What rights will EU citizens in the UK lose?

This is a good round-up of the rights that EU citizens living in the UK seem likely to lose, notwithstanding the government’s protestations that their rights will be largely unchanged.

I list them here, but they are better explained in the article.

  • The right to go abroad
  • The right to fall in love with a foreigner
  • The right to care for an elderly parent
  • The right to have their rights independently adjudicated
  • The right to free movement (if your family includes UK citizens
  • The right to use an ID card rather than a passport
  • The right to live in the UK without a UK ID card

2 thoughts on “What rights will EU citizens in the UK lose?”

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  2. There is absolutely nothing to prevent the UK government and the  EU agreement to continue the current permanent residence system, albeit with a fairer and simplified application system so that all 3 million EU citizens can apply in confidence with the guarantee they will be able to continue to live their lives as now over their lifetimes. I strongly believe that this should be at least fair..

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