Thinking of starting an NGO?

Read this first (Allana Shaikh):

Don’t do it. You’re not going to think of a solution no one else has, your approach is not as innovative as you think it is, and raising money is going to be impossible. You will have no economy of scale, your overhead will be disproportionately high, and adding one more tiny NGO to the overburdened international system may well make things worse instead of better.

3 thoughts on “Thinking of starting an NGO?”

  1. Yep. From Ghana Accra, I wish to seriously start an NGO with the aim of alleviating the sufferings of the children on the streets of Accra. Any ideas, any help in terms of materials?

    nana opoku osei-sraha

  2. Dear Sir/Madam

    I wanted to start my own organization back in Ethiopia, my goal is on helping disable/street people in Addis Ababa. I already have the permission and the certificate from the Ethiopia, i also have my project and proposal ready, so what i need is now if you have any suggestion or idea how i can get the fundraising

    Almaz Negash

    1. Hello Almaz,


      What a great idea! I hope things have worked out for you. I don’t have an answer for your question, but would like to hear about your experience and how you went about getting certificate and permission

      Thank you

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