Owen Abroad becomes responsive

Screenshot of Owen Abroad Website

Observant readers will notice that I’ve refreshed the design of my blog.  The main difference is that it is now responsive –  that is, it should work much better if you view it on a mobile phone or tablet, and not only on a computer screen.  Responsive web design is now trendy because more people are using mobile devices to access the internet. Apart from that the main differences are that I’ve refreshed the home page and improved the formatting of comments.

I did try a couple of ready-made responsive themes for WordPress, to save myself the trouble of doing it manually, but I didn’t like any of them. So in the end I built it myself.  In case anyone is interested, I installed a local webserver on my laptop (using AMPPS) and then used Duplicator to copy my website locally. That way I was able to build and test the new layout without affecting the live website (and I could do it offline, such as on a long plane flight to Australia).

Yeah, I know. I’ll get my coat.

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