Being Paul Wolfowitz’s girlfriend

According to Murray Waas:

Employees of the World Bank have been “expressing concern, dismay, and outrage” regarding favoritism shown by the bank and the Bush administration towards the one-time girlfriend of World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz, according to an internal memo circulated within the bank by the World Bank Group Association, which represents the rights of the bank’s 13,000 employees.

5 thoughts on “Being Paul Wolfowitz’s girlfriend”

  1. It’s a wonderful irony. Paul Wolfowitz makes corruption the centre-piece of his time at the World Bank and then this. How exactly does Mr Wolfowitz think corruption happens? It’s countless little acts like this one. Well done to the staff for making a noise. It’s a disgrace.

  2. It’s instructive to reflect on the fact that Wolfowitz predicted a cakewalk in Iraq and noted that there was no history of ethnic conflict in that country. He must be equally clueless when it comes to personal relationships. This is certainly a case of conflict of interest. Too often the Bushies have shown that power in the public realm is little more than the opportunity to promote self-interest or the interests of friends and family members. If they were blood relatives, the word would be nepotism. If not, then really bad judgment.  

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