Government Cathedrals, Government Bazaars

I am sure that you are all avid readers of Public Finance magazine. You’ll be fascinated to hear that this week’s cover feature is my article calling for the establishment of a service-oriented architecture for IT systems across the public sector.  Here is an extract to titillate your tastebuds: The priority for government should be an IT strategy that organises the individual functions in government applications into interoperable, standards-based services that can be shared, combined and reused quickly to meet business needs. For example, once the government has developed a procurement system or a payroll module, these should be used… Read More »Government Cathedrals, Government Bazaars

Why this blog?

I guess my first blog should explain why I’m doing this. That way I (and you) can look back to see whether my expectations have been met. Is this just an electronic form of vanity publishing? I was impressed by a piece in the Observer by John Naughton which explained by blogging has been so successful and popular. The main reasons he gives are first, that blogs tend to be written by people who know what they are talking about, without being intermediated by journalists who, inevitably, do not know the subject so well. The second is that the media,… Read More »Why this blog?