New home broadband (for UK geeks)

An RJ45 plug on a blue ethernet cable

We recently switched to fibre optic broadband (BT Infinity) and so far we are pleased with the results. I believe that we now have more bandwidth than did the whole of Ethopia when we were living there.

We replaced the provided BT HomeHub router with a Linksys router, because (a) it has better wifi signal round the house (b) Apple products such as iPads would not always connect to the HomeHub; and (c) using the Linksys removes the possibility that we might inadvertently allow BT to use our broadband connection to serve the public with their BT Openzone or BT Fon hotspots (by default, BT switches on their ability to piggy back on the broadband connections of their BT Infinity customers).  The Linksys router did not need any specific configuration, apart from the username for the PPoE connection, which is ‘’ for everyone.

Before fibre came to our neigbourhood we used and we were pleased with the reliability and customer service.

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