Fickle donors and unpredictable aid

The Economist has reported a paper by Oya Celasun (IMF) and Jan Walliser (World Bank) which looks at the impact of unpredictable aid:They show how unpredictable such aid flows are. The paper finds that the average absolute difference between aid promised and aid given was equal to 3.4% of each sub-Saharan African nation’s GDP between [...]

Democracy losing ground in Africa?

Democracy is losing ground in Africa - Los Angeles TimesIn addition to disputed presidential elections in Zimbabwe and Kenya, where longtime incumbents refused to cede power after their opponents declared victory at the polls, last year's ruling party victory in Nigeria was widely condemned as flawed. Uganda's president changed the country's constitution to stay in [...]

The UK should help reform the G8 before it is too late

Lawrence MacDonald at the Center for Global Development says we should scrap the G8 Once again the G8 has come up tragically short on climate change and a host of urgent problems affecting poor people in developing countries. Meanwhile, over at Project Syndicate, Jim O'Neill says the G7 and G8 should be reformed by reducing [...]

Government data and the invisible hand

A paper by Princeton academics says that: It would be preferable for government to understand providing reusable data, rather than providing websites, as the core of its online publishing responsibility. Rather than struggling, as it currently does, to design sites that meet each end-user need, we argue that the executive branch should focus on creating [...]

Brown to press G8 for more progress on Africa

According to Andy Grice in The Independent Gordon Brown plans to continue to press G8 leaders to live up to their commitments on Africa: Mr Brown's four-point plan for the annual G8 gathering includes a $60bn boost for health care in developing nations, to recruit more health workers; extra money to meet shortfalls in a [...]

Chronic poverty

The new Chronic Poverty Research Centre website was launched today; and the second Chronic Poverty Report will be launched next week: Four years ago, the Chronic Poverty Research Centre published the Chronic Poverty Report 2004-05. This was the first major international development report to focus on the estimated 320 to 445 million people who live [...]