The latest edition of the Development Drums podcast is now online. It was the last one I recorded before leaving Ethiopia.

Deborah Brautigam, a scholar renowned for her work on China-Africa relations, discusses her book, The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa.

Deborah Brautigam
Deborah Brautigam

There has been a lot of nervousness about China’s growing engagement in Africa, especially among traditional donors; this discussion may make you think differently.

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Owen is Senior Fellow and Director for Europe at the Center for Global Development and a Visiting Professor in Practice at the London School of Economics. Owen was a civil servant for a quarter of a century, working in Number 10, the Treasury and the Department for International Development. Owen hosts the Development Drums podcast, and is the author Running for Fitness, the book and website. Owen is on Twitter and

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  1. Will you be recording more podcasts, now that you’ve moved to Washington and are closer to a lot of people with influence?

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