Giving birth in Burkina Faso

On Friday I visited a school, clinic and vocational training centre in Burkina Faso in a village in Bazega province, about an hour south of Ougadougou. La Fondation pour le Développement Communautaire de Burkina Faso supports government schools and clinics, and it operates an agricultural training college. The programme in schools aims to increase school [...]

BBC downloads to be restricted to Windows

The BBC is considering changing its "listen again" service to include Digital Rights Management so that it can only be used by people using a recent version of Windows: The only system that currently provides this security is Windows Media 10 and above. Further, the only comprehensively deployed operating system that currently supports  Windows Media [...]

Canadian Senate challenges future of CIDA

The Financial Post reports that the Canadian Senate has challenged the future of the Canadian development agency "Given the failure of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) in Africa over the past 38 years to make an effective foreign aid difference, the government of Canada should conduct an immediate review of whether or not this [...]

On supporting African Governments directly

Chris McGreal has a piece in the Guardian today about DFID's work in Africa. (Disclosure: I work for DFID).  Chris McGreal says: The result, say DFID officials in Africa, is that they are able to direct large amounts of money to areas of greatest need, including putting millions of pounds directly into government budgets. Speaking [...]

Rogue development aid, pots and kettles

Rogue development aid by Moisés Naím: States like China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela have the cash and the will to reshape the world into a place very unlike the one where we want to live. By pushing their alternative development model, such states effectively price responsible aid programs out of the market exactly where [...]