The global war on malaria

Ruth Levine, writing at CGD, is spot on (as ever):

That's why we have to do better this time, learning from history that to succeed will require big-time funding over the long haul, and a willingness to pay attention to emerging evidence about which combination of strategies is working or failing in different settings. In the past, the bugs have adapted faster than we have, costing untold lives. Much as we might see potential in the use of bednets, the application of pesticides, the scale-up of ACT use or other strategies, an over-reliance on one approach versus others combined with unrealistic promises about very rapid progress is likely to lead us down the road to nowhere that others have followed before.

Ruth's warning applies to much of the development business.  There are few quick wins; we need long term sustained commitment, not attractive initiatives; and we we need to act on evidence not on instinct.

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