Lord Crisp calls for help for global health systems

Lord Nigel Crisp – who is also currently working on a review of DFID’s leadership capability – has called for a new system to help global health systems:

His report calls for an NHS scholarship scheme to help with training and recommends a set amount of aid funds to be set aside for health workers. It also says there should be a Global Health Partnership Centre to act as a “one-stop shop” offering information to individuals and organisations wanting to help global health systems.

I am not so sure. What developing governments need is systematic, long term investment in health systems. Capacity building should be based on a serious strategy for institutional development.  These volunteer schemes are sticking plasters, which risk diverting attention from addressing the underlying needs of the systems.

1 thought on “Lord Crisp calls for help for global health systems”

  1. I assume that "Lord Nigel Crisp" is the younger son of a Duke…

    Owen responds: I never did understand all these aristocratic titles.  I was with some Americans on Friday who displayed the usual fascination with it all and were disappointed that I don't really get it.  My Mum does, though.

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