An all male panel at the Global Summit for Women

The Pledge – I will not be part of male-only panels

The pledge

“At a public conference I won’t serve on a panel of two people or more unless there is at least one woman on the panel, not including the Chair.”

Make The Pledge

At a public conference I won’t serve on a panel of two people or more unless there is at least one woman on the panel, not including the Chair

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Frequently asked questions

What happens if we have tried to find women but there is nobody available?

Try harder. I’ll be happy to suggest some women who would be much better than me. You may need to organise your conference a little earlier to be sure of getting women on your panels.

What happens if a woman drops out and we end up with a men-only panel?

There are many brilliant women – please find someone else to take her place.

What if a woman drops out at very short notice?

I get it: shit happens. You could cover yourself by planning to have two women on the panel (gosh!). But if I’ve agreed to be on a panel I won’t let you down if something genuinely unforseen happens. (But if this means a male-only panel, you’ll have to forgive me in advance for the fact that I am going to tease you about this in the meeting.)

Organising conferences is hard enough already?

The Gendered Conference Campaign has some great advice for conference organisers.

What else can we do?

  • Keep drawing attention to the issue. If you are at a conference with male-only panels, call it out.
  • Audit your events and keep track of the trends
  • Be mindful about promoting women through social media

Who has taken the pledge?

2,135 Mr Jeremy Webb Freelance writer & editor
2,134 Dr. Frank Stengel Kiel University
2,133 Dr. Vasee Moorthy World Health Organisation
2,132 Dr. Mary Temm
2,131 Dr. markus steiner FHI 360
2,130 Dr. Kebede Deribe Brighton and Sussex Medical School
2,129 Dr. Joseph Lorenzo Hall Center for Democracy & Technology
2,128 Ms Filipe Fernandes NOAA/IOOS
2,127 Dr. Simon Kay Wellcome Trust
2,126 Dr. Egon Willighagen Maastricht University
2,125 Dr. Juliana Leonel Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
2,124 Mr Jonathan Martin Stockholm University
2,123 Mr Alex Harris Wellcome Trust
2,122 Dr. Timothy Jinks Wellcome Trust
2,121 Mr James Thomas
2,120 Dr. Jim Smith Wellcome Trust
2,119 Mr Mark Henderson Wellcome Trust
2,118 Dr. Anne-Marie Coriat Wellcome Trust
2,117 Dr. Danil Mikhailov Wellcome Trust
2,116 Mr Fraser Simpson
2,115 Mr Chris Bird Wellcome Trust
2,114 Mr Dykki Settle PATH
2,113 Mr Brian Taliesin PATH
2,112 Mr Zuhair Zaghloul
2,111 Mr Laith Abu-Taleb Founder Arabic HeForShe
2,110 Ms Anna Masera
2,109 Dr. Ryan McAnnally-Linz Yale Center for Faith & Culture
2,108 Mr Tim Gee
2,107 Mr Andrew Kramer Open Society Foundations
2,106 Dr. Pamela Lirio Université de Montréal
2,105 Mr David Thompson Government of Canada
2,104 Mr Dugald Topshee Government of Canada
2,103 Dr. Scott East UNSW Australia
2,102 Mr James Hunt
2,101 Mr Stefan Kollenberg Male leader in tech sector
2,100 Mx. R. C. Woodmass Crescendo
2,099 Mr Doug Parkerson Innovations for Poverty Action
2,098 Mr Martino Boni JRC Ispra
2,097 Mr Bruce Hickling Innovations for Poverty Action
2,096 Dr. Jeffrey Mosenkis Innovations for Poverty Action
2,095 Mr Marc Gagnon
2,094 Ms Sean Kibbee
2,093 Mr Nicholas Martin Xcel Energy
2,092 Mr Suleiman Wesonga Innovations for Poverty Action
2,091 Ms Pace Phillips Innovations for Poverty Action
2,090 Mr Payam Azadi
2,089 Mr Benjamin Tan Innovations for Poverty Action
2,088 Mr Prathap Kasina Innovations for Poverty Action
2,087 Mrs Heidi McAnnally-Linz Innovations for Poverty Action
2,086 Dr. Steven Glazerman Innovations for Poverty Action
2,085 Mr Simon Wright Save the Children
2,084 Mr John Medcof Canada School of Public Service
2,083 Mr Chris Allison Canada School of the Public Service
2,082 Mr Fady Zeidan The Global Fund
2,081 Dr. Erik Thulin Center for Behavior & the Environment, Rare
2,080 Dr. Mark Tomlinson Stellenbosch University
2,079 Dr. James Tidwell Harvard Kennedy School of Government
2,078 Dr. Lucy Rist Girls in Sport
2,077 Mr Oliver May Deloitte
2,076 Ms Luiz Botelho Botelho & Global Associates
2,075 Dr. Shadrock Roberts Clark University
2,074 Dr. Emilia Jarochowska Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
2,073 Ms one woman One woman? how about no more than 50% of people who identify as male
2,072 Ms Charlie Isaacs Salesforce
2,071 Mr Robin Pho Right People Renewable Energy
2,070 Ms Silvina Katz
2,069 Mr Daniel Hires
2,068 Ms Patricia Labastié Patricia Labastié
2,067 Ms Erika Cosenza
2,066 Ms Ramsés Gómez Molina Sistema B
2,065 Mr Jonathan Herzfeld FiiS
2,064 Ms Nicolas Morales
2,063 Mr Juan Pablo Larenas Sistema B
2,062 Mr Jorge Bizama SOCIALB
2,061 Mr Alfredo Zepeda Sistema B ++zepeda
2,060 Mrs Laila Ahmed
2,059 Ms Bassant Helmi
2,058 Mr Sebastian Bieberle Schöpf Papier
2,057 Mr Guilherme Lito Escola Schumacher Brasil
2,056 Ms Gonzalo Muñoz Abogabir
2,055 Mr Leonardo Maldonado Gulliver
2,054 Ms Vanessa Moutinho
2,053 Mr Diego Sanchez
2,052 Mr Tomás de Lara ColaborAmerica - Sistema B - Cities CAN B
2,051 Dr. Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir University of Iceland
2,050 Mr Michael Weatherhead Wellbeing Economy Alliance
2,049 Ms Ana Gomez Abascal
2,048 Dr. Michael Pirson FORDHAM university
2,047 Mr Henry Leveson-Gower Promoting Economic Pluralism
2,046 Mr Stephen Vasconcellos G Corps
2,045 Mr Ehab Elia
2,044 Dr. Rajeev Colaco RTI International
2,043 Dr. Steve Robinson
2,042 Mr David Easton
2,041 Mr Eric Stoller Eric Stoller
2,040 Ms Lauren Lochocki
2,039 Ms Sophie Howe Future Generations Commissioner for Wales
2,038 Mr Etienne Goigoux
2,037 Dr. Carol Saunders University of Central florida
2,036 Mr Luigi Guarino Global Crop Diversity Trust
2,035 Mr Rowland Mosbergen University of Melbourne
2,034 Mr David Mitchell Tostadores de Ometepe S.A.
2,033 Miss Amélie CARRERE INED
2,032 Mrs Sophie MERITET Université Paris Dauphine
2,031 Dr. Olivia Bertelli University Paris Dauphine
2,030 Mrs Charlotte Guénard Paris 1 university
2,029 Dr. Geoff Kendall Future-Fit Foundation
2,028 Ms Emmanuelle Lavallée Université Paris-Dauphine
2,027 Dr. Camille Saint-Macary IRD
2,026 Dr. Marion Mercier Université Paris-Dauphine
2,025 Ms Marta Menéndez Université Paris Dauphine - PSL
2,024 Ms Sandrine Mesplé-Somps IRD
2,023 Dr. Laure Pasquier-Doumer IRD
2,022 Dr. Beatrice PARGUEL CNRS
2,021 Dr. Kate Dooley
2,020 Ms Flore Gubert IRD
2,019 Mr SIDARTHA GORDON University Paris Dauphine - PSL
2,018 Dr. Fabienne Salaun
2,017 Ms Anna Jenkins Ethical Change
2,016 Dr. Thao PHAM
2,015 Mr Philippe De Vreyer Paris Dauphine University
2,014 Mr John Wood
2,013 Dr. Stephanie Monjon University Paris Dauphine PSL
2,012 Ms Michelle Marshalian Dauphine
2,011 Dr. Guillaume Daudin Université Paris-Dauphine
2,010 Ms Marine De Talancé
2,009 Mr Charlie Joyez Université Cote d'Azur
2,008 Ms Anne-Sophie Robilliard IRD
2,007 Dr. Jacob Erickson Trinity College Dublin
2,006 Ms Michelle Lester
2,005 Mr Jack Minchella
2,004 Mr Steve Jennings
2,003 Mr Stephen Fraser Education Endowment Foundation
2,002 Mr Robbie Coleman Education Endowment Foundation
2,001 Dr. Radu Ban Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
2,000 Mr Pierre Delforge NRDC
1,999 Dr. Lorella Battelli Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
1,998 Mr Jean-Remy Hochmann CNRS
1,997 Dr. Liuba Papeo CNRS
1,996 Ms Gaby Belz Economy oft the Common Good Switzerland
1,995 Dr. Raffaella Rumiati SISSA
1,994 Dr. Claus Lamm University of Vienna
1,993 Ms Elena Comelli Journalist
1,992 Dr. Ozgur Ceyhan
1,991 Ms Dessy Puspitasari Energi Mega Persada Tbk
1,990 Mr Owen Pietsch
1,989 Mr Devanik Saha Institute of Development Studies, Sussex
1,988 Dr. Esther Mwangi
1,987 Ms Simona Pedde Centre of Ecology and Hydrology
1,986 Ms Lily Tomson ShareAction
1,985 Ms Angela Martin
1,984 Mr Neil Faiers Bangors Organic
1,983 Ms Ika Darnhofer Universität für Bodenkultur, Wien
1,982 Mr Jeremy Smith
1,981 Mr Joris Tieleman Erasmus University of Rotterdam
1,980 Ms Samantha Carter J-PAL
1,979 Mr Andy Wunder E2
1,978 Dr. Michal Nachmany LSE
1,977 Mr Alasdair Reid EFIS Centre
1,976 Dr. Paola Fiore
1,975 Dr. Jesper Sundewall Lund University
1,974 Mr Mohit Chhabra NRDC
1,973 Dr. Isabella Guerrini de Claire Aurora Sustainability Ltd
1,972 Ms Paula Pedro J-PAL LAC
1,971 Dr. Richard Ferris Managing Director, Earth Matters
1,970 Dr. Katrin Muff Mission Possible Foundation
1,969 Mr Jon Alexander New Citizenship Project
1,968 Dr. Renee Wever Linköping University
1,967 Mr Daniel Smith
1,966 Ms Sofia Martinez EU Commission
1,965 Mr Carl Packman Fair By Design
1,964 Dr. Sandip Sukhtankar University of Virginia
1,963 Mr Jonathan Colmenares NRDC
1,962 Ms Dorothy Knable BernieSanders
1,961 Ms Marianne Hammelboe
1,960 Ms Samuel Gilchrist NRDC
1,959 Mr Iqbal Dhaliwal Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) at MIT
1,958 Mr Peter Miller Natural Resources Defense Council
1,957 Dr. Barbara Hammond
1,956 Mrs Alicia Pérez-Porro Baruch College
1,955 Dr. Cody Hochstenbach Universiteit van Amsterdam
1,954 Mr marco valente
1,953 Mrs Anna Queralt Fuentes
1,952 Ms Ojongetakah Enokenwa Baa Rhodes University
1,951 Ms Sarah Langhan Development Pathways
1,950 Dr. Katharine Wilkinson Project Drawdown
1,949 Dr. Katharine Vincent Kulima Integrated Development Solutions
1,948 Mrs Erin Meezan Interface, Inc
1,947 Ms Joan Edenburg
1,946 Dr. Sarah Cornell
1,945 Ms Nesli Almufti
1,944 Ms Natasha Simma
1,943 Dr. Rania Papasozomenou HU Berlin
1,942 Mr Alexander Crawford
1,941 Mr Antonio Hill Global Call for Climate Action (GCCA)
1,940 Ms Cecilia Tham
1,939 Mr Fionn Travers-Smith
1,938 Mr Andrew Dick Zero waste Scotland
1,937 Mr Nigel Wickenden None
1,936 Miss Lisa Goldapple Atlas of the Future
1,935 Dr. Richard Hull Goldsmiths, University of London
1,934 Ms Karen Mckenna Breakthrough energy Canada
1,933 Mr Matthew Thomson
1,932 Mr Stevie Buckley Honest Work
1,931 Dr. Ravinder Kaur
1,930 Mr Remco van Rijn The National Theatre (The Netherlands)
1,929 Mr Lakshmanan Amoor give
1,928 Mr Nestor Laiviera
1,927 Mr Andrew Camilleri
1,926 Mr James Shields ESGLOBAL
1,925 Mr Tom Buttry
1,924 Mr David Scott University of Manchester
1,923 Mr Matthew Spencer Oxfam
1,922 Mr Daniel Wilson-Dodd
1,921 Dr. Jeffrey Ordaniel Pacific Forum
1,920 Mr Hari Kristopo
1,919 Mr Andres Navarro
1,918 Ms Jonas von Hoffmann University of Oxford
1,917 Mrs Violeta Martinez Remecid
1,916 Mr Martin Barberena
1,915 Dr. Nahuel Oddone Instituto Social del Mercosur
1,914 Mr Horacio Rodríguez Vázquez The Nature Conservancy
1,913 Mr Fergus McBean DFID
1,912 Mr Darshan K
1,911 Dr. William Gould University of Leeds
1,910 Dr. Frank Finlay University of Leeds
1,909 Mr Stephen Hale
1,908 Dr. William Van Norman James Madison University
1,907 Mr Hugo Gorst-Williams DFID
1,906 Mrs Susana Lazzari Congresswoman in Argentina
1,905 Dr. Randy Browne Xavier University
1,904 Dr. Manuel Barcia University of Leeds
1,903 Mr Denis Brian The/Nudge Foundation
1,902 Ms Ambily Iyer
1,901 Ms Rimona V BENGALURU
1,900 Mr Santosh Charan N/Core
1,899 Mr Kevin Koene The ONE Campaign
1,898 Ms Sameer Bhiwapurkar
1,897 Ms Emily Murrell
1,896 Mr Anuruddh Mishra
1,895 Mr Hans De Four
1,894 Dr. Tom Churcher Imperial College London
1,893 Mr Tim Cole
1,892 Ms Edin Samuel
1,891 Ms Priyanka Deokar
1,890 Mr Neil Hornby Defra
1,889 Dr. Andy Clements British Trust for Ornithology
1,888 Mr Atul Satija The/Nudge and GiveIndia
1,887 Mr Richard Allitt Richard Allitt Associates Ltd
1,886 Dr. Christian Man
1,885 Ms Louise Burrows
1,884 Ms Russell Hollinshead RSPB
1,883 Mr Shaun Thomas RSPB
1,882 Mr Sean Furey RWSN / Skat Foundation
1,881 Mr Thomas Pienkowski University of Oxford
1,880 Dr. Tyler Frazier The College of William & Mary in Virginia
1,879 Ms Sarika Jha I will not talk to any guy and I'll take care of my india
1,878 Dr. Richard Bradbury RSPB
1,877 Dr. Manodeep Sinha Swinburne University of Technology
1,876 Dr. Mathew Ling Deakin University
1,875 Dr. Don De Savigny Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
1,874 Dr. Matthew Evangelista Cornell University and Fondazione Luigi Einaudi (Turin, Italy)
1,873 Dr. Nosa Orobaton Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,872 Dr. John Fellowes
1,871 Ms Robert Godbout
1,870 Mr Jeffrey Smith Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,869 Mr Tim Hardy-Lenik We Make Change
1,868 Mr Ergin Bulut
1,867 Dr. Martin Scheinin European University Institute
1,866 Mr Marc Cornelius 8020 Communications
1,865 Dr. Valentina Goglio University of Turin
1,864 Mx. Victor Madrigal-Borloz UN Independent Expert on Violence and Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
1,863 Mr Jagadish K.N. Krishi Vigyan Kendra
1,861 Mr Sunil Khairnar Indigram
1,860 Mr Nishit Kumar Centre for Social and Behaviour Change Communication
1,859 Mr Sanjay Purohit Independent
1,858 Mr Manuel Albaladejo UNIDO
1,857 Mr Michael Robinson-Moltke PBA, now part of Stantec
1,856 Dr. Michael Seed Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology
1,855 Mr Andrew Bryant Temple Group Ltd
1,854 Mr Chris Ferrary Temple Group. Ltd.
1,853 Mr Alastair Chisholm CIWEM
1,852 Mr Terry Fuller The Charteted Institution of Water and Environmental Management
1,851 Dr. Allison Gardner Women Leading in AI and Keele University
1,850 Ms Brittany McGarry
1,849 Dr. Olga-Maria Cruz Winthrop Episcopal Lutheran Campus Ministry
1,848 Dr. Jaime Windeler University of Cincinnati
1,847 Ms Shivangi Walke
1,846 Mr Ryan Wright University of Virginia
1,845 Dr. Lawrence Cetrulo University of Washington
1,844 Dr. Androniki Menelaou ING
1,843 Ms Preeti MALIK
1,842 Mrs Zina Saeed
1,841 Mr David Witzel RASA
1,840 Mr Mark Brady
1,839 Mr Jonathan Hera Marigold Capital
1,838 Mr Robert Gower 1965
1,837 Dr. Tim Niblock University of Exeter
1,836 Dr. Dennis Fritsch Responsible Investor
1,835 Mr Jupe Hulkko
1,834 Mr Daniel Brooksbank Responsible Investor
1,833 Mr Chris Szymczak UNICEF Innovation
1,832 Mr Fred Pilkington Marine Conservation Philippines
1,831 Mr Andrew Jenkins
1,830 Dr. David Greenfield Circular Economy Club London
1,829 Mr J Kay Resource Efficiency Wales
1,828 Mr Bassam Mahfouz Ealing Council
1,827 Mr John Hammond Kingston and St George’s Uni
1,826 Mr James Dodds
1,825 Ms Sue Britton FinTech Growth Syndicate Inc
1,824 Mr John Curtin
1,823 Ms Maria Warner
1,822 Ms Victoria Manning Vitaka Consulting
1,821 Mr Simon Fanshawe
1,820 Miss vivienne aiyela
1,819 Mr roger kline Middlesex University
1,818 Mr David Henig ECIPE
1,817 Mr Mohammed Marikar Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
1,816 Mr Colin George BBC News
1,815 Mr Rob Minto
1,814 Mr Taco Ekkel Q42
1,813 Mr Ngov-Veng Chheng United Nations Development Programme
1,812 Mr Devin Krotman XPRIZE Foundation
1,811 Mr Gil Friend Natural Logic, Inc.
1,810 Dr. Alexander De Souza
1,809 Ms Sairam Kamal Raj Student
1,808 Dr. Matthew Fenech Future Advocacy
1,807 Mr John Collins Intercom
1,806 Mr Geoffrey Odlum Odlum Global Strategies LLC
1,805 Mr Geoffrey Odlum Odlum Global Strategies (
1,804 Mr Juan Miguel de Joya Association for Computing Machinery
1,803 Mr Irakli Beridze UNICRI
1,802 Mr Yuvi Panda
1,801 Mr Pablo Sanchez St. John's University
1,800 Dr. Vedran Sekara UNICEF
1,799 Dr. Do-Hyung Kim UNICEF
1,798 Dr. James Watson University of Queensland
1,797 Ms Berglind Karlsdottir Imperial College London
1,796 Dr. Brian Enquist
1,795 Mr Ardian Balaj SwissBorg
1,794 Mr Amjad Saleem
1,793 Mr Rui Mata University of Basel
1,792 Dr. Edgar Whitley LSE
1,791 Mr Rod Ruff Alberta Ecotrust Foundation
1,790 Dr. Rob Hope University of Oxford
1,789 Mr John Lepp
1,788 Ms Blake Goud RFI Foundation
1,787 Mr Kurt Lieberman Magni
1,786 Mr Ariel Kestens International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
1,785 Dr. Paul Atherton Fab Inc.
1,784 Mr Andrew Samson
1,783 Mr Taj Keshav MSPH Candidate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
1,782 Dr. Emanuele Capobianco International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
1,781 Dr. Gary McDowell Future of Research
1,780 Mr Brad Tytel Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,779 Dr. Tomek Kott Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
1,778 Mr James Michiel University of California Davos / NCDFREE
1,777 Dr. Linda Bartlett Johns Hopkins University
1,776 Dr. Beth Linas
1,775 Mr Nicholas Morgan Euro Youth Mental Health
1,774 Dr. Alain Labrique Johns Hopkins BSPH
1,773 Ms Karen Richmond University of Dundee
1,772 Mr Isaac Florence IFMSA
1,771 Dr. Hendrik Wagenaar King's College London/ The uNiversity of Canberra
1,770 Mr Marian Sedlak International Federation Of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA)
1,769 Ms Beverley Simonson LWARB
1,768 Mr George Roter
1,767 Ms Soulaima Gourani
1,766 Ms Zoe Lenkiewicz
1,765 Mr John Marshall UK Government
1,764 Dr. Sassan Gholiagha WZB Berlin Social Science Center
1,763 Ms Kim Teasdale
1,762 Ms Zeynep Betül Kılıç XX
1,761 Ms Louisa Gonzalez
1,760 Mr Robert Palmer Tax Justice UK
1,759 Mr Kenny King Maple Leaf Learu
1,758 Dr. Thomas Amundrud Nara University of Education
1,757 Mr Brent Simmonds GALE
1,756 Dr. Sean O hEigeartaigh Cambridge
1,755 Dr. Cathleen Thomas RSPB
1,754 Dr. Mark Carrigan University of Cambridge
1,753 Mrs Pinki Anand Government
1,752 Ms Elisabet Skylare
1,751 Dr. Alexander R Bay Chapman U
1,750 Dr. John Sandlos Memorial University
1,749 Ms Liesa Sauerhammer Plan International
1,748 Dr. Karl Jacoby Columbia University
1,747 Dr. Anton Shkaruba Estonian University of Life Sciences
1,746 Dr. Wilko Graf von Hardenberg Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
1,745 Ms Veronica Menacho Stockholm University
1,744 Dr. Franz Kerschbaum University of Vienna
1,743 Dr. Hilde Ibsen Karlstad University
1,742 Mr Colin McQuistan Practical Action
1,741 Mr Bernard Soubry Environmental Change Institute
1,740 Mr Christophe Guilmoto
1,739 Ms Ravinder Kaur Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi, India
1,738 Ms Sonalde Desai University of Maryland College Park
1,737 Mr William Eric Sinden
1,736 Ms Kath Melbourne Consultant
1,735 Dr. Aaron Daigh North Dakota State University
1,734 Mr Jeremy Rice Melbourne Theatre Company
1,733 Mr Jack Mahoney Silicon Valley Community Foundation
1,732 Mr Raymond Weyandt The Peace Mill
1,731 Mr Duncan Edwards Publish What You Pay
1,730 Dr. James Scott Yale University
1,729 Ms Thais Lima ITDP
1,728 Mr Rachmadian Deshiantama Social Dialogue Foundation Indonesia
1,727 Mrs Mifta Sugesti The leader
1,726 Mr Edward Rees UN
1,725 Mr Rahman Kazi Shahidur United Nations
1,724 Mr Ian Hamilton
1,723 Dr. Stephen Kinsella University of Limerick
1,722 Ms Ben Whitelaw EJC
1,721 Mrs Marjan Tillmans EJC
1,720 Ms Barbara Kuznik EJC
1,719 Mr Donncha O’Connell Established Professor of Law at NUI Galway
1,718 Dr. Rutger Kramer Austrian Academy of Science
1,717 Mr Steve Jennings WWW.IOVIA.IO
1,716 Ms Roosje Klap Graphic designer and educator
1,715 Mr Eric Schrijver
1,714 Dr. Nanette Santoro University of Colorado School of Medicine
1,713 Mr Harsh Desai AidData
1,712 Mr Nishant Lalwani Omidyar Network
1,711 Dr. Kate Watkins University of Oxford
1,710 Dr. Susan Chaudoir University of Alberta
1,709 Dr. Phillip Horky Durham University
1,708 Dr. Christian Mettke GIZ
1,707 Dr. Jane Sancinito University of Pennsylvania
1,706 Dr. Richard Nevell English Heritage
1,705 Mr Matthew Loyd
1,704 Mr Daz Wilkin Google LLC
1,703 Ms Pratap Tambe Tata Consultancy Services
1,702 Ms moosukmin Min
1,701 Mr Angelo Lagdameo CBO
1,700 Dr. Maria Prada Iadb
1,699 Ms Sejal Parmar OSCE
1,698 Mr Kelly Starrett MobilityWOD, Inc.
1,697 Mr Uzair Younus
1,696 Mr Adam Jenkins
1,695 Ms Chris Maroshegyi Albright Stonebridge Group
1,694 Mr Oliver Jones World Bank
1,693 Ms Niccolo Mchiavelli Academia Lincei
1,692 Dr. Roy Haggerty Oregon State University
1,691 Mr Kelly Starrett Mobilitywod
1,690 Mr Mark Ramadan
1,689 Mr Wes Garcia American Baptist Church
1,688 Ms Kristen Morgan Eastern Connecticut State University
1,687 Mr Jonathan WhatTheFuckIsThis WTF
1,685 Mr Dinkneh Chicko World Bank
1,684 Dr. Ciprian Necula
1,683 Ms Costel Bercus Center for Education and Human Rights
1,682 Ms Marijana Sarolic Robic PWN Zagreb
1,681 Mrs Oana Patru
1,680 Dr. Michael Sparrow World Meteorlogical Organisation
1,679 Mrs Alexandra Nastase Oxford Policy Management
1,678 Mr Sujatro Ghosh
1,677 Dr. Manpreet Singh Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,676 Mr Lee Gedge
1,675 Ms Wendy Luciani Canadian Digital Service
1,674 Ms Stevie-Ray Talbot Canadian Federal Government
1,673 Ms Dario Vins
1,672 Mr Eric Cooper
1,671 Ms Jillian LeBlanc TBS
1,670 Mr Sameer Vasta Ontario Digital Service
1,669 Dr. Paul Stubbs The Institute of Economics, Zagreb
1,668 Miss Louise Lai
1,667 Mr Chris Washington-Sare Pentatonic Marketing
1,666 Mr John Millons Government
1,665 Ms Collette Langley Blackbaud
1,664 Mr Alastair Davis CEO
1,663 Ms Lynn Chalati CDS
1,662 Mr Sean Boots Canadian Digital Service
1,661 Dr. christopher karp Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,660 Ms Kylie Havelock Canadian Digital Service
1,659 Dr. Anita Zaidi BMGF
1,658 Dr. Keith Klugman Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,657 Mr Steve Broach Monckton Chambers
1,656 Mr James Mickle
1,655 Mr Mark Simms
1,654 Ms Julia Bosch Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,653 Mx. MNCH Discovery & Tools BMGF
1,652 Mrs Clare Titley Arts Council England
1,651 Mr Jon Spiers Autistica
1,650 Mr Tris Lumley NPC
1,649 Mr Karl Wilding National Council for Voluntary Organisations
1,648 Mr James Heywood University of Oxford
1,647 Mr Joe Jenkins The Children’s Society
1,646 Mr Rhett Dornbach-Bender Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,645 Mr Graham Snead Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,644 Ms Lena Trudeau Canadian Digital Service
1,643 Ms Helene Madonick Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,642 Mr Aaron Snow Canadian Digital Service / Government of Canada
1,641 Dr. Richard Morey Cardiff University
1,640 Ms Khanya Vokwana-Shabalala
1,639 Ms Almira Bartolomé CBS, Copenhagen Business School
1,638 Mr Prashanth Chandramouleeswaran
1,637 Miss Joni Ali
1,636 Mr Sindura Ganapathi
1,635 Ms Catherine Muirden The Co-op
1,634 Mr Jon Finer
1,633 Mr Thomas Hurley Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,632 Mr Nicolas Estupinan CAF - development bank of Latin America
1,631 Ms Greg Newman
1,630 Mr Albert Foster Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,629 Mr Robert Benoit Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,628 Mr Chris Acker Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,627 Ms Armelle Cloche San Francisco
1,626 Dr. Sophie Allauzen Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation
1,625 Ms Tamara Driscoll Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,624 Ms Carl Bjorkman Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,623 Dr. Zameer Brey BMGF
1,622 Dr. Philip Welkhoff
1,621 Mr Brian Arbogast Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,620 Ms Pierre Grand BMGF
1,619 Mr Neil Watkins BMGF
1,618 Dr. Chris Ernst
1,617 Dr. Daniel Hartman Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,616 Mr Jeremy Forman BMGF
1,615 Dr. Nick Austin
1,614 Mr James Cronin
1,613 Mr Travis Moore TechCongress
1,612 Mr Tin Geber
1,611 Mr Chris Millson
1,610 Mr Shawn Baker Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,609 Mr Amit Chandra Bain Capital & Tata Trusts
1,608 Ms Lavita Powell
1,607 Mr Sanjay Mudnaney
1,605 Mr Liam Maxwell HM Government
1,604 Mr Nikhil Rawal
1,603 Mr Vishal Talreja Dream a Dream
1,602 Mr Andreas Pavlou Involve
1,601 Ms Vasiliki Bathrelou Anthropology Phd Candidate @ Durham University
1,600 Ms Lia James Denver
1,599 Ms Maja Dubljevic Drama
1,598 Mr David Cravinho
1,597 Ms Maria Evangelia Kranidioti DURHAM
1,596 Mr Mike Wild
1,595 Mr Jonathan Maberry
1,594 Mr Rick Holland CFRE
1,593 Mr Paul Maassen OGP
1,592 Mr Sanjay Pradhan CEO, Open Government Partnership
1,591 Dr. Pat Thompson RSPB
1,590 Mr Christopher Kang
1,589 Mr Daniel Ospina Stockholm University
1,588 Mr Max Gasteen Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,587 Mr Joe Cerrell Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,586 Mr Pert Lin Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,585 Ms Daniel Green Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,584 Mr Joshua Lozman Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,583 Mr Ted Irvine
1,582 Mr Tom Holley
1,581 Mr Rabbi Paul Kipnes Congregation Or Ami
1,580 Mr Jerry Jones Community Health Council of Wyandotte County
1,579 Dr. Laura Reed Northampton
1,578 Ms Astrid Haas IGC
1,577 Ms Paramita Asri
1,576 Mr Niall Saville Dalberg Advisors
1,575 Mr Jose Enrique Dupre
1,574 Mr Mark Stern Slate
1,573 Ms Debra Beard-Bader Legal
1,572 Mr Jeffrey Simmons Media Professional
1,571 Dr. Jarrod Hayes UMass Lowell
1,570 Dr. Jana Hoenke University of Groningen
1,569 Dr. Daniel Baer University of Denver
1,568 Ms Oula Alrifai Harvard University
1,567 Ms Pat Yale
1,566 Dr. Stephen Wertheim Birkbeck, University of London
1,565 Dr. James Ryan University of Pennsylvania
1,564 Dr. Ali Yaycioglu Stanford University -Department of History
1,563 Mr Anthony Christensen
1,562 Mr Mick Robins Connected Space
1,561 Ms Celia Ledoux
1,560 Mr Martin Burns CA Technologies
1,559 Mr Nick Hamlin GlobalGiving
1,558 Dr. Oliver Craig University of York
1,557 Mr Jeff Knott RSPB
1,556 Mr Matteo Cherchi VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland
1,555 Mr Nick Grono Freedom Fund
1,554 Ms Anna Schwachula SDSN Germany
1,553 Ms Karen Araya
1,552 Mr Ebenezer Ikonne
1,551 Mr Alan Murray RSPB
1,550 Ms Mika Salminen Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare - THL
1,549 Ms Mateja Kuhar
1,548 Dr. Andrea Downing Stockholm University
1,547 Mr Makoto Takeda Bistream
1,546 Dr. Lisa Schipper University of Oxford
1,545 Dr. Nicola Downing RSPB
1,544 Mr Daniel Brown
1,543 Mr Patrick Koppenburg Nikhef
1,542 Mr Kane Brides WWT
1,541 Dr. Daniel Hayhow RSPB
1,540 Mrs Tina Zintl Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)/German Development Institute
1,539 Mr Hermes Arriaga Impact Hub
1,538 Dr. Mark Eaton RSPB
1,537 Dr. Regine Mehl German Development Institute (DIE)
1,536 Dr. Nick Brooks University of East Anglia
1,535 Ms Sarah Sanders
1,534 Mr Andrew Callender RSPB
1,533 Dr. Dieter Hoffmann
1,532 Dr. Dorothea Wehrmann DIE
1,531 Mr Adam Swallow
1,530 Mr Julian Jackson Pew Trusts
1,529 Dr. Odirilwe Selomane
1,528 Ms Sue Terpilowski WISTA
1,527 Mr Michael Toman World Bank
1,526 Mr Sebastien Costedoat Conservation International
1,525 Dr. Bhaskar Vira University of Cambridge
1,524 Ms Frances Daily
1,523 Mr John Hannen GM Centre for Voluntary Organisation
1,522 Dr. Stuart Butchart BirdLife International
1,521 Mr Marcos Mendez United Nations
1,520 Mr Chris Corrigan
1,519 Mr Martin Harper
1,518 Mr Hugo Woodhead London
1,517 Dr. Graeme Buchanan RSPB
1,516 Mr Giovanni Donaldson
1,515 Dr. Amena Hasan
1,514 Dr. David Bagshawe-Cope
1,513 Dr. Steven Hartman Mälardalen University
1,512 Mr Stephen le Roux Chemical Industries Association
1,511 Dr. James Robinson RSPB
1,510 Dr. David Beaumont RSPB Scotland
1,509 Mr Nick Bruce-White
1,508 Mr Bob Elliot RSPB
1,507 Ms roberta baskin Manassas
1,506 Mr Carlos Mataix itdUPM
1,505 Dr. Alberto Sanz Cobeña UPM
1,504 Mr Mario Raimondi Cofounder & Exe Director El Desafio Foundation
1,503 Miss Cecilia Lopez itdUPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
1,502 Ms Miguel Soberón
1,501 Ms Alejandra Rojo Losada Madrid
1,500 Mr Javier Mazorra Aguiar Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
1,499 Dr. Simon Foale James Cook University
1,498 Dr. Johan Peçanha Enqvist University of Cape Town
1,497 Mr Kevin Duffy Health Services Development
1,496 Dr. Anna Carastathis
1,495 Dr. Daniel Langley Swinburne University of Technology
1,494 Dr. David Mellor Center for Open Science
1,493 Ms Scholastica Tiguryera RTI
1,492 Dr. Julio Lumbreras Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
1,491 Mr James Deane BBC Media Action
1,490 Mr Julio Eisman
1,489 Mr Fernando Mudarra Ayuda en Acción
1,488 Mr Carlos Sallé
1,487 Ms Anjali Ramachandran Ada's List
1,486 Ms Malavika Raghavan Dvara Research
1,485 Ms Eleanor Barba Next City
1,484 Ms Kelly Regan Next City
1,483 Mr Roger Symonds
1,482 Ms Sara Schuenemann Next City
1,481 Mr Oscar Abello Next City
1,480 Mr Sow Sadibou Amnesty International
1,479 Mr Joshua Franco Amnesty International
1,478 Mr Gib van Ert Supreme Court of Canada
1,477 Dr. Phuoc Le UCSF
1,476 Dr. Coral Calero University of Castilla-La Mancha
1,475 Dr. David Murakami Wood Queen's University, Ontario
1,474 Dr. Eric Rasmussen IHS
1,473 Dr. Christopher Eccleston University of Bath
1,472 Ms Nicole Powers SG Radio
1,471 Ms Molly McQueen FinTech Lawyer
1,470 Mr Renaine Julian Florida State University Libraries
1,469 Mr Sanjay Banka Banka BioLoo
1,468 Dr. Brian Tang Oxford University
1,467 Mr Erik Harvey WaterAid
1,466 Dr. Jonathan Prag University of Oxford
1,465 Dr. Christopher Smith St Andrews
1,464 Dr. Stephen Collins-Elliott University of Tennessee, Knoxville
1,463 Dr. Neville Morley University of Exeter
1,462 Ms Lauren Dundler Macquarie University
1,461 Dr. Thomas Baudinette
1,460 Dr. Usama Gad Ain Shams University
1,459 Dr. Steven Ellis University of Cincinnati
1,458 Dr. Hannah Cornwell University of Birmingham
1,457 Ms Kass Rose Rent My Way
1,456 Ms Elyse Buehler Hewlett Packard Enterprise
1,455 Dr. John Sakaluk University of Victoria
1,454 Dr. D Stephen Lindsay University of Victoria
1,453 Ms Rachel Booth Pinellas County, CNU-A, FBCI
1,452 Mr Jeff Erramouspe Austin
1,451 Mr Jamie Hoyle VP, MirrorWeb
1,450 Mr Miguel Luna Los Angeles
1,449 Ms Renee Dake Wilson Dake Wilson Architects
1,448 Ms Bianca Dendena Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli
1,447 Ms Daniela Goehler GIZ
1,446 Mr Jiveen MacGillivray
1,445 Ms Charlotte Streck Climate Focus
1,443 Mr Emanuil Tolev Independent Consultant
1,442 Mr Nick Xenos TBS-Government of Canada
1,441 Mr Carl Trottier Goverment of Canada
1,440 Mr Benoît Long Government of Canada
1,439 Mr Marek Tulipan PERIUS Law Office
1,438 Mr Stephen Scott
1,437 Miss MD Nguyen
1,436 Mr Todd Huffman CEO
1,435 Mr Patrick McCullough Beyond Presentation
1,434 Mr Denis Stevens Govt of Canada
1,433 Mr Neil Bouwer
1,432 Ms Andrea Weber Sr. Project Manager
1,431 Ms Sierra Campbell NurtureCo
1,430 Mr Michael Milito Government of Canada
1,429 Ms Pascale Elvas Canadian Digital Service, Government of Canada
1,428 Mr Matthew Mendelsohn
1,427 Ms Stephanie Percival Government of Canada
1,426 Mr Michael Vandergrift Government of Canada
1,425 Mr Anatole Papadopoulos Canadian Digital Service, Government of Canada
1,424 Mr Taki Sarantakis Government of Canada
1,423 Mr Brian Silliman duke university
1,422 Mr Christian Monberg San Francisco
1,421 Ms Jose Pinero Latino Leadership Performance
1,420 Ms Everett Harper Truss;
1,419 Ms mike walsh san francisco
1,418 Mr Marc Brouillard Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
1,417 Mr Mike Zuckerman [ Freespace ]
1,416 Mr Michael Gonzales
1,415 Mr Ebenezer Bond Invisible North
1,414 Mr franz aliquo Creative Director/Artist
1,413 Mr Micah Baldwin
1,412 Mr Adam Banicki
1,411 Mr Toby Barlow Detroit
1,410 Ms Logan Allin SoFi
1,409 Mr Nathan Martin Pearson & Matterfund
1,408 Mr Ryan Allis Hive
1,407 Mr Andy Sternberg School of Life
1,406 Ms Danielle Strachman
1,405 Mr Rob Davidson Ottawa
1,404 Mr Guillaume Charest Government of Canada
1,403 Mr Serge Demers Government of Canada
1,402 Mr Mike Gifford OpenConcept Consulting Inc.
1,401 Mr Taran Wasson Ottawa
1,400 Mr Thom Kearney
1,399 Mr Christian Bertelsen Yellowknife
1,398 Mr Mike Williamson Canadian Digital Service
1,397 Mr Alvaro Vargas
1,396 Ms Luisa Bravo City Space Architecture
1,395 Mr Larry Cooper AdaptiveOrg Inc.
1,394 Ms covadonga fernandez Madrid
1,393 Mr Merlin Chatwin Western University
1,392 Mr Chad Bond
1,391 Mr Richard Seguin Red Hat Canada
1,390 Ms Rosa Danenberg KTH Centre for the Future of Places
1,389 Mrs Suzanne McIntosh MRTPI & HonFRIAS
1,388 Ms Linda Fernandez Amber Art and Design
1,387 Mr James Siegal KaBOOM!
1,386 Mr Gil Penalosa Founder & chair 8 80 Cities / Chair World Urban Parks
1,385 Mr Christopher Rhie BuroHappold Engineering
1,384 Ms Sarah Green Michigan Tech University
1,383 Mr Michael Andersen PeopleForBikes
1,382 Mr Mitchell Reardon Metropolitan Collective, Happy City, IBI Group
1,381 Ms Leslie Woo
1,380 Ms Paula Presser UFRGS
1,379 Miss Claire Robertson
1,378 Ms Casie Tesfai International Rescue Committee
1,377 Mr Jeff Spiehs Omaha-Council Bluffs Metropolitan Area Planning Agency
1,376 Ms Sophie Kunen APA-LA (New Orleans)
1,375 Mr Benjamin Siegel ConsenSys
1,374 Ms Tanya Suarez
1,373 Mr David Smith
1,372 Mr E Daniel Kinnear Senior Executive Associate, Africa Insights Think Tank
1,371 Mr Alex Bazin Fujitsu
1,370 Mr David Kasparek
1,369 Mr Caio Maximino Universidade Federal do Sul e Sudeste do Pará
1,368 Mr Jon Swords Northumbria University
1,367 Mr steven paul arzu I will only be part of co/ multi gendered panels
1,366 Ms Marisela García Greenpeace Mexico
1,365 Mr Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
1,364 Mr Diego Escobar Jalisco Ministry of Culture
1,363 Mr Jorge Silva Latino Victory Project
1,362 Mr Michael Bird British Council
1,361 Mr Brian Ross Great Plains Institute
1,360 Mr Kevin Chuah London Business School
1,359 Mr Jonathan Phillips
1,358 Miss Shelley Hope
1,357 Mr Andy Williams British Council
1,356 Mr Graham Wood CEO Aga Khan Foundation East Africa
1,355 Mr Duncan Murray Cranfield University
1,354 Mr Nathanial Matthews Global Resilience Partnership
1,352 Ms Nigar Baimova British Council
1,351 Ms Cindy Zeiher University of Canterbury
1,350 Ms Heidi Rottbøll Andersen
1,349 Mr Matthew Hopken Colorado State University
1,348 Ms Morgan Pfeiffer
1,347 Mr Tarun Vij Director Country Programs, GAIN
1,346 Ms Anya Cherneff Empower Generation
1,345 Arevik Saribekyan
1,344 Alaa Al Khourdajie University of Edinburgh
1,343 CJ Fonzi Dalberg Group
1,342 Simon Williams British Council
1,341 Mr Timothy Teng
1,340 Ms Lui Sing Yi
1,339 Rhys Lindmark Creating a Humanist Blockchain Future
1,337 Patrick Chong Jin Hua
1,336 Ms Rachel Loh
1,335 Florencia Alvarez Pacheco
1,334 John Perkins
1,333 J. Royden Saah GBIRd and Island Conservation
1,332 Ben Greet University of Reading
1,331 Stuart McKie
1,330 Christopher Jones Washburn University
1,329 Jonathan Pettitt University of Aberdeen
1,328 Nathan Kaiser Eiger
1,327 Nadine Cuenca-Alca
1,326 Eduard de Bruin University of Amsterdam
1,325 Sheetal Ghelani CHAI
1,324 Paul Domanico Clinton Health Access Initiative
1,323 Mary Ahearn
1,322 Giulio Coppi Fordham University
1,321 Jonathan van Geuns
1,320 Joanna Widenka
1,319 David Lofts
1,318 Tawanda Mutasah
1,317 yara hijazi
1,316 Khadija Maalej
1,315 Samar Roushdy
1,314 Tariq Al-Olaimy 3BL Associates
1,313 Colm Ó Cuanacháin Amnesty International
1,312 mary william bain
1,311 Lucie Pagé Angamma Trust
1,310 Minar Pimple Amnesty International
1,309 Daniel Tyre Cambridge
1,308 Thomas Schultz-Jagow Amnesty International
1,307 Raoul Encinas PhosLabs
1,306 John Martin University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1,305 Stephen Buhler University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1,304 Jeffrey Wishnie Digital Impact Alliance, UN Foundation
1,303 Paul Clarke
1,302 Tim Aldrich
1,301 Josh Spero FT
1,300 Andrew Hill Financial Times
1,299 Ronald Torrance University of Strathclyde
1,298 Yan Ting Choong STEMBEA
1,297 Richard Eastmond
1,296 Jonathon Colman Facebook
1,295 Steve Letsike Access Chapter 2
1,294 Daniel Carin Montreal
1,293 Julie Verhaar
1,292 Daniel Stander RMS
1,291 Jose Alonso World Wide Web Foundation
1,290 Jason Caplin Barnardo's
1,289 kay marshall lawyer
1,288 Paul Nunn SCOR
1,287 Andres Valenciano Central American Healthcare Initiative
1,286 Andrie Santis GT
1,285 Rutie Adar Director Biz Dev
1,284 Sally Meecham Barnardos
1,283 paul quigley UNHCR
1,282 Wanda Barquin Magnificat Partnerships
1,281 Romain Garcier École normale supérieure de Lyon
1,280 Bjorn Gillsater World Bank Group
1,279 Stuart McKenna Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
1,278 Max Elliott
1,277 Lillian Rigling Western University
1,276 Emma Colenbrander Practical Action
1,275 Theodore Reese
1,274 Peggy Mischke EconergyPM - Clean Energy Expertise
1,273 alex benay
1,272 Sadman Sadek Digital Green
1,271 Elisa Cappelletti IRC
1,270 Greg Chan Kwantlen Polytechnic University
1,269 Anali Perry Arizona State University
1,268 Jeff Hayward Rainforest Alliance
1,267 Thom Dennis Serenity in Leadership
1,266 David Jackson
1,265 Todd Slind SpatialDev
1,264 Rupert Dunbar-Rees Dr
1,263 Christian Friedrich
1,262 Michael Crusoe Common Workflow Language project
1,261 Andreas von Richthofen
1,260 Todd Mundle Kwantlen Polytechnic University
1,259 Justin Baumann UNC Chapel Hill
1,258 Kelvin Bentley
1,257 Jonathan Tennant ScienceOpen
1,256 Manojkumar Selvaraju
1,255 Kyle Johnson Chaminade University of Honolulu
1,254 Rajiv Jhangiani Kwantlen Polytechnic University
1,253 Roger Sanee Deloitte Digital
1,252 Bastian Greshake openSNP
1,251 Andrew Hilts Citizen Lab
1,250 Graham Steel
1,249 Nick Shockey SPARC
1,248 Jessica Hartog
1,247 Ken Bluestone Age International
1,246 Richard Hewitt PLOS
1,245 Mark Phillips
1,244 Sander Steffann
1,243 Bernardo Roschke
1,242 Charles Severance University of Michigan
1,241 Joe Provo
1,240 Matthew Tersigni University of Western Ontario
1,239 Rajesh Daniel SEI Asia Centre
1,238 Jason Kennedy IBM
1,237 John Garrity
1,236 Ben Kepes Diversity Analysis
1,235 Desiree Lwambo UN
1,234 Serge Allou Cities Alliance
1,233 Rene Peter Hohmann Cities Alliance/UNOPS
1,232 Nina Baker
1,231 Scott Robison #PDX
1,230 Suchith Anand Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition
1,229 Hong Chuang Loo UTAR
1,228 Mark Deuze University of Amsterdam
1,227 Luca Motta Slave Free Trade
1,226 Annabelle Sreberny SOAS University of London
1,225 Caleb Foale Slavefreetrade
1,224 Roberto Fragale Filho slavefreetrade
1,223 Helio De Paiva Araujo Slave Free Trade
1,222 Gabriel Ash slavefreetrade
1,221 Frederick Glaser Slavefreetrade
1,220 Aleksandr Sidorec
1,219 Zohra Sooliman Gift of the Givers Careline
1,218 Melchiory Mgata IRC Tanzania
1,217 Grzegorz Borys Komitet Obrony Demokracji
1,216 Jonathan Casey Practical Action
1,215 David Vicary INCEIF
1,214 Christopher Ritchey
1,213 Brad Grissom
1,212 Joe Morris RIBA
1,211 Martin Hearson LSE
1,210 Kim Voynar WonderTek Labs, LLC
1,209 Brian Iselin
1,208 Chris Powers Young European Movement UK
1,207 Viraj Patel Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1,206 Koen Berden World Trade Institute
1,205 Stuart Ray Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
1,204 Pia Nava
1,203 Sereh Mandias De Dépendance
1,202 Andy Platt Coombe Girls' School
1,201 dinka pavelic
1,200 Stephen Manson
1,199 Andreas Ruby Swiss Architecture Museum
1,198 ARKALGUD NARASIMHA PRAKASH A N PRAKASH construction project management consultants
1,197 Andrew Mackenzie Uro Publications / Foreground
1,196 Lina Stergiou 4LifeStrategies
1,195 Martyn Evans
1,194 Prem Chandavarkar CnT Architects
1,193 Fabrizio Gallanti FIG Projects
1,192 Mike Kininmonth
1,191 Joe Kerr
1,190 Rochus Hinkel Konstfack Stockholm
1,189 Wouter Vanstiphout Crimson Architectural Historians
1,188 Patrick Rossol-Allison Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,187 Paul DONOWITZ Global Witness
1,186 Connor Tyrrell Slalom Consulting
1,185 Elke Hottentot
1,184 Tessy Maritim CARE International
1,183 Kathleen O'Brien INGO - CARE International
1,182 Hilde Van Der Molen CARE International
1,181 Quinn Comendant
1,180 Liz Fraley Single-Sourcing Solutions
1,179 Maximiliaan Winkelhuis
1,178 Susan Angoy
1,177 Osbert Lancaster
1,176 Tomas Pavlas Open society NGO, FHS UK Praha, GEK ČR
1,175 Phil Walden Independent Philosopher
1,174 Petr Pavlik Prague
1,173 Velid Beganovic Masaryk University
1,172 Amanda Adams NC4P
1,171 Richard Harvey
1,170 Josef Ehrenmüller
1,169 Alexandra Wörn Tübingen University
1,168 Tom Steinberg
1,167 Smallus Dickuss Green Party
1,166 Roger Wilson Worcester
1,165 Julian Field Crown Office Chambers
1,164 Thomas Piwtorak Northrop grumman
1,163 Alex Gillett macquarie university
1,162 Clint Le Bruyns University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
1,161 Joanna Colwell
1,160 Daniel Vázquez Touriño Masaryk University
1,159 Martin Guest
1,158 Catherine Kendig Michigan State University
1,157 Al Baker University of Leeds
1,156 Steve Torrance Univ, UKersity of Sussex
1,155 Shelley Park Orlando
1,154 Tomáš Profant Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Bratislava, Institute of International Relations, Prague
1,153 Martin Bernátek Palacký University Olomouc
1,152 Milo Farragher-Hanks University of Saint Andrews
1,151 Joe Slater St Andrews
1,150 Jonathan Duncan CRMEP (Kingston)
1,149 Lukáš Likavčan Masaryk University
1,148 Bernd Buldt Indiana U-Purdue U Fort Wayne (IPFW)
1,147 Pablo Domenech University of Murcia
1,146 Paul Giladi University of Sheffield
1,145 Leida Rijnhout Friends of the Earth Europe
1,144 Lenny Naar Helix Centre
1,143 Iliana Stoicheva
1,142 Daniel Hutchison Green Party
1,141 David Hudson University of Birmingham
1,140 Graham MacKay
1,139 Matt Edgar
1,138 James Sumner
1,137 Matt Grey
1,136 Shanta Devarajan World Bank
1,135 Kevin Bonavia
1,134 Mark Brough
1,133 Sean Mulkerne Palladium
1,132 Tom Ayerst
1,131 Ceri Edwards
1,130 Bruno Aracaty
1,129 David Hagendyk
1,128 Peter Lewis Institute of Fundraising
1,127 Corey White FHI 360
1,126 Matt Gordon DFID
1,125 Joe Powell Open Government Partnership
1,124 ALAN Beattie Financial Times
1,123 James Court London
1,122 Brendan Paddy Ramblers Scotland
1,121 Edward Rees
1,120 John Park
1,119 Clifford Singer Social Spark
1,118 Tom Miller Open Labour
1,117 Tom Flynn
1,116 Alex Sobel Open Labour/Leeds City Council
1,115 Mark Rowney
1,114 Will Straw
1,113 Gavin Starks dgen
1,112 Craig Valters Overseas Development Institute
1,111 Paul Wafer Crown Agents
1,110 Ben Lunn independant composer, conductor, and musicologist
1,109 Nicola Branch
1,108 Mark Furness German Development Institute
1,107 Jake Basson NIH
1,106 Philip Mudge Independent consultant
1,105 Ed Whiting Wellcome Trust
1,104 Felix Reimer GIZ
1,103 Lawrence MacDonald World Resources Institute
1,102 Michael Rogers Briar Project
1,101 Michael J. NAUGHTON Boston College
1,100 Ken Duncan Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,099 Andrei Trubceac PATRIR - Romanian Institute for Peace
1,098 Tim Turner 2040 Training
1,097 Ray Georgeson Resource Association
1,096 John Chodacki California Digital Library
1,095 Martin Fenner DataCite
1,094 Nana Aba Williams ISGlobal
1,093 Jean Claude Mugunga Partners In Health
1,092 alison romano, m p h
1,091 Joan Tallada
1,090 Dan Poenaru McGill university
1,089 Yasmine Yousef University of Montreal
1,088 Jamie Kim Georgetown University
1,087 David Wofford Meridian Group International, Inc.
1,086 Ron Waldman George Washington University
1,085 Carmen Sant Fruchtman Swiss TPH
1,084 Rachel Levine Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
1,083 Steven Kern Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,082 Enric Jané Independent Consultant
1,081 David Sarley BMGF
1,080 Ankur Vora Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,079 Michael Chang
1,078 Paulin Basinga Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,077 Bruno Moonen Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,076 Ash Shah Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
1,075 Orin Levine Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
1,074 James Lovatt Amnesty International UK
1,073 Ned Richardson-Little University of Exeter
1,072 Nitin Mohan
1,071 Justin Gest George Mason University
1,070 Andrew Butti
1,069 Akshay Varghese Western University
1,068 Aria Zand
1,067 John Rosinbum Arizona State University
1,066 zeeshan mahmud Johns Hopkins University
1,065 Christian Brickhouse
1,064 María Cecilia VILLEGAS
1,063 Sergio Cooper Teixeira Scaling Up Nutrition Movement
1,062 Luis Miguel Hadzich Lima
1,061 Joshua Raclaw
1,060 Francois Gerard Columbia University
1,059 Milton Achelpohl Teacher
1,058 Wiliam Tarpeh University of California, Berkeley
1,056 Dora Abdelghani Kot IRC
1,055 Jason Spicer MIT
1,054 Robert McClure UNC School of Medicine
1,053 Paul Peters University of New Brunswick
1,052 Daniel Bergstresser Brandeis University
1,051 James Morrison LSE
1,050 Jeff Offutt George Mason University
1,049 Alexis Leon University of Washington
1,048 Falko Sniehotta Newcastle University
1,047 Gabriel-Philip Santos Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology
1,046 sean parson nau
1,045 Brian Lovato Augustana College
1,044 Richard Morgan Emory University
1,043 Dan Edge Oregon State University
1,042 Dan Slater University of Chicago
1,041 Brian Ogilvie University of Massachusetts Amherst
1,040 Jon Whittle Lancaster University
1,039 Adam Summers UW
1,038 Lawrence Walters
1,037 Susan Norman Hobart and William Smith Colleges
1,036 levinson loretta
1,035 Raymond Cormier
1,034 Scott Pett
1,033 Vicky Conway Dublin City University
1,032 Stephen Politzer-Ahles The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
1,031 Gail Woodside Oregon State University
1,030 Olivier Fraysse
1,029 loes veldpaus Newcastle University (UK)
1,028 Guy Paikowsky University of Edinburgh
1,027 Judith Collard University of Otago
1,026 Jim Vernon
1,025 Jessie Vroom
1,024 Erin Darling
1,023 Darren Byler University of Washington
1,022 Christian DiCanio SUNY Buffalo
1,021 Steven Greenstein Montclair State University
1,020 Jay Cassano Freelance journalist
1,019 Simon Gewoelb UC Berkeley
1,018 Sarah Rimmington Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto
1,017 Conor Hughes University of Minnesota
1,016 Klarizze Puzon
1,015 blanca Caldas Chumbes university of minnesota
1,014 Kyle Holloway Innovations for Poverty Action
1,013 TJ Briggs
1,012 Liliana Popescu SNSPA
1,011 Caroline Bowah
1,010 Adrian Pereira North South Initiative
1,009 Duncan Barker Donor
1,008 Aled Williams U4-CMI
1,007 Chris Mukasa Nairobi
1,006 Simon Bland New York
1,005 Yeilyn Serrano NA
1,004 Sadaffe Abid CIRCLE
1,003 Chris Blattman University of Chicago
1,002 Frazer Goodwin Save the Children
1,001 Cynan Houghton Save the Children
1,000 Mihály Kökény University of Debrecen, Hungary; The Graduate Institute, GHC,Switzerland
999 Paul Marsden Pact (South Africa)
998 Ivan Martinez Wikimedia Mexico
997 Philip Reed University Of Manchester
996 Francis Borchardt Lutheran Theological Seminary Hong Kong
995 Jesus Gomez Martinez International Rescue Committee (IRC)
994 Richard Price
993 yang li Brevard
992 JOSEPH ELIAS New Tripoli
991 Justin Howell The International Rescue Committee in Atlanta
990 Shenna Sanchez
989 Donatella Della Porta scuola normale superiore
988 santinodeng akot P@ssw0rd2019
987 Martin Omukuba IRC South Sudan
986 Martin Hadley University of Oxford
985 Peter Yak Mawien IRC, Malualkon-South Sudan
984 Getasew Belete International Rescue Committee
983 Jeannot Wabulakombe IRC South Sudan
982 Peter Yak Yak Panel
981 Pasquale Ongwen Oyet International Rescue Committee
980 Barack Kinanga International Rescue Committee
978 Patrick Vuonze Juba
977 Ronald-Paul Veilleux IRC
976 David Creech Concordia College, Moorhead
975 John Mitchell UCL
974 Angela Maas Radboud university Medical center
973 Marjolein Keltjens
972 Aafke Romeijn independent
971 Jennifer Colville UNDP
970 Alfredo González-Reyes Oxfam México
969 Mark Harris University of Utah
968 Christine Norton
967 Ben Berriman
966 Ingrid Skirka Moss Vale
965 Cameron Reynolds
964 Ben Binder
963 Tonia Gray Western Sydney University
962 Barbara Crowther Fairtrade
961 Agi Veres UNDP
960 Benjamin Kumpf UNDP
958 Pranav Sethaputra
957 Asghar Khan International Rescue Committee
956 Himat Ullah International Rescue Committee
955 wajahat ali
954 Kristin Kim Bart International Rescue Committee
953 Natalia Strigin
952 Sarah Maddock International Rescue Committee
951 Laura Merritt attorney in private practice
950 Yoann Tuzzolino IRC
949 Bernard Soubry Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
948 Banafsheh Madaninejad Austin
947 Alice Hawkes IRC
946 Felix Gnehm SOLIDAR SUISSE
945 Victor Odero International Rescue Committee
944 Joseph D'Cruz UNDP
943 Rachel Kiddell-monroe UAEM
942 David Murphy International Rescue Committee San Diego
941 Zuzana Hirst
940 Ludo Bok UNDP
939 Adam Lewis Gradian Health Systems
938 Andrew Meaux International Rescue Committee (IRC)
937 bernardo cocco UNDP
936 Ruth Blackshaw UNAIDS
935 Nick Sore UN
934 Asif Ilyas International Rescue Committee
933 Nana-Jo N'dow-Richter
932 Jessica Wells International Rescue Committee
931 Marie-Joséphine Nsengiyumva Natural Resource Governance Insitute
930 Khusbu Patel International Rescue Committee
929 Timothy Mwebe IRC
928 Sergio Daniel Kristensen Copenhagen
927 Zarina Khan International Rescue Committee
926 Jelson Garcia NRGI
925 Rach Haffar not 4 trade ngo
924 Sophie Jewell
923 Anne-Laure Radas
922 Julie Taft International Rescue Committee
921 Ellen Pettersson The International Rescue Committee
920 Catherine Whicher International Rescue Committee
919 Stefan Lehmeier International Rescue Committee
918 Richard Crothers International Rescue Committee
917 Lisa Nichols Abt Associates Inc
916 Jill Jaeger Independent
915 Michelle Gayer International Rescue Committee
914 Laura Hoemeke
913 Samer Saliba International Rescue Committee
912 Vicky Stott
911 Colin Scott UCD
910 Thomas Hartley Imperial College London
909 Kuziwa Makamanzi IRC
908 Kane Smego Independent Artist and Educator
907 Joanna Henderson London
906 Farhat Warriach
905 Rui da Silva UMinho / CEAUP
904 Mark Charmer
903 Farhat Abbas IRC
902 Kathryn Striffolino The International Rescue Committee
901 Milica Mancic Stojkovic Belgrade
900 edmore mahlupeka IRC
899 Atifa Safi
898 Jay Scouten International Rescue Committee
897 Zeleste vela Tactica 3.0
896 Kate Little International Rescue Committee (IRC)
895 Charisse White
894 Wendy Ngoma
893 Robert Pitman Baltimore
892 Wiem Melki Global Shaper/Natural Resource Governance Institute
891 Fran Penfold International Rescue Committee
890 Nick Bannister International Rescue Committee
889 gonzalo pizarro UNDP
888 Jennica Henderson International Rescue Committee
887 Vince Blaser IntraHealth International / Frontline Health Workers Coalition
886 Louise Brennan IRC
885 Brandice Bruce IRC
884 Sophie Cubbins
883 Justin Kufakweimba International Rescue Committee
882 Emily Parker
881 Alex Haas International Rescue Committee (USP)
880 Leo Murray 10:10
879 Griffin Carpenter New Economics Foundation
878 Jes Weigelt IASS, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies
877 Ernest Ostro International Rescue Committee
876 Judson Flanagan IRC
875 John Hendra United Nations Development Group
874 Patrick Poulin International Rescue Committee
873 Rusty Stahl Fund the People
872 Anders Pedersen Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI)
871 Rick Bartoldus International Rescue Committee
870 Petra Mast Stichting Vluchteling
869 Azim Noorani International Rescue Committee
868 Bryce Perry IRC
867 Tilaye Nigussie Kibew The IRC
866 Nyunt Naing Thein International Rescue Committee
865 loes hekkens
864 Conor Phillips International Rescue Committee
863 Sanj Srikanthan International Rescue Committee
862 Ciaran Donnelly International Rescue Committee
861 Paolo Cernuschi International Rescue Committee (IRC)
860 Kurt Tjossem International Rescue Committee
859 Simon Fuchs IRC
858 yves nommay IRC
857 Jason Phillips International Rescue Committee (IRC)
856 James Lenton International Rescue Committee
855 Hans Van de Weerd Vice President US Programs International Rescue Committee
854 Wale Osofisan International Rescue Committee
853 Alyoscia D'Onofrio International Rescue Committee (IRC)
852 Emmanuel d'Harcourt International Rescue Committee
851 Uroš Jauševec Društvo Progresiva
850 ElsaMarie DSilva
849 milena tomanovic
848 Mija Javornik CEE Network for Gender Issues, SD Slovenia
847 kate doyle irish animal welfare party
846 Liudmyla Chernyavska
845 Alexandra Devine Nossal Institute for Global Health
844 Brigitte Tenni University of Melbourne
843 Ken Hansen
842 Katherine Gilbert Nossal Institute
841 Naomi Francis Nossal Institute for Global Health
840 Tanya Caulfield Nossal Institute for Global Health
839 Jamie Whyte Propolis
838 Ivan Zverzhanovski UNDP
837 Ferry Grijpink McKinsey
836 Charles Larson McGill University
835 Christos Tsaprounis
834 Steve Williams Marist Youth Care
833 Emma-Kate Rose
832 Nathan Wiedenman Draper
831 Gilles Goedhart Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
830 Philip Klinkner Hamilton College
829 Martin Parr CABI
828 Matthew Sherrington Charity Consultant
827 Kevin Ashley Digital Curation Centre, University of Edinburgh
826 Rosa Allegue EJE&CON
825 Luc Dockendorf
824 Aly Elshafei student
823 Will Jones Royal Holloway. University of London
822 Valentin Kuník Lausanne
821 Joey Ayoub Global Voices
820 Mohamad Najem Director
819 Ciel Wright Makeup Artist
818 Allan Cavanagh Artist
817 Emma-Kate Rose e
816 Lizzi Hollis
815 Louis Hansen
814 Martin Settle USC Canada
813 Tom Haughton ONE
812 Howard Lake Fundraising UK Ltd
811 Brendan Rigby WhyDev
810 Richard Sved
809 Mike Wright Bond
808 Simon Scriver ChangeFundraising
807 Luke Stewart Bond
806 Christian Hansen None
805 Elisabeth Rasmussen Lyngby
804 Andrew Gardner UCL
803 Litten Hansen København
802 Cecil Pallesen AArhus university
801 Lorna Richardson Umeå University
800 Timothy Cole
799 Matthew Collins London
798 Paul de Gregorio
797 martin gerup music and music education
796 Stefan Germann World Vision International
795 Ludibeth Aalborg
794 Recep Deniz Aksoy CS Student
793 Mads Tudvad Alternativet
792 Troels Christian Jakobsen Alternativet
791 Daniel Rosenlund
790 René Gade Alternativet
789 Gwilym Williams RIO Göteborg Natur och kulturkooperativ
788 Mary McAuliffe University College Dublin
787 Anya Peterson Royce Indiana University--Bloomington
786 Erwin Bennett Jackson Hospital
785 Liv Nilsson Stutz Emory University, Atlanta USA
784 Joshua Frost Thames Discovery Programme, Museum of London Archaeology
783 Gordon Ingram Universidad de los Andes
782 James Dixon University of Bristol
781 Thomas Dowson Independent scholar
779 Roberta Gogos Consultant
778 Michael Waas
777 Uzi Baram New College of Florida
776 Randall McGuire Binghamton University
775 karen smith University College Dublin
774 Marguerite Helmers Milwaukee, WI USA
773 Olwen Dawe NA
772 Zelie Asava academic
771 Rob Parker Saferworld
770 Barbara Scully
769 Peter Fremlin Consultant
768 christina gens brussels
767 Paul Herman HIP Investor Inc.
766 Georg Andrén Swedish ambassador to Central America
765 Marta Nieto Journalist
764 Stephen Wicken Humanity United
763 Philip Goodwin VSO
762 Jukka Sarkijarvi
761 Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia The Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking
760 Gérard Chenais Retired official statistician
759 Liz Carolan Advisor
758 Fiona Kearney The Glucksman, University College Cork
757 Tom Higham
756 Rien Achterberg Greenpeace
755 Thor Svensen
754 Mike Townsley Greenpeace International
753 Hope Johnson Brisbane
752 Rodrigo Isasi Insitum
751 Andy Bellatti
750 Catherine Harper Hove
749 John Lupinacci Washington State University
748 Linda Connolly Maynooth University
747 John Ridpath Decoded
746 Jonathan Downing
745 Rebecca Davis Charleston
744 Elizabeth Loder The BMJ and Harvard Medical School
743 Don Mackie Health Research Council of New Zealand
742 Michael Reuter The Nature Conservancy
741 Norma Franklin University of Haifa
740 Francisco Yermo ActinAid UK
739 Paua Charbonneau
738 Wesley Copas San Antonio College
737 Marc Kissel Notre Dame
736 D. Alex Walthall University of Texas, Austin
735 Sarah Byford King's College London
734 Greg Downey Macquarie University, Australia
733 Thomas Fischer ehs Dresden
732 Ricky Bobby NASCAR
731 Meryl Altman DePauw University
730 Thomas Bolin St. Norbert College
729 Yong-jun Choi Hallym University
728 Orion Pozo North Carolina State University
727 Elisabeth Culley Arizona State University
726 Samuel Huskey University of Oklahoma
725 Tarcizio Silva Brazilian Institute of Research and Data Analysis (IBPAD)
724 T. H. M. Gellar-Goad Wake Forest University
723 James Flexner University of Sydney
722 Jon Powell William Peace University
721 Charles Jones The Pennsylvania State University
720 Aaron Chandler Stevenson University
719 Jim West Ming Hua Theological College
718 Alfred Hartemink UW Madison
717 Steven Seggie Ozyegin University, Istanbul, Turkey
716 Sue Johnson Greater London Authority
715 Jamie Ratcliff Greater London Authority
714 Adrian Lovett ONE Campaign
713 Mwambu Wanendeya ONE Campaign
712 Luis Guardia ONE Campaign
711 Willemijn de Iongh Oxfam
710 Gemma Cameron Tech Events NW, HackManchester
709 Bregtje Visser GenderTalent
708 Rena Wolf
707 Pieter Brokx
706 Koen van Dijk
705 Jennifer Britton
704 Juri Mykkänen
703 Mark de la Vergne Sam Schwartz Consulting
702 Upaasna Kaul
701 Don Carruthers Den Hoed University of Calgary
700 Nic Jackson
699 Asmelash Haile Tsegay
698 Grant Cameron
697 Talip Kilic The World Bank
696 Matthias Lein Victoria University of Wellington
695 Mike Dickison
694 Gerry McGovern Customer Carewords
693 Derek Myers Change agent
692 Bruce Haefele Healthdirect Australia
691 James Abley
690 Phil Beardmore
689 Mike Bracken The Co-op.
688 Jesse Griffiths Eurodad
687 Ben Terrett The Co-op
686 Tom Loosemore The Co-op
685 Jon Gresham Writer
684 Julia Wagemann European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)
683 hajnalka petrics FAO
682 Manuela Ravina da Silva FAO
681 Mike Bracken Co-op
680 Gail Lyon Co-op
679 christopher fabian UNICEF
678 Matt Anderson BROWZ
677 Mark Teh Five Arts Centre
676 Iain Webb
675 Daryl Qilin Yam Writer
674 KENNY LECK BooksActually
673 Terence Eden
672 Nick Hudson
671 Ichiro Fujinaga McGill University
670 Rakesh Rajani Ford Foundation
669 Antje Watermann UN
668 Joel TAN Checkpoint Theatre
667 Michael Toth UCL & RB Toth Associates
666 Andy Williams Cardiff University
665 Boukje Kistemaker UN
664 David Colquhoun UCL
663 Stephen Curry Imperial College
662 Pernille Bussone
661 Gilad Isaacs University of the Witwatersrand
660 Giovanni Cozzi university of greenwich
659 Tony Pearson
658 Jane Briginshaw LONDON
657 Stella Gray University of Tasmania
656 Simon Soon University of Malaya
655 Jeremy Tiang
654 Heman Chong
653 Joshua Ip Sing Lit Station (Director)
652 Robert Zhao
651 Dan Koh Freelance writer, Singapore
650 Noor Effendy Ibrahim Singapore
649 Huzir Sulaiman Checkpoint Theatre, Singapore
648 Shahram Zarrabian Family Health Association of Iran
647 Thushara Agus IPPF - CEO of the MA Sri Lanka
646 yangchi pema RENEW, IPPF
645 Elisa Novoa CIVICUS
644 Lana West BNZ
643 nishita dewan LONDON
642 Caroline Hickson International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
641 Marie-Clare Fenech
640 Giancarlo de Picciotto Swiss federal department of Foreign Affairs
639 Cathal Gilbert CIVICUS
638 David Pay Artistic Director, Music on Main
637 Lisa Carlson Chef Shack
636 Michal Pollard
635 Daniel Rivas
634 Valeria Silva
633 Annette Pritchard Professor Cardiff Met University
632 Nigel Morgan Professor at Surrey, Sunderland, Tromso
631 Zeynep Gogus Journalist
630 Margreet Zwarteveen UNESCO-IHE and University of Amsterdam
629 Florian Bailey UCS
628 Joe Seth Starling Volskaya industries
627 Noel Bush Ableton AG
626 Michelle O'Brien Ableton
625 Christopher Schwartz United Auto Workers
624 Caroline Burle
623 Renata Aquino Ribeiro MAG IGF2016 - Federal University of Ceara, Brazil
622 Lindiwe Khoza OMINIRA GROUP
621 Suparno Banerjee Board, Talentnomics
620 Wim Vandevelde
619 Caroline Sargent Freelance Conference Producer
618 Mmamoloko Kubayi
617 Aakar Patel Amnesty International India
616 Isabella Muthoni I AM GOAL 5
615 Shekeshe Mokgosi The Other Foundation
614 Nothando Ndebele Banking
613 Babalwa Ngonyama
612 Pumla Bolani
611 Khetiwe McClain
610 Pulane Kingston
609 Sinegugu Duma UCT
608 Brenda Madumise Business
607 Chiara Capraro Christian Aid
606 Matti Kohonen
605 Alison Doig Christian Aid
604 Mary Farrell Dublin institute of technology,,Dublin, Ireland
603 Adam Sparks Centre for Crop Health, University of Southern Queensland
602 Brett Matthews My Oral Village, Inc.
601 martin conroy
600 Lilia Giugni University of Cambridge
599 Jaime Guitart Vilches Mr
598 Andrea Jimenez Royal Holloway University of London
597 Afton Halloran University of Copenhagen
596 Dan Baum The Redwoods Group Foundation
595 Neil Levine USAID
594 Isabelle Prosser Prosser Communication Consulting SCS
593 Jesse Muchai
592 Niall Barr University of Glasgow
591 julien bettler NORLHA
590 Martin Sokol Trinity College Dublin
589 Dick Rooduyn
588 Rebekah Chew United Nations
587 Ewald Engelen Herr
586 Kirit Patel United Nations
585 Simone Sala FAO
584 Gareth Price-Jones CARE
583 Joel Harding DFID
582 Mary Black Head of Strategy, Digital, Public Health England
581 Jacqueline Morris UTT
580 Victoria Minetta City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board
579 Felipe Estefan
578 Camille Bouissou The Francis Crick Institute, UK
577 Arto Kiviniemi University of Liverpool
576 Ricardo Codinhoto
575 Kenneth Andejeski
574 Narnia Bohler HSRC
573 Dick Prudence Munyeshuli
572 Steven Wagenseil Council for a Community of Democracies
571 Rick Scobey World Cocoa Organization
570 Emily Baughman
569 Yoke-Lian Lee Keele University
568 Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos
567 Peter Robinson Defence Counsel for Radovan Karadzic
566 Kaitlin Ball University of Cambridge
565 Mark Robinson Thinking Practice
564 Tom Shakespeare UEA
563 Gerjon Ikink
562 David Nowell Smith University of East Anglia
561 Kris balderston General manager
560 Ben Mellor DFID
558 Greg Martin University of British Columbia
557 Iain Simpson Omidyar Network
556 Peter Rabley Omidyar Network
555 Brian Ballantyne Amazon
554 Martin Lukac University of Reading
553 Roberto Arias Alegria Metaluxo IT Security
552 Aria Ilyad BSIA, WHO
551 maga eseberg a
550 Samir Beharic University of Sarajevo, Department for Journalism
549 Brian Ulrich` Artist
548 Will Dayble Fitzroy Academy
547 Richard Parncutt
546 Simon Davies
545 Aaron Genest Solido Design Automation
544 PerMagnus Lindborg Nanyang Technological University
543 Lori Watson RCS
542 John Snijders Durham University
541 Jascha Narveson
540 Rodrigo Tascon University of Kent
539 Duncan Lyall
538 Lauren Bernofsky Musical Arts Youth Organization (MAYO)
537 Laura Zattra musicologist
536 Tim Rutherford-Johnson
535 Sandy Watson
534 Amit Gilutz
533 Georgia Spiropoulos ALL
532 Teresa Connors The University of Waikato Conservatorium of Music
531 Check Yourfacts
530 Laura Ahearn USAID
529 Emily Webber Tacit /
528 Josiah Oberholtzer
527 Patricia Alessandrini composer/sound artist, Goldsmiths, University of London
526 Emrah Rexhepi Peace Worker
525 Sanja Bogatinovska
524 Borjan Gjuzelov
523 Masha Cemma Hospital for Sick Children
522 Hamza T University of Toronto
521 Sam Li
520 abtin parnia University of Toronto
519 Deji Ologbenla
518 David Knox British Council
517 Frank Green Catch & Release Films
516 Michael Jacobs Mercy Corps
515 Malcolm Ryan Dept of Computing, Macquarie University
514 Meghan Werft Global Citizen
513 Lujain Alqodmani
512 Cristina Legido-Quigley King's College London
511 Nicole Hahn Private
510 Josh Martin ideas42
509 Christina Bache Fidan University of Warwick
508 Haritha Malladi NC State University
507 Marco Deseriis Northeastern University
506 Jenny Cooke ICE
505 María Leticia Cazeneuve IAPTI
504 Lara Fleischer OECD
503 Mark Van Ness Real Leaders
502 Heather Johnson Educational Policy, Higher Education, & Law
501 PJ Manney writer, speaker, futurist
500 David Zyngier Monash university
499 adriana pereira N/A
498 Hanna Gunnarsson
497 Ray Hernández-Durán University of New Mexico
496 Jeff Shaw Sierra Club
495 John Rompon McNally Capital, LLC
494 Mariam Parwaiz Women in Global Health
493 Madeleine Liljegren Karolinska University Hospital/Lund University, Sweden
492 Enrique Mendizabal On Think Tanks
491 Chandra Briggman Wide Angle Media
490 LeAnn Blackert The United Church of Canada
489 Alejandro Posadas Lawyer and Legal Consultant (Mexico)
488 Richard Bott The United Church of Canada
487 Marise Stuart NZMSA
486 Joao Lebre
485 Yves Hanoulle
484 Andrew Foreshew-Cain Church of England
483 Daniel Swislow National Democratic Institute
482 Nick Deakin EurOUT & Out In Business Club - London Business School
481 Susana Reina
480 Doug Griffiths Navy
479 George Tucker AVNationTV
478 Malcolm Silvanus United Nations
477 Joyce Morin American Baptist Churches, U.S.A.
476 Michael Gidney CEO, Fairtrade Foundation
475 David Lancefield PwC, Strategy&
474 Lauren Connolly
473 Andrew Hargreaves UCAS
472 Andy Woodfield PwC
470 Pablo Rodriguez-Bilella CONICET
469 Sarika Bhattacharyya Biz Divas
468 Ryan Sirmons United Church of Christ of Annapolis
467 Marcus Belben
466 Hein Goemans University of Rochester
465 Tom Wingfield DFID
464 Stephen Foreshew-Cain Cabinet Office
463 Andy Toft DFID
462 Pete Vowles DFID
461 Marcello Sartarelli U. Alicante
460 Clayton Lane CEO, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP)
459 Lesley Cowley Non Exec Director
458 Mark Braggins
457 Gavin Crowden World Vision UK
456 Matt Wright
455 Elena Cárdenes Alonso ULPGC
454 Ángel Solano Garcia Universidad de Granada
453 María Cárdenes
452 Antonio Cárdenes Alonso Film-maker
451 Santiago Sanchez-Pages University of Barcelona
450 Peter Holmes à Court
449 Gary Stacey Industrial Workers of the World Dorset branch
448 Mark Lees University of Cardiff
447 Paul Simpson Lecturer/researcher
446 Steve Eastty University of Sussex
445 Jeanie Finlay Artist and Filmmaker
444 Anne Louise Avery Flash of Splendour Arts
443 Ruben van de Belt Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
442 Kit Mueller Fygment
441 Dan Sutch Cast
440 Nick Perks Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
439 David Clubb RenewableUK
438 Rick Sloan UCubed
437 Julian Le Grand LSE
436 Geert Vansintjan
435 Matthew Scott World Vision International
434 Ben Ramalingam ODI/IDS
433 Patricia Zamboni Coash Aushi Mizani
432 Theresia Lloyd-Siemer AFSCME
431 Deirdre Culley OECD
430 Eric LaBrant Port of Vancouver USA
429 Patience White
428 María Jesús Largaespada Fredersdorff
427 Guy Jones Euroconsult Mott MacDonald
426 Tim Waites donor government
425 Soma Misra
424 Sian Rasdale DFID
423 Archana Shukla DFID
422 Archana Shukla
421 Nupur Barua DFID
420 Frank Kessy Youth For Change
419 Troy Medlin Ecumenical Progressive Evangelical Seminarian
418 Jacob Barker
417 Jon Herrmann USA250
416 Kelly Krause
415 Michael Kinman Episcopal Church
414 Andrew Baumgartner
413 Adam Dowd
412 Parnil Urdhwareshe Glad
411 John O'Sullivan
410 Andrew Fraker IDinsight
409 Will Bugler Acclimatise Group Ltd.
408 Benjamin Scheder-Bieschin University of Cambridge
407 Cristina Manzano esglobal
406 Jake Porway DataKind
405 Allison Kelley independent consultant
404 Ricardo Gladwell
403 Keisha Walters MS State University_Chemical Engineering
402 Fred Schlomka Green Olive Collective
401 Peter Cherry University of Edinburgh
400 Miles Ten Brinke University of Manchester
399 Marc Hudson PhD student
398 Michael Marten University of Stirling
397 Gry Tina Tinde
396 Casey Kuhlman Eris Industries
395 Eric Herring University of Bristol
394 Stephen Blakeley Agulhas
393 Sam Geall University of Sussex
392 Jonah Busch Center for Global Development
391 Jeff Dickey
390 alice hughes Chinese Academy of Sciences
389 Lesley Campbell Ryerson University
388 Amelie gauthier
387 Rosalind Gater DFID
386 Jonathan Moylan
385 Elke Jeurissen
384 Gunder Varinlioglu
383 Marleen Teugels Amazone vzw asbl
382 Bjorn Van Roozendaal ILGA-Europe
381 Bob Meyers Greenpeace
380 Ariane Brunet
379 Tom Allen Greenpeace Australia Pacific
378 Brian Fitzgerald Greenpeace International
377 Rien Achterberg Greenpeace
376 Theo Bodin Karolinska Institutet
375 Anthony Henry
374 Benjamin Taylor RedQuadrant
373 Julie Melhus
372 Guy Taylor Global Justice Now
371 Rubina Tareen Alvernia University, Reading,PA
370 Andy Leigh DFID
369 Paulina Gebhart
368 Andrew Rivkin Planetary Scientist
367 Sahar Taman Muslim woman
366 Helen Ditchburn
365 Jūratė Juškaitė Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights
364 Michael Adrian
363 Jenni Hymoff Koeppel Asociaciones de Vecinos de España
362 Aaron Packard
361 Eszter Besenyei Hungarian Esperanto Youth Association
360 Moses Milazzo
359 Amara Graps
358 Andrew Buchanan BECTU freelance
357 Joost Verwilghen Palladium
356 Owen Emmerson University of Sussex
355 Zsuzsa Andóczi-Balogh
354 Kata Tüttő Politics
353 Søren Post Student (International Development Studies), Lund University
352 Haydn Thompson
351 Rebecca Zhang
350 Shawn Humphrey University of Mary Washington
349 Mick Power
348 zachary power
347 Byron Smith
346 Mark Chenery
345 Ntokozo Qwabe Rhodes Must Fall Oxford
344 Tony Mohr Alliance for Gambling Reform
343 Emily Werner
342 Adam Majcher ClimateWorks
341 Micah Demmert Oxfam Australia
340 Matt Leonard IFC
339 Peter Vanderwal Palladium
338 Robin Todd
337 Jake Ross Cambridge Education / Mott MacDonald
336 Chuck Fletcher
335 Jemilah Mahmood
334 Michael Ashe
333 Mark Gossington
332 Jeremie Ratomposon
331 Andrew Hurst International Development Research Centre
330 arbelbide maixan
329 patric jean
328 Kamal Fizazi Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity, former Board Member
327 Necla Ozgunes
326 Robert Baker World Bank Group
325 Irina Burlacu
324 Aisling nic Lynne
323 Jaques Batmanby The United Nations
322 Kristofer Fiore
321 Lyndon Cudlitz Pride Center of the Capital Region, NY
320 Phillipe Bojorquez lifeboat foundation, Crux
319 Darren Cosgrove Sex educator, Social Worker
318 Christopher Harrisson
317 Mieke Kirkels lobbyist equality at labourmarket - in the 80-ties
316 Patrick Lonergan NUI Galway
315 Julia Taddei
314 Cynthia White Me too
313 Sueli Brodin
312 Seth Ball
311 John-Paul Flintoff
310 Adam Tobias stanyer
309 Nick Imrie WhatUsersDo
308 Russell Hancock
307 Andreas Hipple GHR Foundation
306 David Yang USAID
305 vanessa gomez brake Stanford
304 Bonnie McCay Rutgers University
303 maurizio geri Old Dominion University
302 Cici Bauer
301 Michael Clarke Western University, London, Canada
300 Colin Clark University of the West of Scotland
299 Matt Beere Education Officer, Chapter
298 Joe Lambert
297 James Poisson Roman Catholic Church
296 Ndamuwanepi John Ishemunyoro
295 Chris Wolz Forum One
294 Alasdair Kay church of England
293 Valerka Jankowska Physician
292 Robert Werth Rice University, USA
291 Mark Bowden University of Delaware
290 Jason Cook
289 Karin McCully The Lir/ Arts Council
288 Susan Harris Rimmer Griffith Law School, ANU
287 Joanne Begiato Oxford Brookes University
286 Shelly Silver School of the Arts, Columbia University
285 Verena Freytag
284 John Coventry
283 Cesar Gamboa
282 Joel Harding IW SME
281 Sondra Cuban faculty
280 Jerry Montgomery
279 Nicole Joens
278 Shipra Suri Urban Planner/ISOCARP
277 nathalie percillier filmmaker
276 Therese McIntyre NUI Galway
275 DottieLou TaylorGarcia Bernie
274 Sarah Ross School of the Art Institute of Chicago
273 Maria Koturbash University of Saskatchewan
272 mara owens SOU/SEIU
271 Kyle Gillette Trinity university
270 Kristopher Jansma SUNY New Paltz
269 Seth Ellis University of Michigan
268 Colin Beier SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
267 Jeff Herrity Artist
266 Kyle McDonald
265 Mary Ann Beavis St. Thomas More College
264 Amadio Arboleda Josai International University
263 Simon Prag
262 Loren Fykes Fruits in Suits Tokyo
261 Paul Burns
260 Joshua Vuglar
259 Kabelo Mofokeng
258 Leo Burtin
257 Beth Powlesland
256 Karl Starke Independent Occultist
255 Daluxolo Moloantoa
254 Therese Koturbash Lawyer
253 Tom Beardshaw
252 Asra Nomani Journalist
251 Alex Woolf University of St Andrews
250 Qurratulain Zaman Bytes For All
249 Harry Giles Me
248 Abelone Koppel
247 John Sam Jones Writer
246 Abul Zaheer
245 Mary Costello
244 Giorgia Morero
243 DR ELIE ASSAF Professeur / Avocat
242 Max Teare Christian Blind Mission International
241 Andrew Cunningham King's College London
240 Jonas Viggo Pedersen
239 Jessica Broe-Vayda University of Toronto
238 Andrés Hueso WaterAid
237 David T Brown Brock University
236 Brian MacCraith President, Dublin City University
235 kathleen horicks
234 Carolyn Elerding
233 Dianne Foster Occupy Bellingham
232 Sally Griffith Director of Film Hub Wales and Chapter Cinema (UK)
231 Edward Mitchard School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh
230 Alexander Corey University of Colorado
229 Neil Maclean Atnrhopology, University of Sydney
228 Tim Holman Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)
227 Friederike Luepke SOAS
226 Adam Buss
225 Chris Atherton Route to Space Ltd
224 Daniel Bye
223 John Mills
222 Roy Alberto Mena American chamber of commerce/ Gender Equity Forum director
221 Kai van Eikels Freie Universität Berlin
220 Larry Albert SAG-AFTRA
219 Andy Lee
218 Nathan Havey Thrive Consulting Group
217 Nancy Lemay uOttawa
216 Ed Chang University of Oregon
215 Kate Lindsay University of Oxford
214 Xavier de Sousa
213 Olivier Ané jump
212 David Lockwood The Bike Shed Theatre
211 Alyson Hallett colleague
210 Dan Jacoby
209 Colette Patterson
208 Diana Ohlbaum Center for Strategic and International Studies
207 Mary B Relotto Speaking of Gender
206 Steve Dimmick
205 Alex Govers Lopez
204 Gary Hills Independent arts/theatre
203 Bernardo Santiago
202 Martijn Dekker University of Amsterdam
201 Brent Bellamy Memorial University of Newfoundland
200 Marie Brandeleer
199 Derek Humphries
198 Tine Roets
197 Warren Fauvel Nudjed
196 filip couck
195 Aubrey Allegretti Journalist
194 Ross Bailey WaterAid
193 Rémi Kaupp WaterAid
192 Maia Kelly Students against TTIP UK
191 Carsten Voelz COO, SOS Children's Villages International
190 Benedict Hoefnagels Light For The World
189 Andy Brown
188 Marc Timmerman
187 Keegan Longueira private
186 Kessas safia rtbf
185 Dan del Villano
184 Jerry Michalski REX
183 Sebastian Chaskel Innovations for Poverty Action
182 Stephen Shashoua Yale World Fellow, interfaith
181 Mary Fontaine
180 Nick Eubank Stanford University
179 Geordie Fung Oaktree
178 Cam Mackenzie Father of two daughters
177 Matt Young
176 Chris Hildrew Teacher
175 Natalie Scott
174 Hannah Wilson teacher
173 Conor Heaven
172 David Rogers Education
171 Brett Myrdal
170 Barry Dwolatzky Director: JCSE at Wits University
169 Russell Pengelly Computers 4 Kids
168 Francine Périnet Musée régional de Rimouski
167 Scott McDonald The Butchart Gardens
166 Martin Brennan
165 Damien Stevens
164 Eva Dalak HIC
163 Dominic O'Reilly
162 Nicoletta Voltarelli
161 Cameron Gray Yarra City Council
160 Sjoerd Levelt Bilkent University
159 M Gauley
158 Adrian Bonenberger
157 Paul Ladd UN Research Institute for Social Development
156 REBECA DE SANCHO MAYORAL European Commission
155 James Turing
154 Patric Tariq Mellet SA-Thai Slave Heritage Reflection Centre
153 Karin Jamotte None
152 James Kinloch
151 Lawrence Jacobson Ltrain
150 Adli Jacobs
149 Ismail Mahomed Arts Theatre
148 Fawn Sewell EWAASI
147 Chipa Maimela
146 Patrick Foster Women in Revolution NGO
145 Warren Nebe Drama for Life
144 Simon Fitall
143 Reza Bardien UBEQITY Consulting
142 johanna te boekhorst
141 Jeffrey Good Real Estate for Charities
140 Jill Epstein
139 Weslee Lauder
138 Theuns Opperman
137 John McBride Mindset Network
136 James Farrell Queensland Association of Independent Legal Services
135 Bethlehem Mengistu WaterAid
134 Neslihan Ozgunes
133 Felix Arias
132 Gordon Adams Stimson Center
131 Phillip Walker
130 Guy Duke The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
129 Mio Alter
128 Toby Blume
127 Carol Zou
126 Don Anton Griffith University Law School
125 Andrew Reinhard American Numismatic Society
124 Alexandre Corriveau-Bourque Norwegian Refugee Council
123 Ben Edwards The Urban Institute
122 Alex Schneider Student
121 Carlo Ciliberto Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
120 Lee Crawfurd CGD
119 Gurvinder Sidhu
118 Anne Roemer-Mahler University of Sussex
117 Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha Director of Fairconsultancy Brussels
116 Guillaume Kroll Evidence Action
115 andrea klein
114 Hasbeemasputra Abu Bakar Mental Health Coalition of Penang
113 Jamie Arpin-Ricci
112 Jennifer Heppel Patriot League
111 Hans Zomer DOCHAS
110 Nicolò Wojewoda
109 Rupert Simons Director, Publish What You Fund
108 David Rothkopf Foreign Policy
107 Javier Padilla Andalusian Health Service, Seville.
106 Kallur S Murali IDRC
105 David McNair The ONE Campaign
104 Desi McKeown The Deanes School
103 Brett House Chief Economist, Alignvest Investment Management
102 William Heath Mydex
101 Duncan Green Oxfam and LSE
100 Scott Gilmore Building Markets
99 Jamie Drummond ONE Campaign
98 Danny Chivers Author
97 Raúl Calvo Rico Castilla La Mancha Health Service
96 Simon Burrall Involve
95 Ben Jackson
94 Mark Sewards
93 Ian McClelland Bond
92 Fabrizio Tediosi Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
91 Brian Cole Berklee, Valencia Campus
90 Gerry Norton
89 Tony Norbury norbury wirral councillor
88 Bruce Campbell CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
87 Ciaran Norris Bond - UK NGO Network
86 Elena García Mañes Universidad Complutense de Madrid
85 Alvin Wong Association of Women for Action and Research (Singapore)
84 Matthew Greenfield
83 Hannah Lee CARE Australia
82 Casey Stegman UNC Chapel Hill
81 Giselle Carino IPPFWHR
80 Melissa Banigan The Advice Project (USA)
79 Dennis Clements Duke Global Health Institute
78 Dave Henderson National CSO in New Zealand
77 Raul Guereque Los Angeles Community College District
76 Barry Kushner Labour Councillor
75 Matt Garlick
74 Paul Lynch St Helens MB Council/ The Labour Party
73 Conal Devitt Labour
72 Nick Small Assistant Mayor of Liverpool
71 Scott Paul Oxfam
70 Nikhil Patil
69 Andrew Leaver-Fay University of North Carolina
68 Matthew Patrick
67 Paul Amann Workers' Educational Association
66 Gavin Yamey Professor of the Practice of Global Health & Public Policy Associate Director for Policy Duke Global Health Institute
65 Michael O’Donnell BOND
64 Dana Hovig The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
63 Christian Siefkes Keimform Blog ( and Liquid Democracy Association (
62 John Armstrong AUT
61 Martin Siefkes Technische Universität Chemnitz
60 Gregor Maxwell
59 Emanuel Souvairan Joint IDP Profiling Service & University of Sciences Po
58 Daniel Hale Women’s Rights Campaign Manager, ActionAid UK
57 Josh Powell Development Gateway
56 Phil Bloomer Executive Director, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre
55 Ian Shapiro Head of Private Sector Department Department for International Development
54 Andy Jones Radio Film
53 Wayne Mason Councillor District 7, Halifax Nova Scotia
52 Massimo Diana Head UN Resident Coordinator Office Nepal
51 Heather Lanthorn 3ie and Harvard School of Public Health
50 Harry Palmier EGFAR
49 Alexis Morgan
48 Tim Hughes Involve
47 Stephen Frost
46 Luke Harman Christian Aid
45 John O'Keefe
44 Graydon James The Young Novelists
43 Luke Canavan BOND
42 Tim Shorten
41 Thomas Bolsin BOND
40 Matt Stockdale Link Ethiopia (
39 Oscar Franklin
38 Kevin Donegan Senior Campaign Development Manager Greenpeace International
37 George Graham Head of Conflict and Humanitarian Policy and Advocacy, Save the Children UK
36 Patrick Leblond University of Ottawa
35 Tom Baker Head of Campaigns and Engagement – Bond – UK
34 Kieran O’Connor Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design Kingston University; Creative Director BOB
33 Finn Williams Urban Designer Common Office / Greater London Authority / Royal College of Art
32 Shane Bartlett Country Director Educat Rwanda
31 Neil Lancastle De Montfort University, Leicester
30 Gary P
29 Craig Keen Professor of Systematic Theology at Azusa Pacific University.
28 Benn Simms THET
27 Richard Pickard University of Victoria
26 Scott Taylor Birmingham University
25 Kevin Smith
24 Danny Chivers Author of the No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change and the No-Nonsense Guide to Renewable Energy
23 Jon Shepherd
22 Brendan Browne VP of Talent Acquisition at LinkedIn
21 Niklaus Grunwald Oregon State University
20 Angela Adrar Executive Director, Ecohermanas
19 Michael Johnstone
18 Rodrigo Gutiérrez Fernández Physician. Health and Social Affairs Department Castilla-La Mancha
17 Raúl Calvo Physician.Castilla La Mancha Health Service.
16 Rashmi Kiran Shrestha
15 K S Murali IDRC
14 Chanda Gurung Goodrich ICIMOD
13 Paul Luu CGIAR
12 Mark Holderness Global Forum on Agricultural Research
11 Jean-Louis Sarbib Development Gateway
10 Frank Rijsberman CGIAR
9 Nathaniel Heller
8 Ned Breslin Water for People
7 Noam Unger
6 Desi McKeown
5 Damien Williams University of St Andrews
4 Chris Wills Chair, LGBT Labour in the North West
3 Sean MacGregor Student at Liverpool John Moores and member of Liverpool Young Labour.
2 Tim Wainwright CEO ADD International & chair of BOND
1 Owen Barder Center for Global Development

Another list of people who have made the same commitment:

 Coverage and Inspiration

Last year, six leading Washington think tanks presented more than 150 events on the Middle East that included not a single woman speaker. Fewer than one-quarter of all the speakers at the 232 events at those think tanks recorded in our newly compiled data-set were women.

The mysterious absence of women from Middle East policy debates – Tamara Cofman Wittes and Marc Lynch, Washington Post Money Cage, January 20th 2015

Because I believe you cannot conduct constructive discourse on international issues without the participation of women, I recently decided not to speak on any panels that did not include women. I’m not writing this to seek a pat on the back. But because any discussion that does not include women’s perspectives or that reflexively excludes or fails to seek out the women who are leaders in their fields in virtually any and every subject on this agenda will be deeply inadequate and will only compound distortions of gender bias that exist because of our long history of systematic exclusion of women’s views. I’d much rather participate in discussions where the organizers actually demonstrate that they are committed to producing the best possible work product.

“Still waiting for Davos Woman”
 by David Rothkopf, FP Magazine, January 22nd, 2015

I often attend panels or discussions dominated by men, especially in technology. This is problematic since it sends the signal that only men have the expertise in their given field. To their credit, some men are initiating change.

Three Ways To Change The Ratio of Women Receiving VC – Leah Eichler, Inc Website, November 10th 2014

There is no topic that cannot be discussed by women. There is no circumstance that would prevent one from inviting women. There is simply no rational excuse for excluding women. And, if you are invited to join a panel with no women, you must conclude it is being organized by fools.

Why I will no longer speak on all-male panels – Scott Gilmore, Macleans, October 4th, 2014

157 comments on “The Pledge – I will not be part of male-only panels”

  1. So many rumblings surrounding this issue, must become loud and must have awareness-raising at the heart of their goals. Attempts at gender conscious programming are weak at best, as are efforts which consider other diversity issues on panels, etc.

    This is a solid pledge. Thank you.

  2. This is a fantastic pledge, and I hope it generates real change in the way conference organizers (and all kinds of organizers!) think and plan their events. Credit to those who already do — thank you!

  3. Leah Eichler stated in Nvember 2014 that he ” often attend panels or discussions dominated by men, especially in technology. This is problematic since it sends the signal that only men have the expertise in their given field. To their credit, some men are initiating change.”

    And it is correc that gender is the balanced and equitable sharing of responsibilities between me n and women and one still don’t see how his could happe n still today without some sort of affirmative action and positive discrimination today in favor of women in many sectors where they are yet left behind .

    The Pledge advocating for more balanced meetings/panel discussions etc is certainly a good initiative to support

    With kind regards


  4. Just a simple idea that may change our global behaviour in the near future. It should be easy to find women for panel as they are more numerous on earth than we are …
    Thank you for the initiative.

  5. Using our power to address the biases that have given us that power in the first place. I like it.

    Would you pledge to require that there be at least one female candidate for the next top job you get recruited for?

  6. I think it’s a great idea to encourage diversity in all public discourse, but I’m surprised and disappointed in the exclusionary language of this pledge. The posts on this site go out of their way to say that there is no subject about which women cannot speak…that is certainly very true…and that there should never be a public panel discussion without a healthy ratio of females…but when it actually declares the pledge, it says nothing about all woman panels. In the interest of true equality, shouldn’t it encourage that people abstain from any panel that excludes either gender? It is true that there is no subject that could not benefit from a woman’s perspective, but is the opposite not also true?

    1. @@ Because there are so very many all-women panels that are not about how to succeed in business despite discrimination against women. If you actually bother to look, and I don’t think you have, you’ll find that academic panels discussing women’s-studies/gender issues generally do have men on them.

      Because the women are already conscious of this issue and take it seriously.

  7. Well… that’s a good start, but you’ve set us up now for tokenism. I’d suggest bumping it to two women, Bechdel-like. You know, where the question’s whether a movie’s got two women, with names, who at any point in the  movie have a conversation without a man around, about something other than a man.

  8. I’m in

    Andy Jones

    Radio Film


    and if you haven’t watched this already, powerful story from Theo Sowa

  9. Good stuff. Practical. And certain to lead to better conferences.

    I’m in.

    Ian Shapiro

    Head of Private Sector Department

    Department for International Development


  10. I am in support of this – and please do sign me up – but note that an end to all-male panels doesn’t just mean proper representation of women, it means proper representation for trans people too. So I’d prefer to see this pledge worded as “At a public conference I won’t serve on a panel of two people or more unless there is at least one non-male panel member, not including the Chair.” Also, “We believe that public discourse would be improved by better representation of all genders.”

    Any chance of changing the wording in that way? It would keep the same meaning for the pledge without excluding a large swathe of people who are even more disproportionately under-represented than women at these kinds of events.

    Danny Chivers

    Author of the No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change and the No-Nonsense Guide to Renewable Energy

  11. How is this pledge being enforced? I’m at a conference not only attended, but ORGANIZED by one of the individuals on this pledge list. Opening panel – all white European men.

  12. It seems frightening to me, abandoning the meritocratic approach to debates. Shouldn’t we find the best people for the job, regardless of gender? Rather than arbitrarily deciding, that having both sexes on every panel automatically makes it better?

    1. Morty – I don’t regard this as abandoning the meritocratic approach to debates. I regard it as considering the qualities needed for the panel as a whole, rather than considering each panel member separately. Just as management teams are better when they are diverse, debates and ideas are better when they are exposed to diverse viewpoints. We will have more and better ideas when we open our debates to more diversity.

  13. Inclusion and gender balance, are the beginning, not the end of addressing gender inequality.

    I believe that public discourse would be improved by better representation of all genders. At a public conference I won’t serve on a panel of two people or more unless there is at least one non-male panel member, not including the Chair.

    Shane Bartlett
    Country Director
    Educat Rwanda

  14. This is a superb idea, and I would like to sign the pledge.  Please do add my name.

    Gavin Yamey

    Professor of the Practice of Global Health & Public Policy

    Associate Director for Policy

    Duke Global Health Institute


  15. thanks Owen – i’m definitely in, but would also like to encourage broader diversity in all panels, discussions, workshops – everything. pale male panels need to make way for the inclusion of all voices, but particularly those who can best represent the topic at hand; and in our work, that means more voices from the global south, male and female.

    1. Peter


      Thanks. I agree with all of this apart from one small word: “but”.  You mean “and”, right? I can’t see any implied contradiction between what you say here and the pledge above.



  16. I think we should add that the moderator, when opening the floor for questions, gives the opportunity to woman, man, woman, man,  as too often men are asking the floor first. And also too often they don’t have a question, but they just give their own speech..

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