New Development News Podcast

The inauguaral edition of my new development news podcast, Development Drums, is now online.

Simon Maxwell, Director of ODI, joined me for a discussion of this week’s Accra Agenda for Action, the UN MDG Gap Report, and the latest poverty statistics from the World Bank

To listen to the podcast, you can use this link:

I’m aiming for a weekly roundup of development news.

This is my first effort at podcasting. I’d welcome feedback – do you like the format? How can we make it better?

4 thoughts on “New Development News Podcast”

  1. I thought it was great – wide-ranging within the chosen topic, very informative, and it was good to hear some genuine debate too. Might be a bit long for some but I thought it gave enough time to really get into the issues. I’m guessing the interview was done over Skype so there are bound to be issues with the sound, but otherwise it was fine.

    You asked for suggestions for topics too: I’d love to hear something about urbanisation in developing countries, and also interviews with people actually from those countries, Ethiopia being an obvious place to start.

    Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Dear Jim

    Thanks for your very kind comments on development drums.

    I think the sound quality was caused by a combination of Simon having a not-very-good microphone, and the poor bandwidth that day here in Addis. I think I can get round this in future: I spoke by Skype to my father this weekend and the sound quality was excellent.

    I agree with you on the need to have voices from developing countries in the future. My plans for that fell through at the last minute last week.

    Anyway: thanks for listening, and especially for taking the time to comments.

    Warm regards

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