China in Africa

There was a fascinating report on today’s BBC World This Weekend (you can hear it here for the rest of the week) about China’s role in Africa.  The charge d’affaires at China’s embassy in South Africa, Zhou Yuxiao, gave an interview in said China was just protecting its own interests, and that Beijing does not believe that economic embargoes and disengagement were necessarily the best way to promote good governance.

I have written previously about China’s growing role in Africa here and here

This is a looming foreign policy issue that needs more attention.  We must take steps to ensure that the new scramble for Africa is to the continent’s benefit this time round.

2 thoughts on “China in Africa”

  1. I just want to agree with the fact that China is developing economic and political influence in Africa. I am originally from Cameroon and every time I go back I see an ever greate number of Chinese businesses. Africa may be the lost continent but with her rich mineral and natural resources,

    China is positioning Herself to benefit in Future.


  2. I read a couple of your reports on China's investments in Africa. I have a keen interst in the subject, been to Africa a number of times, but also because I am doing some research on the social and environmental impacts of China's investments around the world, especially in African countries. Do you or any of your readers have an MP3 copy of the BBC Weekent report you refer to? I missed hearing it.



    Owen replies: Sure Kel. I've sent you an email with the URL for the MP3 file. 

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