Things I don’t care about (#1)

Whales. The whale-hunters might or might not start hunting a species that is not endangered.  

6 thoughts on “Things I don’t care about (#1)”

  1. Presuming that you only don’t care about whales that aren’t endangered, would you start caring again if newly-legalised hunting were to reduce numbers in a particular whale species to a dangerously low level?

  2. Then I suppose I might care a bit.  You know, if there weren’t any people in the world going to bed hungry, or global warming destroying the planet,  or religious nutters trying to kill each other, then this might be kinda interesting.   No doubt it is a weakness in me, but I can’t find it in myself to care about whales.

  3. I’d argue that those other problems get far too little attention given their importance rather than endangered whales getting far too much, and that we shouldn’t act like there’s a fixed quantity of compassion for matters environmental, but I take your point. But I’d also say that we often only recognise the importance of things after they’re gone …

  4. There was someone on the radio this morning talking about the need to preserve beetles.
    Why do people get so concerned about species dying out? Hasn't it always happened and haven't
    they always been replaced by something else? It'll happen to us one day.

    Owen replies: I rather agree.  I do not understand that there is a moral duty to ensure the persistence of the human race, as I do not think that the unborn have rights until and unless they are born.  I do however think that we have some obligations to consider the welfare of those people who will in fact exist in the future (even though we have no obligation to see to it that they will exist).  But even for these future people, I am not convinced that there is much that we ought to do, largely for the reasons given by Wilfred Beckerman.  

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