Incentives for Global Health

Incentives for Global Health have published a new report:”The Health Impact Fund: Making New Medicines Accessible for All”

The Health Impact Fund, our flagship proposal, is a new way of stimulating research and development of life-saving pharmaceuticals. To provide wide access, medicines need to be affordable-but low prices don’t create strong incentives for innovators to invest in research and development. The Health Impact Fund is an optional mechanism that offers pharmaceutical innovators a supplementary reward based on the health impact of their products, if they agree to sell those products at cost. The proposed Fund is to be financed mainly by governments.

I personally find this idea attractive. It shares a lot of characteristics and thinking with the Advance Market Commitment idea that I have worked on in the past. The main difference is that the AMC leaves patents in place; under the IGH they are signed away. If the pharmaceutical industry is willing to participate, this would be very attractive; my guess is that many firms will find this too challenging to their existing business model.

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