George W Bush is right about these

George W Bush is right about:

  • opposing the nonsense that it is dangerous to let an Arab company operate your ports
  • seeking a line-item veto to enable the President to veto individual budget lines.  The "take it or leave it" budget packages are a recipe for pork.

Credit where it is due.  He’s wrong about pretty much everything else, of course.

3 thoughts on “George W Bush is right about these”

  1. It was W’s proposition in the first place that would allow the UAE to control our ports. As far as line item vetos go, our Supreme Court has already deemed it unconstitutional after Clinton legislated from the Oval Office. If you want less pork then it’s time we started taking a stand against politicians lining their own pockets and make Congress pay for instituting bills that are laiden in kickback spending.

  2. Cynical Patriot:

    On the ports: that’s right. I am in favour of allowing foreign companies to operate ports.  President Bush is right to stand by his decision.

    On the Supreme Court – they did indeed strike down the 1996 version of the line item veto.  The White House believes that this version of the proposal will not fall foul of the courts in the same way. I hope they are right.


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