End of an era

West Wing ends:

Executives from NBC in New York confirmed yesterday what many industry-watchers had been expecting and its admirers dreading. They intend pulling the plug on the programme for good when its current season – the seventh – ends in May.

I am enjoying BBC’s The Thick of It, a kind of a cross between Yes, Minister and The Office which has just transferred from digital to terrestial TV, but Hugh Abbot won’t take the place of President Bartlett. 

It is almost enough to make me oppose term limits.  At least for fictional presidents …

3 thoughts on “End of an era”

  1. As a devotee, I’m sure you’ve noticed that they cut a year from the Barltlett presidency anyway….Series 5 beginning he was reelected and series six they say "we’re going into an election year."
    I’m aware that the show which once had an unsubtitled rant in Latin had lowered its respect for its audience a little by that point, but come on! A whole year disappearing?

  2. Sad news on the West Wing being pulled. But on the flip side, I just found out that "24" series 5 has just kicked off in the US – if series 4 is anything to go by, then I’m sure that we’re due in for another fast paced, high octane fuelled wild charge through 24 hours in the life of "Jack Bauer".

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