Back in Blighty

I am back in the UK, at short notice.  I came for a a job interview – not because I am keen to leave California, but because this is a very good job, and one that I think I would have been very good at.  Unfortunately, the interview panel did not agree, and I heard two days later that I didn’t get it.  This is good news, really – as I hope it means I’ll be able to have a month or so travelling in South America with G. when she has finished her MBA and before we leave the US.

My US working visa expired, which means that I have to get a new one before I can get back to Berkeley.  That is long process – two weeks at least for an interview at the US Embassy, and another week for them to return my passport.  It will be longer over Christmas (or "the Holiday Season" as we say in America.)  So for a 40 minute interview for a job I didn’t get, I’m going to have be away from home for about 4 weeks.

I must have been in the US too long, because A4 paper now seems a funny shape.

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