Stanford to podcast lectures

According to Stanford is going to podcast lectures, speeches and debates

In an unprecedented move, Stanford University is collaborating with Apple Computer to allow public access a wide range of lectures, speeches, debates and other university content through iTunes. No need to pay the $31,200 tuition. No need to live on campus. No need even to be a student. The nearly 500 tracks that constitute “Stanford on iTunes” are available to anyone willing to spend the few minutes it takes to download them from the Internet.

There is plenty of scope for greater global knowledge-sharing here.

3 thoughts on “Stanford to podcast lectures”

  1. Very nice, BUT why the collusion with Apple and their proprietary format? So many of us use non iPod mp3 players which puts these lectures out of reach. I also hate iTunes and the extra garbage it dumps on my PC.

  2. Its a boon for me from India.. Though I’m studying in a decent university, when more and more universities publish lecture podcasts i can definitely benefit from them… I listen to them whenever i’m bored. Eventhough i don’t understand everythin, its far more worthwhile to listen to these stuff than music. I hope more and more universities come up and publish their lectures and help guys like me. Also its noticeable that even the few universities that podcast lectures, do so of basic subjects and not advanced ones. I’m waiting for them though. 

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