Slow browsing in Linux

My web-browsing suddenly slowed to a crawl last night. I knew it wasn’t my internet connection, because my Window$ laptop was still working fine.

The problem seemed to be with resolving domain names. So in Window$ I checked my DNS nameservers (using ipconfig /all) and found that on my Linux box the nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf were different. I put the correct nameservers from Windows into /etc/resolv.conf and voila! – normal service was resumed and I can browse again.

4 thoughts on “Slow browsing in Linux”

  1. Speaking of slow blogging, you were complaining a while back about some sites (okay, Tim Worstall’s) being so burdened down with ads and search engines and other ‘features’ that they took forever to load. Well, I’ve found that the ‘RIP – Remove It Permanently’ extension for Firefox fixes this wonderfully – just zap the annoyance and you never have to see it again.

  2. RIP sounds great, but apparently it only hides the items you choose – it doesn’t stop them from loading. So it probably wouldn’t actually speed anything up.

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