Welcome to our pages about visiting Ethiopia. We plan to use these to keep track of what we learn about this beautiful country.  We hope that all our family and friends who visit us will help us by sharing what they learn.

16 thoughts on “Ethiopia”

    1. Wow,
      What an exemplery person; there are eyes that could see positives in Ethiopia; compare to the CNN reporter who saw only Rusian made lada tax in her for days stay in Ethiopia!
      Conteporary World needs more constructive blogers!

  1. hi

    i just bought the unlimited evdo subsciption the belief that the cost covered me for a year.

    if it is just for one month ..i have been done badly.


  2. @Faranji irish, you paid for a 1 month subscription and the unlimited evdo subscription is very expensive, you should have gone for the limited evdo subscription since 2gb per month for normal browsing is enough.

  3. what you think about pedophiles who work for Western Help Organisations in the 3rd world !!!
    You can’t help For Ethiopians when u still think about your career !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The bes help to Africa is duty free trade

    Owen replies: I agree that duty free, quota free access is very important. (Ethiopia already has duty free quota free access to all of Europe, of course, and makes precious little use of it.)

    If I was thinking about my career, I wouldn’t be sitting here in Addis Ababa – I would be brown-nosing in my old comfortable civil service job. Please don’t cast accusations about people whom you do not know.

    I’m against paedophiles too. Not sure that that has to do with anything.

  4. Owen,

    Just wondering how you can manage to write a blog on development from Ethiopia without even mentioning the terrible contemporary political situation in the country? I guess your relationship with Ethiopia goes back some time, to the time of the Africa Commission at least…

    But really, living in the country as you now do, do you not even get some sense of the terrible frustrations of the Ethiopian people with the situation – with the west supporting a government that has next to no popular support and which has terrorised any opposition into submission. Birtukan Mideksa should be held in just as high a regard as Aung San Suu Kyi, and yet hardly anyone covers the story. You certainly don’t mention any of this on your blog. Silence is sometimes complicity, don’t you know? Unless, of course, you still buy hook line and sinker the government line. Development starts with having a sensibility about what is going on around you, and not to hide behind abstract discussions about the MDGs and the AAA….
    Yours disappointedly,
    James M.

    P.S. perhaps a first start on the road to redemption would be to publish this comment!

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  6. Hi there,

    Just one comment. A small one perhaps for some but a big one for me.

    You call your blog “Thoughts from Owen in Africa”. Well you are not in Africa. You are in Ethiopia. Maybe you should be specific. I am Zambian and I know very little about Ethiopia and you are closer to Italy than you are to my country.

    These are just my thoughts from the Pacific.

    I have not gotten any further with your blog than this title but I will try and find something positive to say as I don’t want to come across as only negative about your blogging efforts!

    Owen replies:

    a. You are right to complain about people generalising about ‘Africa’

    b. Nonetheless, I am in Africa in Ethiopia

    c. Though I live in Ethiopia, I do go elsewhere. As it happens, at the moment I’m in Tanzania.

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  9. It’s is amazing to see that any one who have been to Ethiopia talks so many positive and attractive things about Ethiopia while those who have never seen Ethiopia talks all negative things. I can see the influence of the western media for real. They are brain washed by those selfish media which are utilized for the benefit of western governments. WAKE UP GUYS!

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