Are Sachs’s Millennium Villages Projects scalable?

Tyler Cowen on Jeff Sachs's Millennium Village project In my view Sach's [sic] work is admirable and will do much to improve the lives of a small percentage of Africans. But I do not think it is scalable. First, I believe the candidate villages are cherry-picked for possible improvement. Armed conflict remains a huge problem [...]

NGOs – are they effective?

Not according to Blake Lambert and Wendy Glauser who write about Canadian NGOs: Part of the reason NGOs have difficulty meeting their overall goals is that they often end up measuring day-to-day results rather than long-term progress. As Andrew Mwenda, a Ugandan journalist and political economist who’s currently on fellowship at Stanford University, puts it, [...]

World Bank on effectiveness of aid

The head of evaluation at the World Bank writing in the Guardian blog about the effectiveness of aid: For donors, this means going beyond the push for free-standing projects and the tracking of individual project successes, to supporting better coordination and linkages. For developing countries, it means being in the driver's seat in recognizing and [...]

The Economist on improving the quality of aid

The Economist highlights the importance of improving the way aid is given: Because the aid they receive is such a capricious, volatile commodity, governments dare not make full use of it. They could hire legions of extra teachers, clinicians and civil servants, but only if they are prepared to fire them when the aid spigot [...]