San Francisco Half Marathon

Grethe and ran the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon yesterday. 

A beautiful cool, clear day, with sunshine as the race ended and we went for brunch in the city. 

G ran 1:34:04 – a bit slower than last year but she finished feeling strong, so she could have run faster.

I ran 1:18:03, 14 seconds slower than last year (but an improvement in age-graded terms.) Got overtaken by Caroline Annis with half a mile to go, exactly like last year.

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  1. Owen
    I googled berkeley running routes and your website popped up.  I am moving to the east bay area from east coast and would like to know the running routes in Berkeley area.  I did few marathons and I like to run more.  I usually run about 30+ miles/week and need to run either early in the morning(about 5 am) or in the evening.  Is there a safe area near berkeley where I could run?
    It would be great help to look for housing if you can help.

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