Darfur still on the edge of chaos

According to the Guardian

The Darfur peace agreement is on the verge of collapse with fresh fighting displacing tens of thousands of people and violent attacks on relief workers forcing aid agencies to consider pulling out.

Clashes involving government forces, allied militia and guerrilla factions have forced more than 50,000 people from their homes since the deal was signed three months ago, aid workers said. Most have ended up in overcrowded refugee camps, which are becoming increasingly difficult for aid agencies to reach.

The United Nations is rightly putting together a UN peacekeeping force urgently for the Lebanon, three weeks after that conflict began.  So why is that the international community is still unable to summon the will to send a UN force to relieve the 7,000 Africa Union troops in Darfur a full three years after the genocide in Sudan began?

Could it be because the victims are, you know, African?

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