At Gatwick Airport

They call this the Departure Lounge.  So called, I assume, because people sit here hastening their departure from our mortal lives, by smoking heavily, drinking early in the morning, and eating the most disgustingly unhealthy array of snacks I think I have ever seen.

My flight is delayed for at least 2 hours.  It is good to be back in Europe.  Not. 

2 thoughts on “At Gatwick Airport”

  1. It is strange, isn’t it, to see Brits drinking large glasses of beer early in the morning before flying. I witnessed this recently whilst passing through Singapore. They look really miserable too. It’s purely a ritual, done without forethought. Please don’t mistake it for a common European trait though – it’s strictly British.

  2. Aye, Totally agree with u ther m8, brits- all scumbags in my opinion. Most of them anyway, they destroyed my country and our culture- but wer’ll get them out.

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