How To Spend It

I’ve never liked the name of the FT’s lifestyle section, “How To Spend It“.  But with financial markets as they are now, it seems particularly ludicrous.  How to spend what, exactly?

Sitting in the airport lounge in Washington DC today, I was a bit surprised to find a “bonus issue” of How To Spend It in today’s paper.

I expect that there are lots of investors whose main concerns today include “whether the perfect sound system exists”, “the demure allure of autumn’s flattering longer skirts” (the Cavalli skirt is a snip at £3000), and “whether corporate gifts can ever truly be objects of desire”.

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  1. I came acorss your blog quite high on the search list for “poverty blog” believe it or not!

    Anyway, Blog Action Day is approaching and I wondered if you knew of it or felt like taking part? There’s a badge and link from my blog site and the more the merrier, I think it is all about numbers.

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