Dilbert on Skype

Businessman dressed in suit and shorts working with laptop, talking by skype at the park cafe outdoors, wearing roller blades


Dilbert complains about having to travel instead of using Skypeh/t @ithorpe

On which subject, I’m amazed by how many international development organisations do not make effective use of video conferencing, either by using commercial systems (eg Polycom, Tandridge) or Skype or (my favourite for low bandwith settings) GoToMeeting.

2 thoughts on “Dilbert on Skype”

  1. Love it! But much of the time there’s no substitute for a face-to-face meeting over a meal or a drink. Skype is not ideal for whispered confidences or hints, rolling the eyes, shrugging or flirting, passing amorous or witty notes — and hopeless for the ensuing tryst where the crucial deal is struck. (I write purely theoretically, you understand, not from experience…)

  2. Skype was great when our son was in the Peace Corps. He’d get to the capital city every month or two and then we could call – and see -him, which was wonderful. When I was in the Peace Corps 35+ years ago I called home twice – on Christmas – and didn’t get through after waiting 6 – 8 hours for a trunk line. But I find Skype unreliable for business calls. About half the time we give up can go another way for conference calling.

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