Returning to DFID

After two wonderful years in Berkeley, working for the Center for Global Development, I am returning to the UK civil service to the Department for International Development.  I shall be Director of Global Development Effectiveness, responsible for leading the teams that work with other donors and institutions to improve the international system for development, tackling corruption, improving financial accountability, trade policy, coordinating our involvement in the G8 and other international agreements, financing and scaling up aid, and managing for results.

This is likely to mean that I'll have to change how I blog; but I'm hoping to go on blogging about development in some form.

So that is why it has been quiet around here – we've been busy making arrangements to move back to London.  I'll miss CGD and Berkeley but I'm looking forward to being back in London and at DFID. 

3 thoughts on “Returning to DFID”

  1. Congrats. Perhaps this means we will be seeing a DFID blog soon?  Ah, I also suspect your running scenery may suffer? Best of luck. A tough, but important, job.


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