Will CIDA’s demise hurt the world’s poor?

Headline on Globe and Mail article by Owen Barder and Lucas Robinson

There is an article by me and Lucas Robinson in the Globe and Mail today:

 The risk is that development becomes a secondary goal in a department with bigger fish to fry. The opportunity is that by putting development at the heart of a more powerful department with a broader remit for foreign and trade policy, Canada will now be able to promote development-friendly policies across the wide range of issues which most affect poor countries. It is not CIDA but Canada as a nation that needs to do more.

And I’m quoted in the Toronto Star:

“It makes no sense, giving aid to the same countries you hit with high tariffs,” says Owen Barder, a London-based official with the Centre for Global Development, a think tank that focuses on international aid issues.

It’s a disconnect, Barder said, that could be addressed and resolved with foreign aid officials positioned closer to the centre of power in Ottawa.


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