Sierra Nevada on Boxing Day

I am writing this by the fire inside this restaurant, having hiked here from Granada.

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  1. What you are too, ah, diffident to admit is that when you say you ‘hiked’, you really mean that most of the time you ran the 10 to 15 miles east of Granada into the Sierra Nevada, and that you then ran all the way back. Also that there’s an ‘out of winter’ trails website about the area, apparently regarded as impenetrable in winter except by intrepid ski-ers, involving as it does pounding up the steep valley past the Alhambra to Pinos Genil (7km from start), Güejar Sierra (15km from start), and either some or all of Vereda de la Estrella trail (24km) or the El Duque trail up to Solnieve / Pradollano (25km)…

    Well, it’s one way of passing the time on Boxing Day. You parents and sister, admittedly after a feet-aching tramp up and down a lot of slippery cobbled hills, went instead to a splendid Granada department store, flatteringly described as ‘Ingles’, and bought a lot of chocolatey things to take home with us. And OK, you didn’t get as far as Solnieve.


  2. As you’re near Granada, here’s an interesting race for you to consider next August:

    Subida Veleta

    The website claims it is “the toughest race in the world”. Plausible, as Veleta is the highest road in Europe, and last year’s winner called it “ten times tougher than a marathon” (my translation). Distance 50km, and an ascent of 2,840 metres (9,320 ft) — say a mile plus a kilometre plus two laps of the track, all vertically upwards. The summit is 3,390 metres (11,100 ft) above sea level, where each lungful of air will only give you only two-thirds of the oxygen you get at sea level.

    Oh, and I did this one in less than 5 hours (on a bicycle!).

  3. What’s the weather like? I am coming out on 7th Jan. to see how the work is progressing on our property in Diezma.(east of Granada on the E92)


  4. Colin, during the five days that we’ve been here it’s been remarkably mild — around 12 or 13 degrees during the day, down to 3 or 4 at night. Rain showers yesterday and today, more predicted for tomorrow (Tues., our departure day). Bright and sunny earlier. IOW, very pleasant, but bring an umbrella.


  5. Man, you are lucky! It is so beautiful there, I hope you are having a blast! If you are anywhere near the Mountain top town of Boubion, make sure to stop in, best sunsets ever!


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