Government to make swearing illegal?

Now that the Government has decided to get rid of inconvenient elections, and decided to bypass the tedious business of getting parliamentary approval for new laws, it is good to see them using their new powers to crack down on swearing.

(PS Only one of these is a spoof …) 

8 thoughts on “Government to make swearing illegal?”

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  2. Currently on British TV, the show with the biggest swear count is The Thick of It, a painfully funny update of Yes Minister for the Blairite generation. Peter Capaldi is excellent as the toilet mouthed spin doctor. Estelle Morris said that she was amazed at how accurate it was, and that she thought someone (Alistair?) had given some insights to the writers. 

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  4. How long are you chicken**** clowns going to keep taking it in the ass before you emigrate off out of it? Sure, it’s part of Blair’s

    cunning plan to drive out indiginous Brits and replace with Labour-voting immigrants. Bitch Boy Blair wants you to go; you 

    want to fly the coop. Sounds like a win-win solution to me. Britain, a good country to be from, a long way from.

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