Being Paul Wolfowitz’s girlfriend

According to Murray Waas: Employees of the World Bank have been "expressing concern, dismay, and outrage" regarding favoritism shown by the bank and the Bush administration towards the one-time girlfriend of World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz, according to an internal memo circulated within the bank by the World Bank Group Association, which represents the rights [...]

Is DFID any good?

So asks Simon Maxwell at ODI. His conclusion is that DFID is pretty good. In our own work on aid architecture, we asked developing country aid practitioners from 27 countries to rank donors and comment on their strengths and weaknesses. DFID outranked other bilateral and multilateral donors. DFID scored especially highly on efficiency, flexibility, speed [...]

Tradable missions permits for aid agencies?

One of the unconscionable practices in international aid is the "mission" - a team of experts from donor countries who fly out to the developing country to supervise the way that aid is used. For large aid projects, these mission teams - sometimes composed of eager but inexperienced development workers - will demand meetings with [...]

Should we cap and trade, or tax, to reduce carbon emissions?

If we want to reduce carbon emissions, should we cap the total and then allow trading, or should we impose a tax on all carbon emissions? Organizations and Markets looks at the economics. Here is the conclusion: So the final score is: Permits get a moderate edge on political economy/public choice issues; taxes have a [...]

Global Poverty – will it be a US election issue?

US Presidential hopeful John Edwards has set out a plan for fighting global poverty: As president, John Edwards will fundamentally transform America's approach to the world. As part of his $5 billion initiative, he will bring high-level attention to help people in three priority areas: primary education, preventive health, and greater economic and political opportunity. [...]

Scottish Executive Aid Programme Has High Admin Costs

According to Nyasa Times: Nearly a third of the £2m spent on Scotland's Malawi programme has gone on running costs, rather than helping those in need, BBC Scotland has found.The amount is about five times the running costs for similar work carried out by a Westminster department [DFID].The details followed a BBC request under the [...]

Food miles

Take a look at Clive writing about Food Miles: Food miles are useless. There is no doubt that transport intensity in the food supply system has been increasing - driven by forces of globalisation, consolidation in retailing, larger shops with more choice meeting demand for year-round supply, car-based shopping etc. But "food miles" are barely [...]