Ethiopia pictures

Here are some photos taken as we travelled around Ethiopia last week.

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  1. Just some generic introspection and not intended as criticism as I’m terribly guilty of it as well: why do we (Westerners) take so many photos of people in developing countries? You’d rarely see photos of builders and random pedestrians in a photo album labeled “My weekend in the Dales. If someone caught me taking a close-up of a little girl walking home from school in Britain I’d end up facing some tough questions.

    I wish I understood it more, because I suspect our increased tendency to take photos of (often very beautiful!) poorer people might be linked to other, possibly paternalistic biases.

    Or maybe it’s just linked to our general sense of humanist altruism – that we’re concerned with development, and development is about people, not places – I don’t know.

  2. @ Matt: I think a trace of Orientalism is possibly more on target than Paternalism. People and ‘scenes’ from Dale too are likely to make much more interesting photos than ‘view in the park’. We just don’t see the opportunity as we perceive them as common. Unlike when on a different continent.

    The solution: try it in Dale too. It’ll make you feel better – no close-up school girls though 🙂

  3. Hello
    My husband and I are currently working on an adoption fundraiser calendar and are looking for some high resolution pictures of scenic picture of Ethiopia as well as the Ethiopian coffee ceremony and after searching online came across your pictures. Would you be willing to share them with us? And if so, would you be willing to email them to me?

    Thank you in advance,

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