subject that could not benefit from a woman’s perspective, but is the opposite not also true?

    1. @@ Because there are so very many all-women panels that are not about how to succeed in business despite discrimination against women. If you actually bother to look, and I don’t think you have, you’ll find that academic panels discussing women’s-studies/gender issues generally do have men on them.

      Because the women are already conscious of this issue and take it seriously.

  7. Well… that’s a good start, but you’ve set us up now for tokenism. I’d suggest bumping it to two women, Bechdel-like. You know, where the question’s whether a movie’s got two women, with names, who at any point in the  movie have a conversation without a man around, about something other than a man.

  8. I’m in

    Andy Jones

    Radio Film


    and if you haven’t watched this already, powerful story from Theo Sowa

  9. Good stuff. Practical. And certain to lead to better conferences.

    I’m in.

    Ian Shapiro

    Head of Private Sector Department

    Department for International Development


  10. I am in support of this – and please do sign me up – but note that an end to all-male panels doesn’t just mean proper representation of women, it means proper representation for trans people too. So I’d prefer to see this pledge worded as “At a public conference I won’t serve on a panel of two people or more unless there is at least one non-male panel member, not including the Chair.” Also, “We believe that public discourse would be improved by better representation of all genders.”

    Any chance of changing the wording in that way? It would keep the same meaning for the pledge without excluding a large swathe of people who are even more disproportionately under-represented than women at these kinds of events.

    Danny Chivers

    Author of the No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change and the No-Nonsense Guide to Renewable Energy

  11. How is this pledge being enforced? I’m at a conference not only attended, but ORGANIZED by one of the individuals on this pledge list. Opening panel – all white European men.

  12. It seems frightening to me, abandoning the meritocratic approach to debates. Shouldn’t we find the best people for the job, regardless of gender? Rather than arbitrarily deciding, that having both sexes on every panel automatically makes it better?

    1. Morty – I don’t regard this as abandoning the meritocratic approach to debates. I regard it as considering the qualities needed for the panel as a whole, rather than considering each panel member separately. Just as management teams are better when they are diverse, debates and ideas are better when they are exposed to diverse viewpoints. We will have more and better ideas when we open our debates to more diversity.

  13. Inclusion and gender balance, are the beginning, not the end of addressing gender inequality.

    I believe that public discourse would be improved by better representation of all genders. At a public conference I won’t serve on a panel of two people or more unless there is at least one non-male panel member, not including the Chair.

    Shane Bartlett
    Country Director
    Educat Rwanda

  14. This is a superb idea, and I would like to sign the pledge.  Please do add my name.

    Gavin Yamey

    Professor of the Practice of Global Health & Public Policy

    Associate Director for Policy

    Duke Global Health Institute


  15. thanks Owen – i’m definitely in, but would also like to encourage broader diversity in all panels, discussions, workshops – everything. pale male panels need to make way for the inclusion of all voices, but particularly those who can best represent the topic at hand; and in our work, that means more voices from the global south, male and female.

    1. Peter


      Thanks. I agree with all of this apart from one small word: “but”.  You mean “and”, right? I can’t see any implied contradiction between what you say here and the pledge above.



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