Who to cheer for in the World Cup

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The World Development Movement has a handy tool to help the ethical football supporter decide which team to support.

As I type, Tunisia is beating Saudi Arabia – according to the WDM, this is good news as it means that the 3rd most supportable team is beating the 29th most supportable, on measures such as carbon emmissions, corruption and military spending.

6 thoughts on “Who to cheer for in the World Cup”

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  2. Unbelievable! Apparently I should support Angola over England. Even though Angola has massive corruption, massive debt, a tiny level of health spending, ridiculous inequality, nothing spent on aid, twice the level of England’s military spending (proportionally), a tiny income per person, and a life expectancy that’s barely half that of the English. Is this the kind of thing were supposed to support? It would appear the reason Angola are so great is because they are host to none of the world’s largest 500 multinationals and they have low carbon emmissions. This is just what I’d expect from the WDM. Because the country is a disaster area and nobody wants to live there (except the corrupt motherf*****s who run the place), we’re supposed to love them.

    Having said that, I was hoping Angola – as sporting underdogs – would triumph over their old adversaries Portugal, though in the end it wasn’t to be.

  3. Thinking about it, success in football for less developed countries could help them at home and lead to improvements for ordinary people…

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  5. if having lots of debt were really a virtue, then the US should really be tops. Just because we aren’t in the GDF, doesn’t mean we aren’t the world’s largest debtor! (BTW, also shows how bankrupt the WDM thinking is…)

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