Ageing Groover from Vancouver

Bryan AdamsMuch to the derision of my younger colleagues, we went to see Bryan Adams at Wembley Arena last night.  (I went with James – my oldest schoolfriend – who was reluctantly dragged along by his wife Becky.  G is in Tanzania.)

I had low expectations – I wasn’t sure that I would recognize many of the songs, and I’ve always thought the song from Robin Hood  was a dreadful dirge.  And it was much better than I expected.  Adams looks much younger than 47 – perhaps the results of his vegan diet – and he rocks pretty good.  I prefer his older stuff – especially songs from the 1984 album Reckless – but perhaps that merely reflects my age rather than the quality of the music.  I have to confess, I even thought Everything I Do was pretty good live.

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