Microsoft crippled by its cash cows

Niall Kennedy is leaving Microsoft after four months:

I was able to borrow resources here and there, but there was no team being built around the platform in the foreseeable future. I could have stayed at Microsoft, waited for the other 85% of the company to ship their products, and then hope support for my group might be back on track again, but I didn’t want to sit around doing little to nothing until Vista, Office, and Exchange ship. It’s easier to get funding outside Microsoft than inside at the moment, so I am stepping out and doing my own thing.

This sounds to me like a company in decline: if Windows, Office and Exchange are such a drag on the company that they prevent the business from working at the leading edge of technology then Microsoft has no future.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft crippled by its cash cows”

  1. The leading edge of technology could exist in the world of Windows, Office, and Exchange as well. I do not believe any of the three products are going away only to be replaced by Ubuntu, Writely, Google Spreadsheet, and Zimbra. Lots of people love Exchange and Sharepoint, even if the geeks prefer the latest web thing.

  2. Niall

    You are absolutely right: the leading edge could exist in that world. But Microsoft is not going to be at the leading edge while it manages itself as a slow-moving monolith.

    Good luck with your next venture. 


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