So you think you know Africa?

Try out this Africa Quiz from the excellent Ethan Zuckerman. I’m ashamed to say that I got one wrong.

3 thoughts on “So you think you know Africa?”

  1. 80% to your 90%.

    I said nominations for Nobel and had Nigeria thinking Ibo and Yoruba etc instead of Tanzania and Kiswahili (which was my second choice).

    Still, not bad for a wingnut blogger.

  2. Tim – I got the prize one wrong as well. I hesitated over Tanzania & Nigeria but realised that I read a lot of Nigeria-based blogs and hardly any Tanzania-based ones. You did well to get 80%.

  3. 80%. I got the birthday question wrong, and the one about cellphones — which was annoying as I almost chose the correct answer on both. I did guess on a few of ythe ones i got right; evidently I guessed correctly.

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