Scottish Executive Aid Programme Has High Admin Costs

According to Nyasa Times: Nearly a third of the £2m spent on Scotland's Malawi programme has gone on running costs, rather than helping those in need, BBC Scotland has found.The amount is about five times the running costs for similar work carried out by a Westminster department [DFID].The details followed a BBC request under the [...]

Food miles

Take a look at Clive writing about Food Miles: Food miles are useless. There is no doubt that transport intensity in the food supply system has been increasing - driven by forces of globalisation, consolidation in retailing, larger shops with more choice meeting demand for year-round supply, car-based shopping etc. But "food miles" are barely [...]

Giving birth in Burkina Faso

On Friday I visited a school, clinic and vocational training centre in Burkina Faso in a village in Bazega province, about an hour south of Ougadougou. La Fondation pour le Développement Communautaire de Burkina Faso supports government schools and clinics, and it operates an agricultural training college. The programme in schools aims to increase school [...]

BBC downloads to be restricted to Windows

The BBC is considering changing its "listen again" service to include Digital Rights Management so that it can only be used by people using a recent version of Windows: The only system that currently provides this security is Windows Media 10 and above. Further, the only comprehensively deployed operating system that currently supports  Windows Media [...]