A tale of two inquiries

The Government has consistently refused to set up a statutory inquiry into the way that many thousands of haemophiliacs were put at risk by the supply of contaminated blood products. (The new inquiry by Lord Archer of Sandwell is an independent inquiry, not a government inquiry, and has no powers to subpoena witnesses or evidence.)

But it announced yesterday that there will be an official inquiry into the alleged removal of human tissues from the bodies of former Sellafield employees.

I just don’t understand this obsession with the treatment of dead bodies. Dead bodies don’t have rights. I really don’t care if human organs are taken out of dead bodies. What’s more, if these body parts can be used to identify causes of and cures for disease, then I think we should encourage scientists to use them.

How can we possibly think it is more important to investigate what happened to dead bodies than to find out whether somebody has negligently infected living people?

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