Google oppresses poor, makes good money doing it

Google hails 'impressive' growth

Google more than doubled its profits in the second quarter, beating the expectations of analysts. The search giant generated net income of $721m (£390m) in the three months to the end of June, compared with $342m for the corresponding period last year. Google said the "impressive" result was driven by the launch of new products and services across various markets.

Meanwhile, according to the respected human rights organisation, Amnesty International:

Google is aiding the repression of freedom of information and expression in China. Under threat is the right to freedom of information and the free flow of ideas across borders, guaranteed by international human rights law.

I would not bother to comment on a company putting profits before human rights if it wasn't for their hypocritical cant about "don't be evil".  I reckon being named and shamed in an Amnesty International report is pretty close to being evil.

I was amazed by the statistic in the BBC report that Google has only 44% of the US search market. Is that all? What  other search engines are people using and why?.

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  1. I still agree with your father on the China thing, but on the BBC %?  I suspect it’s wrong, my non-political site is mostly US based users, and Yahoo normally places it higher in results than Google, yet Google is still the course of 80% of search referrals.

    Although it may depend on how it’s counted; AOL is also Google for example.  Could be 44% of users use Google, but many more searches are done using it; low end ‘net users are more inclined to use defaults like MSN?

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