The Simpsons go to little Ethiopia

Screenshot showing the Simpsons in an Ethiopian restaurant

Bart (eating injera and wot): “I wish I lived in Ethiopia”. Lisa: “Exotic. Vegetarian. I can mention it in a college essay. Mom: this is amazing!”.

Simpsons Ethiopian Restaurant from Folu Aladelusi on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “The Simpsons go to little Ethiopia”

  1. I think letting the simpsons go to Ethopia was a wonderful idea because then now they can learn something new about a different culture.
    Batam amesagnilin means we thank very much for putting country on a popular show like the Simpsons. 😀

  2. It is great cause it create a new real image of Ethiopia. Not as the mass media publicized image of poverty. Ethiopia has a lot to offer.

    Thanks to the simpsons

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