Marathon runners have stamina

A self-confessed sex-fiend, the Girl with a one-track mind reports her experience of a marathon runner (not safe for work):

… I had a fling with a marathon runner for a while – damn that boy had stamina. Stamina like you wouldn’t believe. … 

But it just goes to show that there is a correlation between fitness, stamina and endurance in training, and the ability to last all night whilst shagging. I’m not saying that being able to run 26 miles will ensure your cock stays hard when you want it to – but surely it must help.

Well, possibly. The ones who aren’t too knackered from running 80 miles that week, perhaps.

1 thought on “Marathon runners have stamina”

  1. Owen- not all though. You may think Jade (Big Brother) Goody doesn’t  fit meatly into the titleBut I do like this-"There is, of course, nothing wrong with the odd Indian takeaway and a
    pint following an ice cold bath after a run (it’s what Paula does,
    apparently). For years there have been discussions about the benefits
    of the odd tipple while training.
    A friend of mine swears blind that the can of lager he drank on the
    second morning of a two-day fell run ensured he crossed the finishing
    line still standing (although the woman I saw holding a can of cider
    while running yesterday was perhaps stretching the point too far). But
    you need to have a good level of fitness to pull this off."From here Ever needed a can to get you over the finishing line ?  

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