Guido Fawkes does not know what a sock puppet is

I don’t normally read the stream of vitriol that Paul Staines (calling himself Guido Fawkes) spews forth. It seems to me an imitation in the form of a blog of everything that is fetid about the mainstream press – all gossip and personality, with no substance or detail. I’m happy to leave him and his band of followers to entertain each other with their puerile fun.

So I did not notice this honourable mention in which Staines accuses me of being a sock puppet. My Mum – who must surely have better things to do than read Guido Fawkes? – emailed me about it. I mention it only to point out that Staines clearly does not know what the term ‘sock puppet’ means. (Sock puppets pretend to be somebody they are not; the comment he refers to on David Milliband’s blog is in my own name, so I can’t be a sock puppet, can I?)

By all means accuse me of sycophancy, if you like.

If you want to see more of Mr Staines so that you can reach your own views about his character and judgement, take a look at this recent discussion on Newsnight. (Thanks Justin.)

4 thoughts on “Guido Fawkes does not know what a sock puppet is”

  1. LOL :0)
    Like your Mum, I have better things to do but I still give Guido a look in.  Hey, he’s sometimes amusing.  He isn’t worthy of the blogwars that brew up. Sometimes you blogboys take yo’selves too seriously.

  2. Sam – It isn’t because I take myself seriously: I’m just not that interested in his stuff.  That’s the great thing about blogs – if you don’t like what people write, you can go somewhere else.

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