Darfur: time to act

I have written here before about the failure of the rich countries to take action to prevent the worsening suffering in Sudan (see here, here, here).  Two million people are displaced – living in refugee camps – and three million people are dependent in international relief.  The peace talks are grinding slowly, with no immediate hope of a conclusion.  The AU force of 5,000 troops is insufficient to maintain peace in a region the size of France.

Rich countries accepted last year that they have a “responsibility to protect” people from genocide and crimes against humanity.  Over the coming weeks our governments must live up to that responsiblity. They must adopt a meaningful mandate for the UN operation that will be taking over form the AU peacekeepers in a few months; they need to supply troops, equipment, logistics and other military support for the AU forces and for the UN peacekeepers; and they need to provide sufficient food, blankets, water and other essentials for the people of Darfur.

Kofi Annan, writing in today’s Washington Post says this:

When I visited Darfur last May, I felt hopeful. Today I am pessimistic, unless a major new international effort is mustered in the coming weeks.

Please write to your MP or write to your Congressional representatives.  Now is the time for us to act.  Please do not be one of those people who passed by on the other side.

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  1. The Guardian has a report that the International Development Committee has called for the UN to impose "credible sanctions" on
    the Sudanese government until it stops blocking peacekeeping operations
    in Darfur and give the African Union
    force a full UN mandate,  including extra resources.  They criticise a
    lack of political will to make the peacekeeping operation a success.

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