Best out of office reply I’ve had

This is without doubt the best out of office reply I’ve ever received.

I’ll be in Africa until the end of August, with irregular access to e-mail. No doubt I will still neurotically check my messages, but I may only be able to respond to pressing issues. I’ll try to get back to all as soon as possible.

I won’t tell you who it is from but he is a well-known development blogger.

Better examples gratefully received in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Best out of office reply I’ve had”

  1. by the way, I saw your Ethiopia biking adventures. Amazing! That may be my next vacation. Before moving to SF for the summer, I flew to Amsterdam on a Tuesday with just my bike, and biked towards Paris for a Friday night party.

    I also have a solid August here in Cali. A half marathon this weekend, surfing in SoCal next weekend, and a century bike race in wine country the weekend after that!

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