Make Poverty History History?

Stuart Hodkinson says in the current edition of Red Pepper that the Make Poverty History campaign may split up.

The failure of MPH to achieve its political demands cannot be laid at the door of Oxfam, Geldof and company alone. By being too dependent on corridor-lobbying, celebrities and the media, by failing to give voice and ownership of the campaign to Southern social movements, by watering down the radical demands agreed upon by hundreds of grassroots movements, from both the South and North, at the World Social Forum, and by politically legitimising the G8 summit, the campaign was doomed from the start.

3 thoughts on “Make Poverty History History?”

  1. Is he really saying that MPH failed (partially) because it wasn’t radical enough and because it politically legitimised the G8?

    Has somebody told the G8 that they have finally been politically legitimised?

    What would a radical MPH have demanded? How successful would it have been in securing those demands?

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