Hillary Clinton attends the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting at The Shertaon New York Hotel on September 25, 2013 in New York City.

When the US Secretary of State reads your blog posts

One of my blog posts (written with Kim Elliott) ended up on Hillary Clinton's desk according to the latest batch of released emails. Read the full post »
A pair of headphones wrapped around the globe

Podcasts are “back” – so what are you listening to?

Podcasts are back in fashion - here is why, and a list of what I am listening to. Read the full post »
A globe in front of screens and binary code

Let’s Dump Technology Transfer from the Addis Agenda

Let’s dump technology transfer from the Addis declaration and substitute technology development and sharing — they could be two of the most important components of post-2015 development success. Read the full post »
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Fixing Windows drivers for my iPod

How to get Windows 8.1 to recognise my Apple iPod Read the full post »
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Blog revamp

I've made some design changes to this blog. For those who are interested, here are the details. Read the full post »

Zero inbox – an update

How to manage a lot of email, using (mainly free) tools in Outlook.  Shows how to keep a "zero inbox".  An approach loosely based on Getting Things Done. Read the full post »
A man with a mobile phone in front of a world map

Using your UK mobile abroad without roaming charges

A service from O2 looks ideal for frequent overseas travellers from the UK. Read the full post »
A desktop PC opened up and connected to a laptop

Five simple cybertasks for the holiday

Five things you could do this holiday to protect your privacy and your memories. Read the full post »
An old envelope with a red wax seal

Encryption & the King of Denmark

A proposal to encrypt all email traffic from server to server. Read the full post »
A pair of headphones wrapped around the globe

Podcasts for development

Here are some suggestions for podcasts for people interested in development (and/or economics). Read the full post »
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Apologies for our appearance …

Problems with my webserver - should all be fixed now. Read the full post »

How to avoid high roaming charges in developing countries

In which I bring news of a disruptive new app from O2 which will get rid of roaming charges, as long as you can get onto the internet. Read the full post »
Side view of a Border collie eating from its bowl, isolated on white

Dogfood and disruption

The new "Development Tracker" website launched in beta by DFID is disruptive in two important ways: one which will appeal especially to open data geeks, and one which will appeal to development geeks. (I am proud to call myself both.) Read the full post »
Aaron Swartz at Boston Wiki Meetup

Development and the death of Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz, who died on January 11th, worked and fought for key freedoms of our time: the right to information, to share knowledge and ideas, and to speak freely. This blog post considers the importance of these issues for development, and what we might do to continue his fight. Read the full post »
Depressed man by a laptop, white background

Take control of your email in 2013

At the request of some of my colleagues I have written a short guide explaining how I manage my emails. If your new year's resolution for 2013 is to work a little smarter, there may be something in here which helps. Read the full post »
Justine Greening speaking at the DFID Omidyar Network Open Up! conference

DFID transparency policy is a game-changer

Christmas came early yesterday for campaigners for more effective and accountable aid, with an announcement from DFID which has raised the bar for aid transparency. Read the full post »
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Fixing a reboot cycle

My laptop recently decided that when I pressed the 'shut down' button I really wanted it to 'reboot'. Read the full post »
Screenshot of Owen Abroad Website

Owen Abroad becomes responsive

I've refreshed the design of the website, mainly to make it responsive (that is, show properly on mobile phones). Read the full post »