Congressman Pete King

My father writes here about Congressman Pete King, the Europeans and terrorism.

As somebody says in the comments, if a European politician had said this about America, there would have been an uproar.

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  1. Anwar Ul Haque, MD

    Dear Sir/ Madam: Peace be upon you.
    I read Congressman Pete King’s very outrageous and volatile terrorist statement against Muslims in America. His comments are aimed at igniting fire against Muslims and give a subliminal message to all Americans to attack Mosques all over the USA. He said that many Muslims including "Highly Educated Physicians" regarded 9/11 an Israeli conspiracy. Well I am one of those. When I saw building falling down, I wrote at the very moment that it is an Israeli act and it is a controlled demolition. Thanks God now over 82% Americans in some constituencies agree with me that it is "inside work" and not a terrorist attack from outside. I challenge Pete King on any international forum to debate this issue and Insha Allah I will flatten him like Muhammad Ali flattened Sony Listen. If he had guts he should accept my challenge. With solid proofs I will Insha Allah prove that how wrong is Pete King. I can not take Bush or Pete King as god. We will speak truth and nothing but truth. I and all Muslims condemn the attack on World Trade Center. Islam does not teach us terrorism. It does not allow killing any innocent regardless of religion, race or place. We also condemn the first bombing attack on World Trade Center in Feb. 1993 which was carried out by Josie Hades, a Moosad agent and CNN shoed her apartment containing bomb drawings and bomb material. However when the slave media of USA found out that she is a Moosad agent, her name never popped up. On the other hand a poor and innocent driver Slameh whom she hired as a driver and order him to rent a Ryder van for her, was put in jail and he is still in jail. His only "fault” was that he rented a van for her. She told him that the van was stolen. Poor Slameh was running from pillar to post to launch a complaint with NY police while she was used the van to carry out the blast killing five innocent men. The Lawyer provided by the state to Slameh, told that punishing Slameh was the biggest massacre of justice in the history of United States.

    Anwar  Ul Haque, MD
    Consultant Pathologist

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